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Cornwall Nissan Ratings and Reviews


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Why "THE SURVEY" & "CUSTOMER REVIEWS" are important to Cornwall NISSAN


"THE SURVEY", or as we refer to it, the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is crucial for Cornwall NISSAN and why we need you, our customer, to complete each one you will receive after you either service your vehicle or make a new purchase.

Along with "THE SURVEY", we would appreciate if you also leave us a "CUSTOMER REVIEW", not only on the Cornwall NISSAN Website but on Google Reviews and DealerRater.

In 1981, J.D. Power and Associates released its first Automotive Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI). This CSI study ushered in a new era that redefined relationships between customers and dealerships, dealerships and manufacturers and manufacturers and consumers.

The growing popularity of CSI surveys for the automobile industry was partly responsible for the steady improvement in overall vehicle quality, safety and service that has driven the automotive sector for the past four decades.

It did not take dealerships and manufacturers long to realize that positive CSI scores coincided with greater customer retention and referrals and, as a result, improved business results.

Today, new car dealerships examine all aspects of their operations, with the hope of better understanding their customers, employees and competition.

When a customer brings a car in for service, or purchases a new vehicle, you may receive a phone call or survey from the dealership and/or the manufacturer to find out if the customer experience was met or exceeded.

No single survey can yield absolute results, but it can provide Cornwall NISSAN with a better understanding of how well we are performing within the context of our dealer network, and in relation to the competition.

Dealers and manufacturers use the results of CSI surveys to make improvements to their dealerships, products and services. Feedback provides the dealer with areas of opportunity for improvement, and this is how we learn and why it is important for you, our customers, to do the surveys and leave us reviews. 

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

LIANNE HENDERSON | ON | 2020-12-14

Everyone was so friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Staff made me feel welcome, spoke to me as an equal, and were honest with me. Thanks! 

IRMA LEDUC | ON | 2020-12-13

Very happy with Skyler Great service and a real gentleman went out of his way whatever we needed very well appreciated. Beautiful car and well Service

LONGTIN YVON | ON | 2020-12-13

Met my expectation

SANDRA E LALONDE | ON | 2020-12-09

Met my expectation

CHLOE LECLAIR | ON | 2020-12-04

Surpassed my expectation

CAMERON ROHR | ON | 2020-12-02

It was very great car to drive and I like being inside my car. Love the car and don't regret leasing it. It's a lease I need to go back for services. Even if they don't do much in the area of free stuff to enhance the purchase they will make the car buying experience as good as it can be.

PILON MARILYN | ON | 2020-11-30

Relaxed, not pushy, honest. This is our 5th vehicle purchased from Cornwall Nissan. We already have sold our friends and relatives cars and trucks from Cornwall Nissan and they are 2nd and third time buyers now.

AMY WALKER | ON | 2020-11-28

Surpassed my expectation

DARA LAFRAMBOISE | ON | 2020-11-28

Everyone was very kind and helpful. Made the experience very enjoyable. I have always enjoyed the service and quality of Nissan and recommend them to anyone looking to have a positive experience buying a vehicle.


Kim delo was awesome making me a deal. Sue was awesome setting everything up!

CHELSEA LALONDE | ON | 2020-11-23

Surpassed my expectation


Accueil e xtraordinaire, en français, Bon service, lieu agréable, belle communication avec le personnel

JO ANN SENECAL | ON | 2020-11-20

everything ran smoothly from knowledge to credit and then the explaining the features and benefits of the car

WAYNE JOANISSE | ON | 2020-11-14

Well received and great sales person that showed everything about the vehicle. Salesman took the time to show us different vehicles. 

ROBERT FULTON | ON | 2020-11-14

salesman was extremeiy friendly and helpful in answering any questions or concerns i may have had. it was very easy dealing with salesman and manger but especially sue the fiance manger.

KATRINA JAMIESON | ON | 2020-11-14

Excellent service, friendly. Surpassed my expectation.

SAFEENA NAWAZ | ON | 2020-11-14

Met my expectation

E,M COOME | ON | 2020-11-13

They gave us the feeling that everything they were saying was truthful and that they talked the way they would like to be treated. they are very polite and friendly and makes you want to return.


They ensure that it got the best deal and they worked on my file with great attention I am really satisfy. I am an ambassador of Cornwall Nissan! I have already recommended them twice today. their customer care is awesome from the owner of the dealer to the sales rep . Special thanks to Spencer Sue and Slyler.

ROBERT CAINES | ON | 2020-11-09

I was happy with the service. The woman that did the transfer and the loan was great

TARA CUTHBERTSON | ON | 2020-11-08

Surpassed my expectation


I was pleased with the sales and delivery. It’s still early but so far all is well.

BARBARA BAKER | ON | 2020-11-06

Surpassed my expectation. Emasculate premises, friendly knowledgeable staff

SHERYL KALIL | ON | 2020-10-28

Met my expectation

IRIS SWERDFEGER | ON | 2020-10-27

Explained the lease properly, went over the features of the car, showed us around the facility and made us feel welcome, which is what I expected. Will return for vehicle service we don't plan a purchase this far in advance. We made a lease agreement which we were satisfied with

BRUNET JULIE | ON | 2020-10-24

Met my expectation

GERMAIN GINGRAS | ON | 2020-10-22

Met my expectation

MELISSA PASTOR | ON | 2020-10-22

Surpassed my expectation

BRENDA ZERAN | ON | 2020-10-19

Met my expectation

KENNETH SMITH | ON | 2020-10-17

Surpassed my expectation

KELLY CAMERON | ON | 2020-10-10

Surpassed my expectation. All the Information was explained to me in complete detail. The entire sales experience was easy and very professional. I would not recommend any company unless i was personally satisfied with the EnTiRe EXPERIENCE. I am in sales myself and know how i want to be treated and cornwall nissan hit the nail squarely on the head! 

KENNETH E MURRAY | ON | 2020-10-08

Met my expectation. This is the first time that I have leased a vehicle and the information I was given was good and the service is outstanding. They provided good service for the sale portion of my experience, but I will have to see how the service over my 3 years of lease goes. 

BARBARA MENZIES | ON | 2020-10-03

Surpassed my expectation. When i first arrived in the building and asked to speak to a salesman, Skyler Berthiaume immediately made me feel very comfortable. I told him what I was looking for, and he found exactly what I wanted. I will be returning to Cornwall Nissan for my vehicle servicing because of the warranty, and I also purchased the extended warranty, but because of the excellent customer service I received, when it comes time to purchase another vehicle, I can honestly say that I would probably be staying with the Nissan family.

LISETTE ROBINSON | ON | 2020-10-02

Surpassed my expectation. Very pleasant experience, great ambiance and very friendly stall. Sue in the finance dept . made it so easy and answered all of my questions. Also received a beautiful plant from Gaby the owner of the dealership. Third time dealing with Cornwall Nissan and it was again a great experience with a friend staff, i have nothing but good things to say about my purchase.


Surpassed my expectation. Jeff was friendly and informative and took the time to show different price points and buying options. The staff are friendly and helpful without any pressure and they paid great attention to keeping a clean office and show room. I really appreciated Jefferson's honesty and Susan's professionalism and knowledge. They made it simple and hassle free. 

MARIANNE GODARD | ON | 2020-10-01

Met my expectation.

ROBERT WHITTAKER | ON | 2020-09-29

All staff that I dealt with were pleasant and competent. My past and most recent dealings have been handled in a professional manner. My rating of 9 is because I don't give anyone 10! 

TAMARA WHALEY | ON | 2020-09-28

Kim Delo was helpful without being pushy, knowledgeable without making me feel like i was asking dumb questions.. i felt like i was talking to a friend. Kim was knowledgeable and dealt with all my questions with ease. I never felt there was anything she was holding back and made me feel comfortable and confident in my choice. I felt like i was their most important customer. A valuable experience.


Everyone was very professional and informative. Very happy with my new vehicle.

TAMMY LYN COOPER | ON | 2020-09-25

Great service and communication. Everyone was very nice and I never felt pressured. The staff adjusted to my schedule when I needed extra time. My brother has purchased several vehicles at Cornwall Nissan, and highly recommended I go there. I gave the rating based on past family experiences combined with my own thus far. 

PETER WEBB | ON | 2020-09-24

The staff at Cornwall Nissan are very friendly and helpful. The go the extra mile to help you and sell you the right vehicle. We understand that they are selling a product however there is never any pressure and you believe that they have your best interest in mind. This is my third purchase. My wife and I appreciate their service and would therefore recommend them.

LINDA FOSTER | ON | 2020-09-24

Salesperson was friendly, excellent people skills and very knowledgeable about the vehicle. He answered all of our questions and stated there was no such thing as a stupid question. His name is Richard Tessier and we highly recommend. The sales manager was also very attentive and made us feel comfortable the minute we walked in. He gave us a tour of their new building since we were first time customers . He explained in detail the pros and cons of leasing and also was very helpful in answering our questions. Never did we feel rushed! The friendly atmosphere continued on to the business manager. She made us feel like family. Her handling of all the paperwork was extremely efficient and comfortable. In conclusion, we felt we were treated with respect and kindness which is not always a "given " in today's society. I must also mention that the trade in offer for our vehicle was very fair and that our new Nissan Qashqai meets all of our expectations!

As previously mentioned, our experience with Cornwall Nissan was truly a positive experience. As seniors , we have purchased many vehicles over the years. This purchase by far has exceeded all previous vehicle purchases. We are very satisfied customers.

MARIE J DOUGLAS | ON | 2020-09-22

Everyone was very good. Very pleasant and cared about me. 

PIERRE DEMERS | ON | 2020-09-22

Service,pris le temps de répondre à nos questions. Excellences et professionnalisme. 

FRED LANGLOTZ | ON | 2020-09-21

So far I have had my vehicle for a few days and have not driven very much. But I do like it. All the new technology is hard to keep up to. Nice riding vehicle. Takes time to get used to it, Will enjoy this vehicle. 

Jefferson did too much info all at one time, Advised us that he was available any time (EXCELLENT) We returned once already and Jefferson HARPER was glad to help. Sue was very friendly, Gave good advise. The staff did not rush us. That was very good.

ROSLYN OBYRNE | ON | 2020-09-18

Customer service was excellent, we visited many dealerships, but their service and product knowledge did not come near to yours. Specifically Jefferson Harper and Sue in financing! In this day and age to have to manually move your seat is archaic! My Buick that I traded in had it It is a 2002!!! Our second car a 2013 Impala has electric moving seats. This car has futuristic backup cameras, but I must manually yank at the seat to move it, and pump it for up or down?? But’s a damper on my whole driving experience with this car. So no I cannot recommend it. But your staff is the best.

LIANNE RACINE | ON | 2020-09-11

Met my expectation

BRENDA OUDERKIRK | ON | 2020-09-10

Met my expectation

THORALD EZARD | ON | 2020-09-07

Sales representative not pushy . Listened to what I was looking for and worked with me. The manager was very helpful as well. Very friendly and professional staff. 


Surpassed my expectation

JOHN LALONDE | ON | 2020-09-04

The sales and finance people went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and make our transaction of buying a new car an awesome experience. Yes very happy with the level of service we received. This has definitely been the best experience we have ever had buying a car. 

JOAN DEGAN | ON | 2020-08-31

The 2020 Rogue has great new features, a smoother ride and more quiet on the road. Great salesperson and excellent manager. Very personable service provided by excellent, knowledgeable staff

TINA MARIE LEBLANC | ON | 2020-08-29

Great service, wonderful people. They have great service and sales. 

GREGOR CAMPBELL | ON | 2020-08-28

Kim was professional, informative, personable and a great salesperson. Beautiful showroom, good facilities and when the road is fixed an easy access.

WILLIAM PAQUETTE | ON | 2020-08-26

Been dealing with Cornwall Nissan since 2003.Mr Gabriel along with staff like Kim ,ANdre, Spence ,Mike,Sue & all the rest of the staff are second to none in my opinion.Would not go anywhere else. Simple as said n previous post, no need to go elsewhere.Cornwall Nissan has all the bases covered. Was not needed re introducing me to service department.I have been dealing with many of the same people for 17yrs.


It was a very pleasant experience. As previously mentioned, it was a pleasant experience. Everybody were so nice and informative from start to finish.

RHEAL MARTEL | ON | 2020-08-26

Spencer and Jeff were very helpful with explaining my new car features. Because of the great service and covid protection ( they wore masks) and the pricing. 

GLEN GRANT | ON | 2020-08-26

Met my expectation

BRIAN HUNT | ON | 2020-08-26

Excellent experience. Best dealership in Cornwall.


Communication was sincere and listened to what I was looking for. 


Very professional no over selling. The overall experience was great.

BIVASH PANDAY | ON | 2020-08-22

I am so happy with NISSAN for their customer care. Because of service excellence.

JEANNINE PILON | ON | 2020-08-19

because of the on going good service we are getting. Surpassed my expectation

KAREN JONES | ON | 2020-08-19

Had questions about some of my car functions and three people jumped right in to explain things. Super friendly and helpful. Surpassed my expectation

GLENN MACDONALD | ON | 2020-08-19

quick , friendly service, no pressure to purchase other services. quality product and services.

SUSAN LEWIS | ON | 2020-08-19

Surpassed my expectation

KEVIN LEEDER | ON | 2020-08-18

Surpassed my expectation. Very good sales person.

EILEEN BRADLEY | ON | 2020-08-17

Mike and the service department went far above expectations. I got a nail in my tire while I was enroute to see a client. I called Mike and he problem solved the issue. Left my car was given a loaner ( all within 10 minutes) ; not only was I on time for my client the Nissan crew did my oil change at the same time. I had an oil change booked for two days following. I bought my new Nissan because of the service department. When the air bag recall happened, the service centre went above and beyond to arrange a rental for me. At the time I had an old Versa but they treated me like I was their best customer. When it came to buying a new car, there was no question that I was buying a Nissan because of the service. There were better warranties out there e.g. Kia had a five year deal but I trust the service at Nissan. And, they really are a friendly bunch.

SUSAN STEWART | ON | 2020-08-16

Met my expectation

LAWRENCE GAUNCE | ON | 2020-08-16

No problems, all precautions in place due to COVID. In all very well. Have always received good, reliable and timely service from this dealership. Surpassed my expectation

ALBERT P SABOURIN | ON | 2020-08-15

I was quoted a price for work on the vehicle and when I went to pick it up it was more than quoted

MARLENE URQUHART | ON | 2020-08-15

Employees not wearing masks during pandemic even though signs are up and mask use is mandatory inside. Many employees walking around and not one wearing a mask. Costumers have to but not employees I don’t get it

MARCEL MAYER | ON | 2020-08-14

Met my expectation

JEFFREY WHYTE | ON | 2020-08-14

Repairs and maintenance were done in a timely fashion. Met my expectation

WILLIAM WOODSIDE | ON | 2020-08-14

Met my expectation

KENNETH BURNHAM | ON | 2020-08-14

Met my expectation

TATJANA KLISANIC | ON | 2020-08-13

The sales experience is about what I expected. I'm not sure I will purchase another. Nissan. Too new to the brand and my Mitsubishi Mirage left big shoes to be filled. The process was easy and friendly enough. I really have nothing to compare it to as a negative experience, but overall, I was satisfied.

BRIAN WHITFORD | ON | 2020-08-13

Met my expectation

LYLE CASSELMAN | ON | 2020-08-12

Surpassed my expectation


Met my expectation

JOHN GRAYSON | ON | 2020-08-12

On time, and able to book me in on short notice. Surpassed my expectation

CYNTHIA PIQUETTE | ON | 2020-08-12

Surpassed my expectation

LUCIE BEAUDIN-C JOSEPH CA... | ON | 2020-08-11

Great welcoming and helpful locating a vehicle for us. We know that we will get great service.

DIANNE ROBERTSON | ON | 2020-08-10

I booked my appointment for an oil change and for my ABS to be looked at as it has been going off for at least 6-8 months whenever I am stopping regardless of wet or dry road conditions. My appt took over 2 hours. They wanted me to buy new brakes for $1125. I can get my brakes done for 1/3 of that price. It doesn't resolve my ABS issue which was occuring for awhile when I assume my brakes were not an issue. When I left I now have a new nose in the steering column when I turn left. I think my days of servicing the car at Nissan are coming to an end. 

I don't feel I can trust the dealership.

ALLAN A KING | ON | 2020-08-08

Met my expectation


Met my expectation

KAREN E MACDOUGALL | ON | 2020-08-07

Met my expectation

SUZANNE LAFLECHE | ON | 2020-08-07

Ils ont fait du très bon service. Super belle accueil et du très bon service.

ROBERT TUCKER | ON | 2020-08-07

While I was expecting great service from this dealership, the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. The service began on time and finished around the expected time also.

Cornwall Nissan and its staff has always provided great and friendly service. I would certainly go back when contemplating my next new car.

CARL COLLINS | ON | 2020-08-06

They made it very easy to purchase a car, Nissan rebates , gave me a good trade in $$$$ for my car and was able to supply the unit I wanted. It always did not take a long and drawn out time to deal. Sales Manager was directly involved and was able to give me what I believed was a fair price 

Nissan Cornwall is a good dealership, straight forward with deals and also very up front and honest .

MARIE MARION | ON | 2020-08-06

There was some miscommunication which was resolved. I have not owned the vehicle long enough to make an informed comment. So far I am happy with my purchase.

DAVID THURSTON | ON | 2020-08-06

It was just an oil change and that's all I got. It's a decent place to deal with


Pendant la changement d'huile de mon Rogue 2017, j'ai magasiné et fait l'achat d'un Murano LS 2020. Le conseiller en vente me connait depuis l'achat de mes 3 derniers Rogue. Il a facilité le transfert du contrat de location de mon dernier véhicule à mon nouveau Murano.

C'est rassurant de toujours faire affaire avec le même conseiller en ventes. Nous avons bâti un climat de confiance ensemble.

Mon conseiller en ventes est également le gérant des ventes. Il compte de nombreuses années de service chez le concessionnaire Cornwal Nissan.

La présentation des caractéristiques et fonctionnalités du Murano 2020 a été complètes et intéressantes, nous les avons comparées aux caractéristiques de ma voiture (un Rogue 2017).

 J'ai eu l'occasion de faire une bonne randonnée autant en ville que sur l'autoroute. Ce test routier a confirmé l'excellente tenue de route et mon choix de véhicule.

Chaque individu portait un masque et se tenait à distance. D'ailleurs, j'ai fait le test routier sans être accompagnée d'un représentant de Cornwall Nissan.

J'ai fait confiance au personnel de ventes. Par contre, j'ai appris que mon standing de crédit était excellent !

Tous les deux, autant au directeur des ventes que la directrice des services financiers sont des personnes compétentes. Leur approche personnalisée envers les clients est appréciée autant que leur professionnalisme.

Nous nous sommes entendus sur le jour et l'heure de la livraison de mon nouveau véhicule. Tout s'est passé selon mes attentes.

À tous les niveaux, on a su répondre à toutes mes questions.

Puisque je fais affaire avec le même concessionnaire depuis plusieurs années, je suis en mesure de connaître le personnel des services techniques et d'entretien. Chez Cornwall Nissan, j'ai fait l'achat ou loué un modèle Versa, quatre modèles de Rogue et maintenant un Murano. Je suis en confiance avec tous les employés et gérants de service.

LISA FERGUSON | ON | 2020-08-04

Surpassed my expectation


Met my expectation

RENEE ADAM | ON | 2020-08-04

Met my expectation

CAROLYN MARKELL | ON | 2020-08-03

This is the fifth car I have purchased here and have always had great service


Met my expectation

NOAH SAMSON | ON | 2020-08-02

Met my expectation

DAVID PORTER | ON | 2020-08-01

Always above standard. Always a no hassle visit !


I was very pleased with the service. I am still not satisfied with my blue tooth clarity but did not ask them to check it out at this time. Love my Rogue!

STEPHAN KAKE | ON | 2020-08-01

Surpassed my expectation

DANIEL DONATI | ON | 2020-07-30

My brother, a few years ago bought a Nissan Quest at Cornwall Nissan, & I have purchased my 2nd Micra, I had a 2015 now I have a new one. Cornwall Nissan has always been very helpful & friendly & I love my Micra!

I go to Cornwall Nissan for most of my service needs, however, fortunately Micras don't need much service. In 4 or 5 years I hope you decide to import the Micra again so I can purchase a new one from Cornwall Nissan!

From the service department to the owner "Gabi" everyone is friendly & helpful, The Sales Manager ,Spencer & Kim my sales lady found me the car I wanted & while I waited lent me a Loner. They were very professional, I am very satisfied!

GILLES TESSIER | ON | 2020-07-26

excellent communication and explanation. Surpassed my expectation. Friendly service

TODD POIRIER | ON | 2020-07-25

Met my expectation

MARY KELLY | ON | 2020-07-22

I was treated with compassion and was not pushed to purchase. The fact that they let me take the car home to test, sealed the deal for me. I feel they went out of their way for me.

LINDA RACINE | ON | 2020-07-22

Surpassed my expectation

AMANDA VELTHEIM | ON | 2020-07-22

Surpassed my expectation

SARAH WOLFE | ON | 2020-07-17

Surpassed my expectation


Great service from start to finish …. from the sale to the financing. Again great service and friendliness.


Kim was amazing to deal with. Dealing with staff was a pleasure

JACQUES SAUVE | ON | 2020-07-09

Salesman would do anything for you. Making sure you’re question are answered.

You are well taking off. Everyone are very understanding, the building is clean and new.

JEAN LEBLANC | ON | 2020-07-08

Nissan Cornwall was able to locate the car I wanted despite being very few left in canada thank you spencer Chadwick and sue and gabbie I will be back

It was the easiest car purchase ever and a very professional team


This is my fourth Murano, the service has always been very friendly and courteous. I love my vehicle. Thank you !!

KAREN M JOCKO | ON | 2020-07-06

Nice new building and Kim Delo was very friendly and helpful. The dealership handled all of the paperwork and made the transition from my old car to my new car smooth.

Met my expectation

If asked I will recommend the dealership.

HAILEY BOUCHARD | ON | 2020-06-29

Spencer and Sue at Cornwall Nissan took into account my personal circumstances and helped me to find a car and create a payment plan that suited me perfectly, and made sure that I was fully comfortable with and understanding the agreements I was entering into. Whenever there was an issue with the approval Sue worked all night and morning to ensure that I was able to get my car on the day I had chosen and went above and beyond to make up for the slight inconvenience. I genuinely felt that they were there to help me get the best deal that I could on a car that I absolutely LOVE. THANK YOU!

Surpassed my expectation


i could have easly selected surpassed expectations; however, outstanding service is what i expected and is why i am a return client. Several times i can add, always great service.

As i stated before, exceptional service, never had a problem that was not addressed in a timely manner/.

BRUCE DELORME | ON | 2020-06-26

Surpassed my expectation

SCOTT SAYERS | ON | 2020-06-25

Both Jeff, Sue and Spenser went out of their way to answer my questions and insure the vehicle met and exceeded my needs

Best service I've had in years. Thank you

ALLAN KING | ON | 2020-06-22

Met my expectation

CATHY L WHITTAKER | ON | 2020-06-17

Everything was fine but I received the wrong manual but this was rectified when I brought it to their attention. Met my expectation


Surpassed my expectation

SUZANNE MARTELLE | ON | 2020-06-11

Satisfied with the trade allowance and sales person was very informative.

Good vehicle and employees were very helpful and received good service.

SUZANNE LAPERLE | ON | 2020-06-08

Excellent service all around.

JUDY SAUVE | ON | 2020-06-05

Fantastik service wt Kim and I had my versa 14 yrs at no problems kim Delo is a fantastik sales lady that is why I requested her for my kicks sr

RICHARD MCLEAN | ON | 2020-06-03

Surpassed my expectation

BRUCE MACDONALD | ON | 2020-05-31

Excellent customer service. I didn’t say it surpassed my expectations because I already knew I would get the best service possible at Nissan Cornwall.

They make you feel comfortable every time I go in there and you don’t feel rushed.

JANELLE GREGOIRE | ON | 2020-05-31

Surpassed my expectation

CINDY WATTIE | ON | 2020-05-30

Surpassed my expectation


The staff were very friendly and worked as a team: Spencer, Chadwick and Sue. Very efficient and professional. Chadwick gave us a thorough overview of the many features of the Kicks. The Nissan building is first class and well designed. We did wonder why Nissan does not provide key chains for our two sets of car keys.

CATHARINA ROBERT | ON | 2020-05-25

the service was great.


again, the professionalism, knowledge and courtesy shown to us with no pressure just honesty which was so very nice to experience!

RAYMOND LEPINE | ON | 2020-05-16

love my quashquai...salesman chad,sales manager spencer and sue in finance all a+ to deal with...thanks cornwall nissan

JIM COOPER | ON | 2020-05-11

Always exceptional treatment from the staff of Cornwall Nissan. Thank you.


We have had Nissan vehicles for a long time now and their service never disappoints.


I have been purchasing new cars at Nissan since 2003 they are the best.

ANNIE TREMBLAY | ON | 2020-04-04

All parties we dealt with were pleasant and helpful for our most recent transaction. Of course with the current world situation some parts of the interaction were a little more delayed than they normally would be. That however was no fault of the Cornwall dealership who are doing their best to meet their clienteles needs with such limited personnel resources at this time.

JARMILA KUSIKOVA | ON | 2020-04-03

Excellent service of manager Ms. Spencer Roberts and salesman Mr. Chadwick Bluue, very knowing able a friendly people.


Met my expectation

CHERIE DOLLARD | ON | 2020-03-25

Purchase was smooth and effortless. Chadwick was extremely helpful & could answer all my questions. Paperwork was well arranged and went smooth; everything completed within a good timeframe. Thanks Nissan! Stay healthy

ANDRE BOUVIER | ON | 2020-03-20

I am very pleased with all departments and personnel.


We had a good experience. Friendly and courteous staff.

GWENETH CARRIERE | ON | 2020-03-15

Staff is so friendly, knowledgeable and if they don’t know the answer, they will find it. My purchase was smooth and quick


Service was very friendly and all concerns addressed and answered

CYNTHIA PIQUETTE | ON | 2020-03-08

Surpassed my expectation. Excellent presentation, explaining benefits of financing versus leasing, as well as buying used versus new! Delivery was very professionally done with road trip explains all the features!


Surpassed my expectation.

SEAN COLLARD | ON | 2020-03-04

Surpassed my expectation. Everyone at Cornwall Nissan could not have been more friendly and helpful. A true breath of fresh air compared to my previous Nissan dealership.

TANIA CLARK | ON | 2020-03-01

Surpassed my expectation. The experience went so well, in so little time. We are very pleased with our purchase and will return as often as necessary:)


Surpassed my expectation. 

MARK SCHEITEL | ON | 2020-02-29

The staff is friendly appointments well organized. Like the new building .Very convenient.


excellent service also purchase 7 car from theme, and that is good service

JACK BRISCOE | ON | 2020-02-29

Very attentive, professional and explanation was thorough. Thank you.

DOUGLAS C YOUNGS | ON | 2020-02-29

I was very pleased with the repair. It was 100 %. The car was clean and service was fast. Everyone was professional and very pleasant to deal with. Thankyou very much.

JENNIFER ADAMS | ON | 2020-02-29

Met my expectation

LARRY GABRI | ON | 2020-02-29

Just a great place to do business


Met my expectation

LAILA HAMMOUD | ON | 2020-02-28

When it comes to buying a car ,the service is EXCELLENT But had a bad experience few years ago and wasn t impressed at all and nothing was done to fix it when i went to aborde the i started to do my car services somewhere else

LORRAINE CARTIER | ON | 2020-02-28

Always receive great service and feel appreciated

MARY IRENE PIETTE | ON | 2020-02-28

Met my expectation. People were pleasant service was good environment  was wcellent


First time in new location. Service was excellent and fast. Thanks to all your staff.

MARIE MCDONALD | ON | 2020-02-26

Excellent service

JO-ANN ATCHISON | ON | 2020-02-26

Met my expectation

SONIA VERMETTE | ON | 2020-02-26

The only reason I didn't give a 10 or extremely likely to recommend Cornwall Nissan is because many of my friends and family don't live or work near Cornwall. It had nothing to do with you guys at all.

REID COUSINS | ON | 2020-02-26

Met my expectation

RANNY SHAYLER | ON | 2020-02-24

Surpassed my expectation. A wheel alignment was done and it was recommended by Jacques to do it. they proceeded to do it same day.

JACOB E DIONNE | ON | 2020-02-24

Met my expectation. This went very smoothly this time.


The price of the repair was higher than originally quoted. The loan vehicle I was given was on empty. I had to fill it so I could make it home. I ended up only needing it 1 day over the 3 days they said it likely would take for the repair. And although it was good that my car was fixed sooner than anticipated, Nissan also got a tank of gas on me on top of the higher than expected price tag. I was in the process of looking for a new vehicle. i have since traded in my Nissan and am no longer a Nissan customer

STEPHEN B KETTLES | ON | 2020-02-23

Was an amazing experience

BRUCE DESJARDINS | ON | 2020-02-23

We bring our car to Cornwall Nissan for repairs that require parts. Too expensive for regular maintenance I.e. oil change, tire rotation.


Surpassed my expectation. Great service honest and very thoughtful the place I would recommend to buy a car.

JIMMY OMMEN | ON | 2020-02-21

Your customer service is amassing I have been a dedicated and loyal customer to Nissan but the maintenance is too much gonna change my car soon. The most expensive service I have ever seen just for cleaning the breaks you guys charge 110 for front and another 110 for the back it's just mind boggling. And after tax it all comes down to 350 something

GORD LANCTOT | ON | 2020-02-21

Met my expectation


Met my expectation. Very knowledgeable about workings of vehicle. Did not know price and did not attempt to find out.

KAREN JONES | ON | 2020-02-20

Surpassed my expectation. Extremely likely


Surpassed my expectation. I the last 7 years our dealings with Cornwall Nissan have been totally satisfactory when dealing with sales or service departments. The employees of this dealership go above and beyond to make sure all questions and inquiries are dealt with satisfactory.


They are a super deal ship and have always treated me well.

LINDA BUKAC | ON | 2020-02-18

Service staff were very friendly & service was very good.

PIERRE DEMERS | QC | 2020-02-17

Surpassed my expectation


Met my expectation


Surpassed my expectation

GUY BELANGER | ON | 2020-02-16

Surpassed my expectation


1- The new sonar sensor could not be reprogrammed and the old one was re-installed, awaiting a response from Nissan tech support. 2- In an effort to remedy an air leak by lubricating the weatherstrips, an overspray of silicone leaving stains has been found on the leather seats, dashboard and door panels. This is being noted because it is a leased vehicle and I'm hoping it does not leave permanent stains


Met my expectation

DONALD LAMARCHE | ON | 2020-02-15

Met my expectation

JOHN LAWSON | ON | 2020-02-14

The service was for a recall on our vehicle and was completed in less time than was originally stated.

DONNA M GRINSTEAD | ON | 2020-02-14

Service appointment was on time and completed in a very short wait time.Staff are great people to deal with and product knowledge was excellent.Keep up the great work. Thanks again Brian Grinstead Retired Chev dealer service manager

PAUL LADOUCEUR | ON | 2020-02-13

Met my expectation

KELLY CAMERON | ON | 2020-02-12

I FOUND THE SERVICE VERY ORGANIZED and if you would wash the car that would get you 100%!

ELAINE HENDERSON | ON | 2020-02-12

et my expectation


Below my expectation

DANIEL A MARTINEAU | ON | 2020-02-12

Great service

GAYLE THIVIERGE | ON | 2020-02-11

Met my expectation

MARCEL BOUCHARD | ON | 2020-02-11

The work was not completed, missed communication but they did do all the work when we went back. At first, I did not agree with the charges but after speaking with the manager we came to an agreement. I was not happy with the service but after speaking with the service manager Andre, he made sure to accommodate us.

LISE MARTEL | ON | 2020-02-09

After the checkup, my lights were off, the blower was at full blast and temperature at 36 degrees. These things may be minor except for the lights. They are usually on automatic so did not realize right away at night that they were off.

ANGELA MCRAE | ON | 2020-02-09

Met my expectation

DIANE THERIEN | QC | 2020-02-09

Fast and Well done

GAIL MYERS | ON | 2020-02-08

The only reason was that the salesman, who was very helpful and knowledgeable, never called us after the sale to see how we liked the vehicle or if we had any questions, etc. I would have appreciated a follow up phone call. Minor, yes, but important to me.

MARNIE SHAW | QC | 2020-02-08

I enjoy the experienced personnel and knowledgeable staff with their good sense of humour.

CINDY FROATS | ON | 2020-02-08

Surpassed my expectation

SHIRLEY PHILLIPS | ON | 2020-02-07

his is the only Nissan dealer I go to always. I am always satisfied and all my family drive Nissan vehicles!I

GREGORY SMITH | ON | 2020-02-07

Service was courteous, prompt. I have my own mechanic that I regularly go to for most servicing.

DENISE GAGNE | ON | 2020-02-07

Nisan is a very good car. the service is very good and the people are very friendly with a smile mean a lot Thank you for your services


always friendly, always professional......clean shop area. I am never pushed into any extra work on my car (despite some that is needed). But I will be back to have these things done.......super comfortable place to wait!!

CAROL FRY | ON | 2020-02-07

Fast and friendly experience every time. Love Nissan Cornwall and my new Kicks

KAREN A MACGREGOR | ON | 2020-02-07

Surpassed my expectation

MELODY CRITES | ON | 2020-02-07

Surpassed my expectation


The staff is bilingual, they always have a smile and seem eager to help. On this particular occasion, they showed me exactly how used my brakes were. The waiting area is also very confortable, with sufficient seating, beverages and snacks. You almost feel at home.

NATACHA LENNEAU | ON | 2020-02-06

Met my expectation


Surpassed my expectation. was so pleasantly surprised at the whole experience. The sales people and the business person, imo, went out of their way to show me the incredible features of my new Rogue and to make the buying experience almost stress-free. btw...I LOVE my new Rogue!

MARY N OUELLETTE | ON | 2020-02-05

I owned a Mazda for 15 years and the service was excellent. This is my first Nissan and my first time for service . I need more time to see if my rating will change for the better.


Nous avons été très bien servi,Ce fut rapide et l'ouvrage fait proprement

CRAIG WILSON | ON | 2020-02-03

Surpassed my expectation


The Service Dept was extremely helpful and took care of all my vehicle's needs.

PIERRE ROCHON | ON | 2020-02-02

Met my expectation

NORMA J LAURIN | ON | 2020-02-02

great customer service

HEATHER RADTKE | ON | 2020-02-02

Surpassed my expectation

JOAN SZALAY | ON | 2020-02-01

Surpassed my expectation. 


Really fast and friendly service. I trust them to take care of my car

DEBRA FRASER | ON | 2020-02-01

Met my expectation

NOEL MASSIA | ON | 2020-02-01

The people are super nice and treat you like family.


Met my expectation


Met my expectation

WILLIAM LAURIN | ON | 2020-01-31

Met my expectation. We've already recommended Cornwall Nissan to family and friends, one of whom has made a purchase of new car at Cornwall Nissan on that recommendation . . .

MICHAEL GRAHAM | ON | 2020-01-31

Met my expectation. staff repaired both problems I had (defroster and parking sensor) without any hassles and in a timely manor. Appointment times were spot on and I didn't have to wait for my truck to go into the shop. I was happy with my experience but I cannot say that they surpassed my expectations. I expected what I received which is one of the reasons I chose Nissan!

MARC R POITRAS | ON | 2020-01-31

Surpassed my expectation. Excellent service as usual.

NORMAND LANDRY | ON | 2020-01-31

Surpassed my expectation

JOHN MAIR | ON | 2020-01-31

Below my expectation. 

CAROLYN MADDEN | ON | 2020-01-31

Surpassed my expectation


Met my expectation. My previous vehicle, 2013 Nissan Altima, I had for only 13 months with only 107000km and was told it needed a new transmission and that’s why I had to purchase another vehicle.

COLLEEN BLAYNEY | ON | 2020-01-29

Surpassed my expectation. The service was timely, and advisor was friendly and kept me informed. They even provided me with a service car because they had to order parts.

GEORGE HARVEY | ON | 2020-01-29

Met my expectation. The service and advice was very good.

AUDRA DE MARCHI | ON | 2020-01-29

Met my expectation

JEANNIE OLIVIER | ON | 2020-01-29

Surpassed my expectation

CAROL GOULD | ON | 2020-01-29

Met my expectation. It is important to me that I am recognized when I enter. I like seeing the same employees. They know my needs and my expectations. Thank you for your great service always.

RANDY G MCGILLIS | ON | 2020-01-29

Surpassed my expectation

REG J GINGRAS | ON | 2020-01-28

Below my expectation. Very poor customer service

LORAINE AUSTIN | ON | 2020-01-28

Surpassed my expectation. Excellent information salesman very helpful.

BRIAN LACHAPELLE | ON | 2020-01-27

Surpassed my expectation. always friendly and knowledgeable service. 


Surpassed my expectation

ESTHER ABELE | ON | 2020-01-27

I always get great service from Nissan. Jacque is always professional and very efficient!

JAYKE RILEY | ON | 2020-01-26

Chadwick Blue was a joy to work with and i’m very satisfied with my Nissan Kicks. Couldn’t be happie

KENNETH BURNHAM | ON | 2020-01-26

Everything went well.

MELISSA PAPINEAU | ON | 2020-01-26

Surpassed my expectation

SUZANNE POULIN | ON | 2020-01-25

great service and really like Nissan vehicules

MARCEY THOMPSON | ON | 2020-01-25

Only owned the car for 8 months and Was told a number of different issues was wrong with the vehicle.

CHANTAL J MARTIN | QC | 2020-01-24

Surpassed my expectation

RUTH J NGO MAA | ON | 2020-01-23

Le service est bien, personnel a l ecoute. Possibilite de laisser sa voiture, se faire accompagner au travail et se faire ramasser apres le travail!


I have been a customer at Nissan for 16 years, they are the best

WAYNE GOSSELIN | ON | 2020-01-23

Désolé d'apprendre que Jacques Charon ne sera plus chez Cornwall Nissan. Il prends sa retraite bien méritée, mais son acceuil, son expertise au comptoir et sa bonne humeur nous manquera grandement.

AUDREY FUSEE | ON | 2020-01-22

I was a little unsatisfied when I told them that there was COLD air blowing on the passenger side. Anybody that sits on the passenger seat must cover their legs with a blanket. The representative commented that I was not using the dials properly. Turns out I was using them properly and then he commented that I should only have the fan on #2. I thought that was a little ridiculous. I am going to have an acquaintance of mine that works at another dealership come for a ride with me, just to make sure he agrees that this cold air should not be blowing on the passenger. Therefore until this problem is fixed I am not a satisfied customer.

DANIELLE A MOISE | ON | 2020-01-22

like the way they treat you.

BRENT LAFAVE | ON | 2020-01-22

Polite and knowledgeable staff. Service is always well done.,

BRENDA L LASLO | ON | 2020-01-21

Surpassed my expectation

NOAH SAMSON | ON | 2020-01-20

After Nissan had fixed a recall on my car it continued to keep doing the same problem I’m not very happy

DANIEL F DONATI | ON | 2020-01-20

I love my little Micra, her name is Sydney, and in the five years that I own it, she has given me no problems, but when there have been some,minor, issues the team at Cornwall Nissan has been impeccable, the Owner, the Sales Manager, the Service Manager & the service consultant are there to greet you always very friendly &take the time to make sure everything is fine.


Surpassed my expectation

GORDON WATSON | ON | 2020-01-19

Very polite staff, brand new facilities, honest service people.

GILLES ALLARD | QC | 2020-01-19

I've been to a few dealerships in Montreal Area. Since I was in the area I decided to try Cornwall . They did not over charge me I was even surprise with the cost. Will be going back

PATRICK DEROCHIE | ON | 2020-01-19

Met my expectation

BRIAN J DOYLE | ON | 2020-01-19

I Always go to Cornwall Nissan for ALL of my vehicle service needs, for all 3 of my Nissan Vehicles.

I have purchased 6 vehicles from this dealer, and have always had those vehicles serviced at their service department. They are professional, efficient, and I get my vehicle back on time and as quoted. I have no reason to go anywhere else.


Consistent good to great service. Knowledgeable experienced people. Hopefully the small town service feel will remain with that amazing new dealership, Thanks again Jacques, Mike and all the service guys

HELEN PERIARD | ON | 2020-01-18

Met my expectation

KENNETH SMITH | ON | 2020-01-18

Surpassed my expectation

GILBERTE DONKERS | PE | 2020-01-18

Great customer service , always welcome you with a smile ! If the car needs more they call you , which i like ! ???? Have a great day everyone .

DOLORES STANG | ON | 2020-01-18

Je suis très satisfaite de l'accueil et du service. Merci.

RHONDA HARPER | ON | 2020-01-16

They fit me in (last minute), on a friday morning at 8am to accommodate my work schedule. They took my car in right away and within 30 minutes I was done. Super friendly staff and super clean facility. Beautiful new building

WILLIAM GRANT | ON | 2020-01-16

Surpassed my expectation

CASEY LEAF | ON | 2020-01-15

My vehicle has been in and out of the shop for over a year for a issue I’ve had with starting my vehicle. Several times they could not figure out what it is and we tried everything right down to the battery in the key. Now that my warranty is up and I have over 105000 km they now know what I was talking about and recommended I get over $1700.00 in services. This was extremely upsetting to me, so much that I’ve considered trading my vehicle in for a ford. Not once had they done a thorough inspection on my vehicle when it was under warranty I even had my wheel bearing replaced last month for free because I still had warranty and they didn’t once say I had any other concerns with my vehicle nor did they suggest I get any other services done. I will not be buying another Nissan once this ones paid off.

BRUCE EMBLEM | ON | 2020-01-15

Friendly admosphere, always smiling, answer your questions, Facility very clean, go the extra mile for You. Good Dealership.

MICHAEL PETERS | ON | 2020-01-15

No nonsense, no scamming, got my car fixed promptly.


They were so very helpful and kind.

My 2019 Nissan Sentra sv is an amazing vehicle I just completed a 500km drive and was in awe with the vehicle.

Chadwick, Spencer and sue were amazing help and I hope they deal with all my percheses in the future.

MARCEL USON | QC | 2020-01-14

Met my expectation

DAVID THURSTON | ON | 2020-01-14

I had a rear brake issue with my 2016 rogue and the reason that i brought it in to Nissan was that I thought that it would be a quick fix. They did not have the part and told me that it would arrive tomorrow (saturday) and that they would call me when it was finished. I called at 1300h only to find out service closed at 1200h. One of the service team called me back when he just happened to drop in and apologize for the dept for not calling.

I'm not entirely sold on the quality of the product. I have owned several vehicles ove the years and never have I experienced having to do a complete rear brake job after only 60000km and 3 and a half years of having the vehicle.

SCOTT FLYNN | BC | 2020-01-13

I live in British Columbia and was travelling. The service department took me in on short notice. Thanks so much!

Professional, helpful staff.

SANDRA M BRYENTON | ON | 2020-01-12

Met my expectation

HELEN LALONDE | ON | 2020-01-12

Surpassed my expectation


Surpassed my expectation

ROBERT GUNN | ON | 2020-01-10

I don't generally discuss my car repairs

BARBARA GRIESE | ON | 2020-01-09

Met my expectation

PETER MCLEOD | ON | 2020-01-09

Met my expectation. Generally satisfied

KAREN MCDONELL | ON | 2020-01-09

Met my expectation. Reliable service.

M-SANDRA BRANNAN | ON | 2020-01-09

Surpassed my expectation. I’ve been going there for 10 years. Great, friendly service & love my Nissan.

GERARD MCKENNA | ON | 2020-01-09

Met my expectation

JO-ANN ATCHISON | ON | 2020-01-08

Met my expectation. On time with appointments. Courteous efficient staff, very helpful

JOANNE RUEST | ON | 2020-01-08

Surpassed my expectation. Always amazing service at this dealership!!!

WANDA THOMPSON | ON | 2020-01-08

Met my expectation. The customer service has always been great there. Friendly staff as well. Thank you

ALLAN RUSSELL | ON | 2020-01-08

Surpassed my expectation

JOSEPH P TESSIER | ON | 2020-01-08

Met my expectation. After 10000 km very satisfied so far so good

ANDRE BOUVIER | ON | 2020-01-08

Met my expectation. Great people

REBECCA RYAN | PE | 2020-01-08

Experience was simple, friendly, low-stress and knowledgeable. Chadwick made us comfortable and did not make us feel pressured to purchase like most car sales people do. We are thrilled with our new vehicle and will be customers at Cornwall Nissan & Nissan Canada for a long time.

INA E MORRIS | ON | 2020-01-07

I bought my Nissan Altima in September. It was a used car, but I paid over $20,000. When I took delivery of the car, the check engine light was on, and it was running so rough, it kept stalling. I brought it back and it was repaired. Then, I went to change the tires and discovered there was nothing to remove the special lugg nuts. I returned to Nissan, only to have them tell me I would have to buy them.........funny, I thought that would be included in the price. I had no occasion to use the windshield washer until the middle of December. I found out then that it would not work. I took it to Nissan last weekend, and was told that it would cost me $197 plus labor to fix it. The service manager said that they had to change the motor and reservoir because thats how it comes. The check engine light was on again but I was told it was "nothing serious" and they deleted the code. Within 15 minutes of leaving the dealership, the check engine light was on again. My husband, who is a mechanic, bought the part for less than $20, without the reservoir and installed it. The service manager used to work for my husband, so I am very disappointed that he would try to rip us off in that way. My husband understands the custom of "bumping up the bill", but this is ridiculous.

I will never return to Cornwall Nissan again. When I bought the vehicle, I was told if there were any problems, come and see them. Now I realize that was all just salesmenship.

ALAN REASON | ON | 2020-01-06

Met my expectation. Was completely focused on you and your needs , Was knowledgeable about your vehicle history & provided you advice based on that, Reviewed with you the results of the vehicle inspection

LIANNE MACDONALD | ON | 2020-01-05

Surpassed my expectation. Was completely focused on you and your needs , Was knowledgeable about your vehicle history & provided you advice based on that, Reviewed with you the results of the vehicle inspection, Provided a time & cost estimate for your work.

RICHARD E SCOTT | ON | 2020-01-03

Surpassed my expectation. Good people to talk to, not pushy. They are up front with the cost of repairs.

KAREN STEVENSON | ON | 2019-12-30

Surpassed my expectation. The staff went beyond my expectations, they actually found me the perfect car and had it shipped from Kingston ON, that's exceptional service

JEAN G LAFLAMME | ON | 2019-12-30

Surpassed my expectation. 

PETER PETSANIS | ON | 2019-12-30

Met my expectation. Because of my experiences with the people at NISSAN CORNWALL

GLEN CRYDERMAN | ON | 2019-12-30

Met my expectation

RHEAL LEGER | ON | 2019-12-30

Surpassed my expectation. New building Really the most modern efficient I have ever seen great service


Staff very friendly, knowledgeable. And the service is exceptional based on our previous Murano we will always stick with Nissan Cornwall as long as the service remains the same. Thanks again! Yes ! service is exceptional!

VINCENT COLLARD | ON | 2019-12-29

Surpassed my expectation

LEE SAUVE | ON | 2019-12-29

Met my expectation

HENRI LANDRY | ON | 2019-12-29

Like to go there nice place and very friendly

BRAD MARSOLAIS | ON | 2019-12-29

Surpassed my expectation

MICHAEL DAVIDSON | ON | 2019-12-29

Enjoyed and impressed with new facilities. Always a very friendly staff.

LUCILLE VITULANO | ON | 2019-12-28

People were very nice, like to feel good when purchasing a new vehicle and Nissan Cornwall made me feel this way.

BLAIR OIKLE | ON | 2019-12-28

Met my expectation

SCOTT PORTER | ON | 2019-12-27

Met my expectation

PAIGE BOHUNICKY | ON | 2019-12-27

Surpassed my expectation

PATRICK MCAFEE | ON | 2019-12-27

Met my expectation

ROGER DAVIDSON | ON | 2019-12-27

The premises and service quality are excellent. 

ROBERT AYOTTE | ON | 2019-12-27

Good service

MARIE CRITCH | ON | 2019-12-27

Met my expectation. Was completely focused on you and your needs , Was knowledgeable about your vehicle history & provided you advice based on that, Provided a time & cost estimate for your work

LINDA ROY | ON | 2019-12-27

Surpassed my expectation. Was completely focused on you and your needs , Was knowledgeable about your vehicle history & provided you advice based on that, Reviewed with you the results of the vehicle inspection, Provided a time & cost estimate for your work

MARY ANN HUG | ON | 2019-12-27

The people are always friendly and courteous. They also know what they are doing!

SASHA MILLER | ON | 2019-12-27

Nice new location


Met my expectation

FELICE TROMBINO | QC | 2019-12-24

From Salesperson to Management and Finance...They answered all my needs, explanation and details of my new 2019 Nissan Kicks...This dealership should be the example for others to follow. Great Job.

The Sales Dept. surpassed of my idea of a Dealership. With all their new advanced equipment and training of their staff. I am sure, I do not have to return and repair the same problem, Twice.

As a Client, you want a peace of mind in your purchase of new car...It makes a difference for me, in the matter I am spoken to...How I am welcome, as a senior I have certain concerns. I was treated , Right.

How much I enjoy the time at Cornwall Nissan..I posted on Face is worth the drive to Cornwall Nissan..the service and respect for us, the consumer is amazing.

I ask many questions, and he knew how to answer me....with respect..That is very important for us seniors...

They let me enjoy the test Drive and I wanted to feel, my new vehicle...Nissan Kicks.

I had certain needs, coming from Quebec..Everyone but everyone surpassed in giving their time for Me...Great Job

What is to say..Sue was Great in every aspect …..from start to finish...I just have a Thank You to say..

I bought many vehicles, and this one.. I will remember for a long time.

Did not spend enough time, I wanted to stay more and more .. I enjoy their company and they were very welcoming...

In my case, super service....White Gloves...Surpassed in every aspect...

All aspects of the dealership was offered to me...I think it is worth the drive to service my Nissan from Quebec..

I think I am one of the Family...…..

AGATA WLADYSIUK | ON | 2019-12-19

Met my expectation

PIERRE T LAFLECHE | ON | 2019-12-19

Quick service and considerate employees.

ROBERT BAZINET | ON | 2019-12-19

Everyone was very helpful and told us exactly what needed to be done and did a great job

TAMMY L WHITE | ON | 2019-12-18

Met my expectation

JACQUES LEFEBVRE | ON | 2019-12-18

Problem was fixed in good time and service people were friendly. I have had felt with Nissan for a few years now, never had any problems. Recommend you to our son who also bought from you. Good vehicles good service


Surpassed my expectation

MICHEL BENOIT | ON | 2019-12-18

Surpassed my expectation

MARIE P MARSOLAIS | ON | 2019-12-18

Met my expectation

ERIKA E MALLETTE | ON | 2019-12-18

Met my expectation

AGATHE BAZINET | ON | 2019-12-17

Answered all my questions , attentive to my needs, very good presentation, I felt very good after my purchase

SHELLEY YOUNG | ON | 2019-12-17

Met my expectation

J-LUC GROULX | ON | 2019-12-17

Surpassed my expectation

JAY ROBERTS | ON | 2019-12-17

quality of work and service staff

GERMAIN GINGRAS | ON | 2019-12-17

Met my expectation


Met my expectation


Surpassed my expectation

WILLIAM WOODSIDE | ON | 2019-12-16

Met my expectation

GLEN GRAVELEY | ON | 2019-12-16

Surpassed my expectation


Excellent service and a great vehicle..


Met my expectation

Nancy Hanna | ON | 2019-12-10

Disappointed in the fact that even though my vehicle required a water test to determine source of water leak, my car was not washed or even appeared to have had anything more that some water sprayed into the sunroof tracks to remove accumulated leaf debris. yet was charged half hour of labour. seems rather excessive.

Carole Lalonde & Maurice Bendayan | ON | 2019-12-09

No high pressure sales pitch. Felt completely at ease with the whole process.

Sidney Burton | ON | 2019-12-08

Always great service

John Montgomery | ON | 2019-12-06

Amazing service and to pressure to buy. Really took time make sure the vehicle was right for me

Carole Labelle | ON | 2019-12-05

Good and friendly service

Marjorie Newman | ON | 2019-12-05

It's nice to see some employees that have been there for as long as I've driven Nissan cars

Daniel F Donati | ON | 2019-12-05

They provided mewith a loner,my Micra(her name is Sydney), was ready ahead of schedule & in perfect working order.

Stephan Kake | ON | 2019-12-04

A very special Thank You to Mr. Chadwick Blue for making my first Nissan purchase a memorable one.

J R Anthony Kelly | ON | 2019-12-04

Great people

Brian Hunt | ON | 2019-12-03

great service

Wendy Locke | NU | 2019-12-02

Cornwall Nissan was excellent to deal with super friendly make me feel welcomed and took care of all my needs

Annabelle Sylvester | ON | 2019-12-01

Good customer service

Wendy L Archambault | ON | 2019-12-01

Richard Tessier the gentalman that helped me with the purchase of my Nissan Qashqai He was Awsome !!! Hands down !!! I received Awsome service From Richard. Awsome !!! Super clean shiny my Qashqai

Eileen Bradley | ON | 2019-12-01

my drivers door handle was broken, someone fixed it during service for something else and they never said about it. I’ve been a Nisan customer for 6 years now and wouldn’t buy anything else. I just bought s new Kicks shile my car was being serviced

Norma J Laurin | ON | 2019-12-01

Customer service is exceptional

Marilyn Mclaren | ON | 2019-11-30

Very costly. Did not appreciate the upsell they tried to do.

Rick Ladouceur | ON | 2019-11-30

very satisfied with service

Jane Fish | ON | 2019-11-29

Brand new dealership location and building, exceptional people employed.

John Lariviere | ON | 2019-11-29

Cornwall Nissan in my view are honest people. They do not try to up-sell services similar to the local Toyota dealership.

Laurie Collins | ON | 2019-11-28

They are clean, friendly and knowledgeable

Harry W Smith | ON | 2019-11-28

I always receive good service at this dealership.

Mark Wooden | QC | 2019-11-28

Good service.

Shirley Pitre | ON | 2019-11-28

Good service

Heather A Grant | ON | 2019-11-28


Stephen Kettles | ON | 2019-11-27

Very pleased with the staff and treatment I received made me feel at ease and comfortable and most of all no pressure at all to purchase. Had my truck picked out before. I went had all the info lol

Richard Lepage | ON | 2019-11-27

fast awesome service

TESSA CICCHINI | ON | 2019-11-27

They are so kind and make sure everything is done properly and efficiently.

Stuart Wilson | ON | 2019-11-27

I bought the truck not even two days pre-surgery and picked it up the same day as surgery. All staff were extremely accommodating and kind. The new dealership is very beautiful and geared towards a positive customer experience. I love the bays for pickup! I was treated fair with my trade and love my new truck.

Hayley Smrczek | ON | 2019-11-27

Great customer service and follow up.

Larry Gabri | ON | 2019-11-27

Friendly and courteous staff

Michel Prevost | ON | 2019-11-27

You would think after dropping $1400 my car would have been washed, especially since it was ready at 9.30 am. At the very least, an explanation would have been given.

Lindsay Roberts | ON | 2019-11-27


Melody Crites | ON | 2019-11-26

I needed to chang my appointment due to family issue and received great effort to accommodate me.

Jack Cowan | ON | 2019-11-26

quite a few of my neighbors already deal with Cornwall Nissan and as for family don't have lot of family in Cornwall or Canada.

Ronald Mcclelland | ON | 2019-11-26

My new car failed to start because apparently the car battery was defective. The failure occurred Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. I was able (after a battery boost) to drive the car to Nissan on Saturday morning. As the repair department was not available 'til Monday morning, I had to wait until then. However, Monday morning the vehicle was repaired and I am continuing to drive it. A shuttle service was provided, and Dave the shuttle driver is most prompt and personal! Dave is terrific. Dave really adds to the service. The service was done Monday morning and I have been driving it these past 2 days with no further problem as at this point in time.

Duane Murdock | ON | 2019-11-26

This is the first time service was not perfect. When I arrived I mentioned to the man at the service desk that aside from the scheduled work, I needed someone to have a look at the rear left seat which couldn't fold. It was still that way when I got home. I don't know why it wasn't done.

Stephan Kake | ON | 2019-11-25

Good customer service

Marie Boulet | ON | 2019-11-25

excellent service

Linda Giroux-Daigle | ON | 2019-11-25

I love my vehicle and the service was good

Sharon Gaudet | ON | 2019-11-24

Knowledgeable, friendly, honest

Patrick Larkin | ON | 2019-11-23

I am not in the habit of giving high ratings as surveys are overated.

Patrick Cranmer | ON | 2019-11-22

Really like the Frontier and the price seemed to be reasonable. Both advisors were on the phone when I arrived. I had a coupon for an oil change at 59.95. Advisor said it didn't apply as they have to use synthetic oil so I pointed out to him that the coupon specifically included synthetic oil. Turned out that my 2019 v6 Frontier needed more than 5 litres of oil so I got charged more than the 59.95. As President Trump would say - NOT happy.

Albert Allaire | ON | 2019-11-22

Because they stand by there words.

Robert Gunn | PE | 2019-11-22

Not something I'm likely to discuss

Lorna Flaro | ON | 2019-11-22

- to date, i have no reason not to recommend Nissan; I like my Versa, I'm very satisfied with the service and the new building!

Leslie Pytel | ON | 2019-11-22


Gerald Mcbain | ON | 2019-11-22

I found it to be a little exspensive.

Denise Therriault | ON | 2019-11-21

The staff is friendly. The cost of $60 for storing my summer tires is getting too expensive.

William Mcrae | ON | 2019-11-21


Janet Apostoliuk | ON | 2019-11-21

I'm new to the area. Still checking things out. 

Omar Gebara | ON | 2019-11-21

wonderful service. excellent environment. the staff was phenomenal. friendly

David Porter | ON | 2019-11-21

I was impressed with the new location. Service has always been great

Zipgrow Inc | ON | 2019-11-20

This is our second leased vehicle with Cornwall Nissan and we are very happy with their team of experts.

Reannon Day | ON | 2019-11-20

Nissan yes, maybe not the Cornwall location as I received a better deal price-wise on vehicle in Ottawa

Brian Belanger | ON | 2019-11-20

Best service and reliable suv

Jacob E Dionne | ON | 2019-11-19

Only because it took very long for an oil change (75 minutes)

Julie Desormeaux | ON | 2019-11-19

I had a scheduled appointment at 10:00 am to have winter tires put on my vehicle. My car was not ready until 12:15pm. 2hr and 15min was way to long to have winter tires installed. I had another appointment scheduled at 12:30 that I was late for. Normally the service is excellent

Linda Roy | ON | 2019-11-19

Nothing is perfect and you are as close to perfection as possible.

Meagan Bingley | ON | 2019-11-18

Courteous, quick service, received a ride to my lunch meeting while my oil was being changed

Brian Smith | ON | 2019-11-18

Some Nissan dealerships wash the vehicle after servicing. You never do.

Andre Tetreault | ON | 2019-11-18

personnel professionnel.

Suzanne Laurin | ON | 2019-11-18

It is my service shop. I almost always get excellent service from knowledgeable advisor!

Kelly Maloney-Dixon | ON | 2019-11-18


Louise Irvine | ON | 2019-11-17

Former Toyota tried and true , went to Nissan for comparison interest and walked out a buyer

Sydney Gardiner | ON | 2019-11-17

good service friendly welcoming staff. Beautiful new digs

George Horvath | ON | 2019-11-17


Lynn Powell-Hamer | ON | 2019-11-15

Service was fine

Simon Bourdon | ON | 2019-11-14

Great people work at your dealership and the cars are great quality. They worked with our budget and were not pushy at all

Spencer is fantastic at his job. He asked us what we were looking for in a vehicle and recommended the best vehicle for our needs. We were against leasing when we started looking, but he showed us all of the benefits and opened our eyes to how good it can work for us. He compared both options with us and was really down to earth through the whole experience. We never felt pressured to buy or lease and that made us really comfortable with our decision.

We also dealt with Chadwick and he was great too. Pointed out all of the great features of the Rogue, and was very knowledgeable about all of the questions we had. Great personality.

Sue was amazing and so welcoming to our little family. We had to bring our 2 children with us to sign documents and she was so warm and patient with both of them.

Franklin D Reaume | ON | 2019-11-14

Service was fine, but a little slow due to adverse weather.

Judith Brooker | ON | 2019-11-14

Not much point in going to a dealership to have winter tires put on if they do not have a Nissan

Margaret Mason | ON | 2019-11-14

Great car dealership and service.

Suzanne Parent | ON | 2019-11-13

work performed on time. Price was a bit higher than expected, but overall satisfaction

Celine M Larochelle | ON | 2019-11-13

Le bel accueil, les préposés très connaissants et seviables malgré leur déménagement imminent

Julie L Burelle | ON | 2019-11-13

It was your first day open at the new location. Taking that into consideration I wasn’t happy I had to wait two hours to have winter tires put on my vehicle. I had plans and that messed up my day.

Anton Van Heusden | ON | 2019-11-12

Always great service!

Mark Mcewen | ON | 2019-11-12


Carol Landriault | ON | 2019-11-12

The staff at Cornwall Nissan are always happy to serve me they listen intently to any problems I might be having with the and they take the time needed to explain any repairs.

Heinz And Helena Glaus | ON | 2019-11-11

Were happy wirh the cornwall nissan dealership

Claude Desrosiers | ON | 2019-11-11

Very sastisfied with the overall experience, What I didn’t like was the hidden cost added on the bill of sale that I didn’t ask for and was never mentioned. Example : tire and wheel insurance ,lock nuts.

Jan Eekhof | ON | 2019-11-11

good service

Lisette Robinson | ON | 2019-11-10

The sales agent was very knowledgeable and realy attentive as to what type of vehicle I was looking for.

Randy Mcgillis | ON | 2019-11-10

Professional service and friendly atmosphere

Frank Hunter | ON | 2019-11-10

Good service.

Melinda Crump | ON | 2019-11-09


Douglas E Sweeney | ON | 2019-11-08


Catherine L Cadieux | ON | 2019-11-08

The service was very fast and staff very friendly and helpful.

Norman Fontaine | ON | 2019-11-07

Again no pressure tactics used Richard Tessier was very knowledgeable about vehicle’s features

William Paquette | ON | 2019-11-07

Always great service.????

Robert Ayotte | ON | 2019-11-07

Good service

Jay Roberts | ON | 2019-11-07

quality and courtesy

Etienne Gregoire | ON | 2019-11-06

la facon honnete des faire des affaires

Ross Lidstone | ON | 2019-11-06

I am not one to recommend to others.

Phyllis Macmillan | ON | 2019-11-06

Totally satisfied with the personal service I experienced.

Sandra Thompson | ON | 2019-11-05

Friendly and always wanting to the little extra

Allan J Leroux | ON | 2019-11-05

The reason for going was to have winter tires installed, this was done as expected.

Kenneth Mclaren | ON | 2019-11-05

Everything satisfactory.

Janice Ingram | ON | 2019-11-04

Fast, efficient

Shawn Palin | QC | 2019-11-03

we drive almost an hour to take our pathfinder back to Cornwall Nissan. Most of the staff call us by name.. Roscoe in service comes out of his office to greet us..

John Walker | ON | 2019-11-03

Great one on one honest Service

Cornwall Camping | ON | 2019-11-02

Fantastic people

Mary Ann Hug | ON | 2019-11-02

The service department is always very organized and efficient plus they are also always so friendly and nice to be around.

Bruce Boyling | ON | 2019-11-01

The work done was what was agreed to and done more quickly than I anticipated.

Dan Drouin | ON | 2019-11-01

i live in london ontario

Wayne Gosselin | ON | 2019-11-01

Have often recommended. Several have purchassed Nissan

Wanda Macrae | ON | 2019-10-31

Repair job was completed sooner than estimated time. Very satisfied with sales and service dept

Gweneth Carriere | ON | 2019-10-31

I’m always satisfied

Raymond Brunet | ON | 2019-10-31

been a customer for over 10 years

Deborah Perkins-Donihee | NU | 2019-10-31

great service

Joan Cholette | ON | 2019-10-30

My only problem was it took a couple of hours to do an upgrade I would have liked a curtosy car I did get a ride home and was brought back but a curtosy car would have allowed me to get other things done

John A Cameron | ON | 2019-10-30

Great service

Wendy Archambault | ON | 2019-10-29

The day that I walked in to Nissan everyone was so inviting and nice !! The experience was awsome I will definitely return to have my car serviced . I drove at first the feel drive of the car and Richard drove back to show me tje new saftey features. He used a computer but also wrote the information down in my brocher as well. Excellent very nice people ! Felt like family

Ronald Chartrand | ON | 2019-10-29

Hoping you keep your rates competitive with local Canadian Tire repair shop. They have good service deals for cars 5 years old and up.

Shannon Meredith | ON | 2019-10-28

I did not feel the least bit pressured to make the purchase which I greatly appreciated

Jean Charlebois | ON | 2019-10-27


Joey Tyo | ON | 2019-10-27

Very friendly personal service.

Yvonne Sicard | ON | 2019-10-27


Robert Lemire | ON | 2019-10-26


Linda Harper | ON | 2019-10-26

Very accommodating and very personable

Elizabeth Viau | ON | 2019-10-26

courteous, ready to serve, happy smiles on their faces, good service, quick,

Marcel Uson | ON | 2019-10-26

good,friendly,personalized service. Very pleasant staff.

Eric Lapointe | ON | 2019-10-26

Yes I would

Douglas Gray | ON | 2019-10-25

sales personnel were good but didn't leave me much time to ponder things over, which I believe a good salesperson should do but I still didn't like it. Winter tires were to have been installed but were not

Barbara Taylor | ON | 2019-10-25

Good service

Norman Roy | ON | 2019-10-25

Great service team

Suzanne Laponsee | ON | 2019-10-24

The service has been good so far.

Reginald Fournier | ON | 2019-10-24

There service is great..

Marie-Claire Jean-Louis | ON | 2019-10-23

Friends and family will only go if they own a Nissan.

John Lariviere | ON | 2019-10-22

I had purchased rims for my snow tires that were given to me by Nissan as part of my Kicks purchase. Nissan Cornwall mounted them on the rims for me on the Saturday. Jacques, as usual was very accommodating. Cornwall Nissan's licence plate logo mentions 'honesty'. During this service visit one of the boxes that the rims came in contained four spacers that I had purchased separately that I had misplaced. I asked Jacques if they found them and sure as the sun comes up each day the technicians advised Jacques, 'yes they located the spacers and placed them in a zippered pouch along with plastic plate covers' plus they helped me place the tires in my that's service.

Lawrence Gaunce | ON | 2019-10-22

no comments

Sharon Mcrae | ON | 2019-10-22

I have been using ghis dealership for over ten years... great service

Virginia Di Pierro | ON | 2019-10-22

Issue with sales department. The service department is always top notch. However, due to a recent issue with the sales department, I have purchased a car at another local dealership. Not a Nissan. The new dealership gave me exactly what I wanted. Nissan treated me with disrespect and made no effort to meet my needs.

Robert W Keenan | ON | 2019-10-22

great service

Mark Snelgrove | ON | 2019-10-21

Very attentive an knowledgeable

Adele St-Denis | ON | 2019-10-19

Exceptional service

Daniel Trottier | ON | 2019-10-19

Great service and friendly staff

Daniel Besner | ON | 2019-10-19

Service was quick and professional.

Dorothy Nadon | ON | 2019-10-19

Great service, no one is perfect

Daniel Besner | ON | 2019-10-19

Service was quick and professional.

Daniel Trottier | ON | 2019-10-19

Great service and friendly staff

Adele St-Denis | ON | 2019-10-19

Exceptional service

Gregoire Billette | QC | 2019-10-16


Sonia Vermette | ON | 2019-10-16

Was Ok, but nothing special.

Catherine Robinson | ON | 2019-10-16


Darlene Piche | ON | 2019-10-16

I find the staff very knowledgeable, friendly and caring. Always willing to go over and beyond.

Taflyn Mcgillis | ON | 2019-10-15


Cindy Lou Mcgillis | ON | 2019-10-15

I had a great experience this time!

Theresa M Mcanany | ON | 2019-10-15

In the one year and a bit that we've been with Nissan, I've had no complaints with their servicing staff. Very pleased with their service.

Shelley Brissard | ON | 2019-10-12

great service

Normand Maynard | ON | 2019-10-12

Great Service.

Richard E Scott | ON | 2019-10-11

The service adviser Jacques Charron took care of me very well. A lot of dealerships that I have dealt with in the past charge you for every little thing. Here I asked to check a wheel and snow tire on my vihile to see if it fit they did so front and back. The only charge I had was for the oil change. I was taken care of like the friendly garage station I once knew , I'm coming back.

Sidney Burton | ON | 2019-10-11

Always great service

George Taggart | ON | 2019-10-11

Very good service and all very helfful

Rachel Duffy | ON | 2019-10-10

this is my second purchase. Thus far, sales and service are great.

David Porter | ON | 2019-10-10

Friendly staff, knowledgeable, not log to wait for completion of service

Neica Duguay | ON | 2019-10-10

I would recommend that if they cannot take more than an hour off that they are better to go somewhere else. Drive-threw oil-changing places only take 10 min

Changing oil at Nissan nearly requires to take a day off because the service is so slow. Even if I show up before the assign time, I still have to sit and wait for over an hour.However, the service is friendly and they do a good job

Ian Maccrimmon | ON | 2019-10-10

Like our vehicle.

Samuel Mire | QC | 2019-10-09

I was very well looked after by the staff

Angela Paquette | ON | 2019-10-09

The staff at Cornwall Nissan are friendly and helpful. They ask the right questions to get you the vehicle you need

Sylvain Mainville | ON | 2019-10-09

very satisfied

Roger E Lefebvre | ON | 2019-10-09

First time customer. It was great.

Richard Morin | ON | 2019-10-08


Julie Desormeaux | ON | 2019-10-08

Great service and reasonable prices

Mary Armstrong | ON | 2019-10-07

The person I dealt with provided valid information for
my leasing of a new vehicle and the pricing suited my
budget and so I agreed to the offer

Carol Graveley | ON | 2019-10-07

I ama satisfied customer

Mikaela Beaudette | ON | 2019-10-07

Always excellent costumer service! Friendly and professional environment.

Joseph Allaire | ON | 2019-10-06

I was told i had sirius radio which it was false. I had sirius in my former car so i had to cancelled my contract with them. I was a little disapointed. The salesman was new at it but very sorry about his mistake and i accepted his mistake. He was a real gentelman and very nice person.

Thomas Swallow | ON | 2019-10-06

Because of the service, always helpful.

Veronica Britton | ON | 2019-10-05

Service was a routine oil change and tire rotation

Ashley Paul Marchand | ON | 2019-10-05

Excellent service!

Gary Dionne | ON | 2019-10-04

Very pleased with my visit.
No nonsense, no pressure.
Painless. Nobody got hurt! Lol

Elizabeth Lamarche | ON | 2019-10-04

I was very pleased ,All my questions answered My sales lady Kim Delo at Cornwall Nissan was great I can call her anytime if I need help figuring my new SUV ,Love my vehicle ,Elizabeth

Sheila Pawis | ON | 2019-10-04

Made me feel comfortable & very friendly staff

Ernest Mitchell | ON | 2019-10-04

Service was quick, professional and kept me updated on my vehicle

Susan Stewart | ON | 2019-10-04

Great staff and great service

Richard Lamarche | ON | 2019-10-03

Always well treated and choices respected

George Millar | ON | 2019-10-03


Judith Brooker | ON | 2019-10-03

it was finished very quickly as I only had an oil change and tire rotation.

Linda Roy | ON | 2019-10-03

So far so good.

Elaine Henderson | ON | 2019-10-02

you couldn't ask for any better people, to treat you as they treaded me. Sue worked really hard to get my new car ready for the next day. Big thanks to her.

Pierre & Gislaine Lafleche | ON | 2019-10-02

Jeff & Sue were very professional.

Donna Grinstead | ON | 2019-10-02

Everything was positive & informative

Sylvain Mainville | ON | 2019-10-02

Great friendly service, nice clean facility, great product.

John Lariviere | ON | 2019-10-02

At Cornwall Nissan they treat you like family...

brian arnold | QC | 2019-10-02

great service, personnel were great to work with,very knowledgeable staff.

Vivian Robertson | ON | 2019-10-02

Its what I feel.

Mark Wooden | ON | 2019-10-02

Cornwall Nissan is great. It starts at the top with the owner.

Jim Fraas | ON | 2019-10-02

I love Cornwall Nissan the staff treats me very well.$

Krista Lalonde | ON | 2019-10-01

N/a I just don't comment

Duane Murdock | ON | 2019-10-01

My answer above should be self evident.

Marie Mcdonald | ON | 2019-10-01

Happy with service

Larry Gabri | ON | 2019-09-29

Friendly courteous service and work completed on time

Wayne Joseph | ON | 2019-09-29

Friendly service

Monique Labelle-Montgomery | ON | 2019-09-29

Le service est efficace

Suzanne Jodoin | ON | 2019-09-28

This is the second time that I’ve dealt with Kim, and she has been extremely helpful in my choosing the right vehicle for my needs!! All the staff is super nice!!

Marc Lascelle | ON | 2019-09-28

Very friendly and helpful people in the service department

Elizabeth Majewski | ON | 2019-09-27

Always excellent friendly service.

Marcia Samson | ON | 2019-09-26

As usual, I was given exceptional service! Andre & his team always make me feel comfortable and at ease when I bring my vehicle in! They go the extra mile to make sure I'm taken care of and I appreciate that!

Louis Delorme | ON | 2019-09-26

great service

rick Lepage | ON | 2019-09-26

It was good experience purchasing my car with no pressure.

Melanie Lalonde | ON | 2019-09-26

Always friendly and not out to get your money

Patrick Mcafee | ON | 2019-09-26


Isabelle F Brunet | ON | 2019-09-26

My car oil change was done and new filter was put in

Francine Hart | ON | 2019-09-24

Friendly and transparent service.

Gord Lanctot | ON | 2019-09-24

Made an appointment for me at the last moment. Explained to my daughter who brought the car what and why what was needed

Vivian Robertson | ON | 2019-09-24

Everything went well. They are friendly.

Sonia Ross | ON | 2019-09-22

They never forget you. They know their products in and out and are very thorough on every level.

Michel Prevost | ON | 2019-09-22

Courteous and efficient.

Zipgrow Inc | ON | 2019-09-21

Great and friendly staff

Germain Gingras | ON | 2019-09-20


Audra De Marchi | ON | 2019-09-18

Friendly and efficient

Jacobus Vanderburg | ON | 2019-09-18

This time service was good but my previous 2 service experiences wasn't as good,The first one I was suppose to have a maintenance #2 done but they only did a oil change, not even 4 weeks later I go in because of noise by my back breaks, turns out that within 4 weeks my rear breaks went from 6mm on my pads to 0 my pads were rubbing on the rotors, I thought it was a seized caliper but it wasn't and because the Rogue only had less than 38,000 km and because of that I thought it was on warranty but it wasn't apparently. I had to get pads and rotors replaced. I don't know how they check the thickness of the pads because they never took my tires off, the cable ties that hold my wheel covers were still on and old. I was not happy. Talked to the Service manager and he said it was wear and tear, I never seen brakes go down that fast or there was something wrong with my pads before my service #2. My service was on a Friday before the long weekend. I had to call to see if my Rogue was ready

Helen Periard | ON | 2019-09-18

The oil change was done expediently and properly.

Linda Holland | ON | 2019-09-17

Sales agent was friendly and helpful as was any of the other people that I talked to. I am pleased with my experience

Suzanne Y Levac | ON | 2019-09-17

pleasant staff, good service

Robert Gunn | ON | 2019-09-16

I had a good experience and I would share that.

Viviane Pigeon | ON | 2019-09-15

Work on the car is always done immediately and always good service.

Andre Burelle | ON | 2019-09-14

Very friendly and honest sales associate

Sharon Gaudet | ON | 2019-09-14

The dealership and staff are professional and they show an interest in you an are there to give you a good experience

Gilles Bazinet | ON | 2019-09-14

tres bien servi

Gary Jewer | ON | 2019-09-13

I have always found my service here to be friendly, efficient and quick to get an appointment when needed

Ross Lidstone | ON | 2019-09-13

My expectations were met.

John Lariviere | ON | 2019-09-13

prompt and courteous service. You felt like part of the Nissan family

Michael A Odonohue | ON | 2019-09-13

Good service

Juliet Gill | ON | 2019-09-12

I drive a used Cube, and love it. Too bad you stopped making it. I take it to another service station as they don't have a motive for skimping on service, trying to make me upgrade to a new car. Love my Cube!

Ronald Mcclelland | ON | 2019-09-11

The Vendor had the car I was looking for. Spencer assisted me to obtain a 2020 model as son as it came off the production line. Very friendly and effective service. Very competent. The purchase went through very smoothly. Quick, efficient and

Dorothy Santos | ON | 2019-09-11

Excellent service, quick, kind and helpful

John Adams | ON | 2019-09-10

Kim and Spencer are very accommodating. They are friendly and courteous in every way possible

Jennifer Adams | ON | 2019-09-10

Good service

Susan Lewis | ON | 2019-09-10

They were fantastic. They called me to let me know about other things needed before they went ahead and surprised me when I came back to pick up

Leanne Dumoulin | ON | 2019-09-09

Service is great

Larry Frappier | ON | 2019-09-09

Great service and great owner

Francis Maynard | ON | 2019-09-08

They answered all my questions.

Barbara Kerekes | ON | 2019-09-08

was very satisfied with service and staff.

Bruce Brennan | ON | 2019-09-06

Everyone was very friendly. Chad and Sue took the time to explain everything. Went in looking for a used vehicle and after talking in depth with Chad we ended up leaving a new vehicle. Service overall extremely good.

Gerry Hummel | ON | 2019-09-05

There is always room for improvements

Pierre Sauve | ON | 2019-09-05

Complete satisfaction!

Randy Marsolais | ON | 2019-09-04

We enjoyed our experience, but I chose based on the fact the we all have room for improvement

William Griese | ON | 2019-09-04

We have been dealing with CornwallNissan for several years and have always received e cells to service and respect.

Margaret Hope Pell | ON | 2019-09-03

Have dealt with dealership for my last 5 cars. Fully satisfied.

Arndt A Vogel | ON | 2019-09-03

Friendly, good service

Ryan Laplante | ON | 2019-09-03

Something wrong with vehicle but always say can't find anything or nothing wrong

Claudette Godard | ON | 2019-09-03

Customer service excellent

Blair Oikle | ON | 2019-09-03

people are friendly and nice always looking to please there costumer.

Alan Reason | ON | 2019-09-02


Michael Graham | ON | 2019-09-02

I was late for my appointment and they were very accommodating.took time to answer my questions

Donald Steele | ON | 2019-09-01

no comments

Thomas Swallow | ON | 2019-09-01

The experience was everything I expected

Marjorie Newman | ON | 2019-09-01

I've been driving Nissan vehicles for many years. Some of the employees have been there awhile also which is nice.

Gerald Mcbain | ON | 2019-08-31

Friendly efficient service.

Denise Therriault | ON | 2019-08-30

Service employee Jacques Gagnon is the best.

Allan J Leroux | ON | 2019-08-30

It's what I feel.

Elizabeth Nanticoke | ON | 2019-08-30

It's close and convenient, considering my son owns a Nissan product.

Daniel Besner | ON | 2019-08-29

Good service dept

Micheal Boulay | ON | 2019-08-29

Jacques is great, best advisor at Nissan!

Michel Serre | ON | 2019-08-29

Bon service efficace

Peggy L Ware | ON | 2019-08-29

Did not know about the recall even though I had spoken about it at the last service date. Tablet did not work at the start!

Denise Labelle-Gelinas | ON | 2019-08-28

Great service

Anne Blois | ON | 2019-08-28

Felt well treated by all staff

Marcel Laframboise | ON | 2019-08-28

pleasant and friendly staff

Carolyn Armstrong | ON | 2019-08-28

Always excellent service - Jacques and Matt are knowledgeable and kind

Robert Ayotte | ON | 2019-08-28

Very pleased with the service I receive here.

John Mair | ON | 2019-08-27


Luc Clement | ON | 2019-08-27


Robert Macmillan | ON | 2019-08-27

The product sells itself but the staff at Cornwall Nissan make you feel like you matter to them.

Steven Korotyszyn | ON | 2019-08-27

first time,

Dorothy Nadon | ON | 2019-08-27

Prices for repairs are somewhat higher. When warranty is coming to a End it would be nice if car had a over all check, or a email stating when warranty is finished.

Arden Robertson | ON | 2019-08-26

The service was friendly and efficient.

Faye Villeneuve | ON | 2019-08-26

We were satisfied with the service

Claude L Giguere | ON | 2019-08-25

new 2018 nissan frontier-upper tailgate plastic piece falls off every time i open tailgate ,I bought the truck in ottawa but cornwall says i must complain to ottawa to maybe get it replaced even though i have the full warranty .This is not right . Can you help?

Kristine Picken | ON | 2019-08-25

I'm recognized and always treated well

Shahidullah Kaisar | ON | 2019-08-25

I feel way too expensive for the parts compared to Canadian tire same parts is Canadian tire is 200$ cheaper than Nissan dealers thanks

Michael Davidson | ON | 2019-08-25

Very good experience. Very friendly and helpful staff.

John Cosentino | ON | 2019-08-24

Fast friendly knowledgeable

Marc R Poitras | ON | 2019-08-24

I gave it a high rating but I was very disappointed that they gave me a loaner vehicule and told to put gas in it while my car was being repaired for something under warranty. I shouldn’t have to pay for gas to have my vehicule repaired for a part under warranty

John Cameron | ON | 2019-08-24

Great service

Pierre Rochon | ON | 2019-08-24

Cornwall Nissan deserves it.

John Adams | ON | 2019-08-24

Washed my car and detailed it last time after warranty work!

Jo-Ann Atchison | ON | 2019-08-24

Fast, friendly service

Pierre Demers | ON | 2019-08-24

Because it was very nice to people take care of customers

Andre Bourgon | ON | 2019-08-23

Mr. Gabriel and his staff are professional, kind and courteous.

Douglas Hanna | ON | 2019-08-23

was happy how well it went

Shannon Seguin | ON | 2019-08-23

I had the best service and best advice on choosing a car and the gentleman was excellent very friendly offered me me a beverages made sure I was comfortable just great excellent service overall from. All the staff members

Guy Belanger | ON | 2019-08-22

I called to see if they could switch my rv to now vs the Friday morning and they were able to accommodate immediately

Misty Lint Shea | ON | 2019-08-22

Always good service.

Randy Toupin | ON | 2019-08-21

i dropped in with a big screw in my tire and within an hour of dropping it off and getting picked up it was all done

James Jacques | ON | 2019-08-18

Good service

Andre Tetreault | ON | 2019-08-18

Service professionnel, courtois et rendez-vous ponctuel

Normand Maynard | ON | 2019-08-18

very good service

Jan Eekhof | ON | 2019-08-17

fantastic service

Justin Billard | ON | 2019-08-17

Great service all around

Marcel Laframboise | ON | 2019-08-17

prompt and courtious

Rejeanne Quesnel-Carriere | ON | 2019-08-17

C’est pas vraiment quelques choses que je discute avec mon entourage. Mais définitivement que je parlerais en bien.

Suzanne Laurin | ON | 2019-08-15

This rating does not reflect the August 14th appointment to repair rear brakes. I had requested a ride back home but the service advisor forgot about me . I ended up waiting for car work to be completed. This was not Jacques Charron.
He apologized.

Mary N Ouellette | ON | 2019-08-15

I only went once and have no complaints.

Janine Caron | ON | 2019-08-15

down to earth type of people and staff is very friendly and helpful staff as well. thanks

Nathan Murphy | ON | 2019-08-14

I've dealt with Cornwall Nissan for years. I have a personal relationship with members of the staff. I feel they have always treated me fairly and have gone above and beyond to service my needs.

Carl Collins | ON | 2019-08-14

It’s simple. They treat you knowing that your not naive when purchasing a vehicle , a little respect for the customer is worth a lot . They seem to give you a price range that needs very little compromise to seal the purchase This is the 6th new car that I was involved in the purchase

Jean Duplantie | ON | 2019-08-14

They're the best

Stefanie Milburn | ON | 2019-08-14

Friendly fast service I was early for my appointment and they took me right away.

Barbara Marchand | ON | 2019-08-13

I always receive great service at Nissan. The staff are always so friendly and helpful

Gregoire Billette | QC | 2019-08-13


Raymond Giguere | ON | 2019-08-13

Good service by the service dept.

Diane M Desilets | ON | 2019-08-12

Service was exceptional and my Rogue is an awesome suv!I got there earlier than my schefuled appt and they were able to service it right away.

Diane Therien | ON | 2019-08-11

Très bon service

Shelley A Douglas | ON | 2019-08-10

I went for an oil change. When i got there they told me i needed my tires rotated and i said no. Service person said yes it needed to be done. Was not impressed by that.

Steve Demontbrun | ON | 2019-08-10

Fast freindly on time

Janice Graveley | ON | 2019-08-10

Excellent customer service

Debra Boulerice | ON | 2019-08-09


Janette Koop | ON | 2019-08-09

Because I get good service.

Lucie Carbray | ON | 2019-08-09

Fast , courteous and fair price wise.

Megan Sloan | ON | 2019-08-08

Friendly and fast service. Very happy with service. I only went for an oil change though and the price seemed significantly higher than the last time. I’m not convinced the great service is worth the price of the oil change. This makes me reconsider what work I would have done there in the future.

Lucie Carbray | ON | 2019-08-08

Fast , courteous and fair price wise.

Natashia Helmer | ON | 2019-08-07

A little bit slow, I was 15 mins late, and they did a once over on my vehicle because I have a slight pull to the right, once I looked at paper they never checked my brakes, everything else but my brakes.

Meagan Bingley | ON | 2019-08-07

From the time we walked into the dealership, to the point that we drove the vehicle off of the lot we received amazing service. The staff were attentive, answered all of our questions, didn't apply pressure and were wonderful to deal with.

Joanne Ruest | ON | 2019-08-06

Never received bad service from this dealership. Amazing management and staff.

Karla Marshall | ON | 2019-08-06

I went for oilchange. Enred up with air filter and cabin filter change which should have been done when I bought it 5000km ago at Smithfalls nissan!

Myron Breslow | ON | 2019-08-06

Most people go to the dealership they bought the vehicle.

William Grant | ON | 2019-08-06

Great people in Cornwall Nissan I was very happy with my service it’s the only car I will own for now on

Campeau Services Inc. | ON | 2019-08-05

Prompt, reliable and very friendly service.

Natacha Lenneau | ON | 2019-08-04

Friendly, knowledgable staff and great vehicles.

Mary Ouellette | ON | 2019-08-03

I loved the service and felt at home . Everybody was very pleasant.

Christine Levesque | ON | 2019-08-03

I love Nissan. I am a returning customer. I always receive great service

Jean Guy Laflamme | ON | 2019-08-03

Very professional salespeople, ,

Maurice Bendayan | ON | 2019-08-03

Rating is enough. No need to elaborate

Carol Mainville | ON | 2019-08-02

excellent service & friendly staff !

Carolyn Madden | ON | 2019-08-02

Sales man was very friendly but did not mention a new sale. He knew I was only waiting for an oil change. Very polite courteous young man.

Susan Briand | ON | 2019-08-02

Rating speaks for itself

Jason Racine | ON | 2019-08-02

they treat everyone like family!

Maurice St-Louis | ON | 2019-08-01

Very accommodating

Lindsay Roberts | ON | 2019-08-01

Professional and courteous

Gary Besner | ON | 2019-07-31

Very pleasant,knowledgeable, relaxing setting

Shannon Van Moorsel | ON | 2019-07-31

Friendly staff, quick service, job well done

Claude Tardif | ON | 2019-07-31

Great service from everyone!!!

Joseph R Cartier | ON | 2019-07-31

can not ask for better

Lorna Flaro | ON | 2019-07-30

- folks are friendly - the dealership is clean and spacious - I like driving my Nissan Versa. pods of decafe coffee would be nice for those of us who drink only decafe

Josse Desrochers | ON | 2019-07-30

J’ai trouvé le personnel très professionnel et gentil. L’offre d’un breuvage pendant l’attente est très apprécié.

Robert Raymond | ON | 2019-07-29

Service was great and great

Carol Milojkovich | ON | 2019-07-28

Jefferson really understood my questions and answered accordingly. He was patient and let me take all the time I needed to make decisions regarding this lease.

This is my second vehicle from Cornwall Nissan and I always got my car serviced there.

I went in to explore different options. I wasn't sure if the time was right for me to get a new car and I wasn't sure what type of vehicle would be best for my current needs. I walked out extremely satisfied that I made the correct choice.

James Wood | ON | 2019-07-28

We have dealt with the Cornwall dealership for years with various vehicles. We have never had a complaint. Excellent service and and staff.

George Horvath | ON | 2019-07-27

We’ve been driving Nissan vehicles (2)in our family for years that should speak for itself.

Robert Gravelle | ON | 2019-07-26

Service team are pleasant and friendly.

Sylvain Mainville | ON | 2019-07-25

I have always been satisfied with the dealer and the product.

William Paquette | ON | 2019-07-25

great team treat you like family & not a number

Claire Bonneville | ON | 2019-07-25

Good service and friendly employees

Thomas Swallow | ON | 2019-07-25

That's what it was

Melissa Maille | ON | 2019-07-24

Both Sue and Spencer provided me with excellent service. They really went above and beyond to ensure I was getting the most out of my trade in and exceeded all my expectations.

Arndt A Vogel | ON | 2019-07-24

Need to have a longer relationship with Nissan before giving anyone a recommendation. Was there to have bumper protector put on and pick up a paint stick. They asked if I would like them to use paint stick on the required spot and I was happy to have their expertise.

Robert Bazinet | ON | 2019-07-24

Because we were well treated

Marcel Uson | QC | 2019-07-23

They make you feel like a valued customer

Anna Mary White | ON | 2019-07-23

I felt like a family member buying a car

Carol Gould | ON | 2019-07-23

They know me and I know them. Familiar faces are important for me. I find Cornwall Nissan very professional.

Donna Daye | ON | 2019-07-21

Having shopped around recommending Nissan definitely would surpass other dealers l was trying to deal with in many ways.

Angela S Hourie | ON | 2019-07-21

I was traveling and needed an oil change. I live in Manitoba so will go to my dealership for future service. Great service

Scott Knight | ON | 2019-07-21


Jeanne Herfkens | ON | 2019-07-21

I would recommend cornwall Nissan because they have great service and I like my vehicle

Gilberte Donkers | ON | 2019-07-20

Friendly, service is great and if something is found , they call to see if u want it repaired !

Patrick Mcafee | ON | 2019-07-19

No issues with the buying process. Professional and friendly sales staff always.

Joseph Lefebvre | ON | 2019-07-18

I feel they listen to you and don't push like some other places do. We have been dealing with Spencer since our first visit we find him to be very friendly and doesn't make us feel relaxed

Margaret Hyatt | ON | 2019-07-18

Service has been good.

Paula Spinner | ON | 2019-07-18

I’ve always been happy with the service I’ve received.

Morris Masterman | ON | 2019-07-18

Excellent service and staff

Laurie Collins | ON | 2019-07-18

This is the best service group. I feel at home when I am there. I actually enjoy waiting.

Jennifer Adams | ON | 2019-07-17

All of the above!

Josee Marleau-Vallieres | ON | 2019-07-16

The experience and service was great.

Theresa M Mcanany | ON | 2019-07-16

It was a very basic servicing - lube and tire rotation. All went very well. Nothing to complain about. I went in, sat down for about 40 minutes and left. Very quick and courteous.

Janet Summers | ON | 2019-07-15

Love it there

Shawn Palin | QC | 2019-07-14

Have already sent 5 family and friends to buy cars from Cornwall Nissan

Paul Bourque | ON | 2019-07-14

I showed up unannounced but they serviced my car anyway. I return because of trust. Jacques tells me I need something done I just tell him to go ahead.

Leslie Owen | ON | 2019-07-13

My entire experience from start to finish was exemplary. The Cornwall dealership is top notch.

Debra Glenn | ON | 2019-07-13

Good service

Naomi G Mahon | ON | 2019-07-13

Very good service

Annette McDonald | ON | 2019-07-12

I was dealt with efficiently and each of the 3 individuals were courteous and friendly. Went in with a very specific need so no inspection or estimate required. 

Anton Van Heusden | ON | 2019-07-12

Great service always. Jacques is awesome!

Reginald Fournier | ON | 2019-07-12

They are the best

John Lawson | ON | 2019-07-12

They are always punctual and the owner goes above and beyond.

Glenn Pattinson | ON | 2019-07-11

its the average available to me out of 10

Richard E Scott | ON | 2019-07-11

it was only an oil change and it went very well, but the thing I liked most was the service manager was very accessible to my question and in no rush. thank you

Elizabeth Viau | ON | 2019-07-11

I am treated very very well and I always am satisfied.

Elizabeth Hickey | ON | 2019-07-11

Went well above and beyond the needed service to help me out.

Virginie Grenier | QC | 2019-07-11

Service chaleureux

Johanne Rutley | ON | 2019-07-10

Everyone was very knowledgeable and friendly

Gates Kiersten | ON | 2019-07-10

I’ve always been treated fairly at the service department and walk away happy with the service I received.

Douglas Gray | ON | 2019-07-10

costs have to be considered also and there are cheaper places to go to have your car serviced.I like the service I received 

Jesse Taylor | ON | 2019-07-09

most of my family already drive Nissan products

Shirley Alguire | ON | 2019-07-09

Very satisfied

Patrick Derochie | ON | 2019-07-09

Don’t have any family or friends driving a Nissan so can’t tell them about how good you are

Sidney Burton | ON | 2019-07-09

Service is always excellent and above expectations

France Gales | ON | 2019-07-09

Très satisfaite du bon service, personnel très sympathique et professionnel et en plus, ont lavé ma voiture ensuite!! Super!!

Neica Duguay | ON | 2019-07-08

The staff at Nissan made it feel easy and the entire process was fast. I did not feel the need of a test drive. I was satisfy with my previous Nissan.

Lee Sauve | ON | 2019-07-07

Good service

Lorraine Veenstra | ON | 2019-07-06

I was greeted. My concerns were taken care of. My service was completed in the timeline given to me.

Andrew Donihee | ON | 2019-07-06

I have dealt with this dealership for many years. They have always been prompt, courteous, and exceptionally helpful.

Karole Mitchell | ON | 2019-07-05

The service department is exceptional.

Danielle Drabik | ON | 2019-07-05

I have always been treated with courtesy, kindness, and consideration. They really seem to care about me.

Brian Mcdonald | ON | 2019-07-04

On time

Wanda Macrae | ON | 2019-07-04

This was my first ever service appointment. I took delivery of this vehicle last August and l brought it in for service with only 1617 km and assumed that basically they would change the oil and do an inspection of the suv. Upon my return to pick up the vehicle the bill l was given was for a total of 114.40. When l got home and examined the bill l noticed that a tire rotation was done at a cost of 34.95. I could not believe that a tire rotation would be done with only 1617 km on this basically new suv. From a customer perspective l look upon this as a cash grab. I have had many new cars and suvs in my lifetime and l am disappointed if this is what l have to look forward to going forward.

Joanne Hurtubise | ON | 2019-07-04

Well received from the first time in store to the time the vehicle was picked up.

Camille Leger Merizzi | ON | 2019-07-04

Excellent service à la clientèle

Patrick Campeau | ON | 2019-07-04

Reliability, quality of service and price fairness.

Michel Prevost | ON | 2019-07-03

No pressure approach to the sale.

Andrew Pitt | ON | 2019-07-03

good prices

Bruce Desjardins | ON | 2019-07-03

I don't recommend garages to anyone. Mechanical , yes; Oil changes , no. I don't recommend garages to anyone. Hourly rate too high.

Ernest Macmillan | ON | 2019-07-02

Satisfied with work done.

Michael Furoy | ON | 2019-07-02

New car.. only getting oil change. Great customer service did everything to get me in and out quick. 

Garry Theriault | ON | 2019-07-02

No appointment however problem solved in short order and on the road again, all in a most positive manner just great service!,,

Daniel Bellefeuille | ON | 2019-07-01

Very pleased with Chad Blue And Sue Swallow we were treated well

Corinne Wicks-Hansma | ON | 2019-07-01

I had my car serviced for an oil change and detailed with a wash, vacuum and cleaning inside and out. I was very satisfied with the cleaning inside my vehicle, but dissatisfied with the outside. There was still a lot of bug dirt on front of vehicle.

Elizabeth Majewski | ON | 2019-06-30

Have always been excellent

Marjorie Smith | ON | 2019-06-29

no pressure very friendly

Bruce Boyling | ON | 2019-06-29

great service at a reasonable price

Suzanne Dambreville | ON | 2019-06-29

Service pendant et après vente

Carmen Beauregard | ON | 2019-06-28

Everyone from Spencer, Chad, Sue and Kim went above and be yond

Shirley Phillips | QC | 2019-06-28

I always get excellent service!

Peter Petsanis | ON | 2019-06-28

I like the STAFF in SERVICE sector, consequently have no reason to shop around even thought there is a NISSAN dealer 15 minutes from where I live in Brockville

Brian Doyle | ON | 2019-06-28

I’m always satisfied with the service department at Cornwall Nissan. They are courteous, take the time to understand my concerns and deliver my vehicle repaired at the time promised!

Cynthia Harten | ON | 2019-06-28

Overall good service

Randy Toupin | ON | 2019-06-28


Guy Belanger | ON | 2019-06-27

Jacques always makes sure I’m treated well.

Lawrence Gaunce | ON | 2019-06-27

Good product, great service. Excellent staff.

Susan Ladouceur | ON | 2019-06-27

Because they have the best sales/ service dept. and they are always willing to give advice, info etc.

Albert P Sabourin | ON | 2019-06-27

I liked how they took care of me

Guy Sauve | ON | 2019-06-25

like the staff and the servive

Jeanne Herfkens | ON | 2019-06-25

Great dealership, the service is wonderful

John Barnes | ON | 2019-06-24

Convenient, quick and friendly

Sheila Pawis | ON | 2019-06-24

I usually always have a great service and this time was one of them . I hear a lot of not so positive things about other dealer ships and I’m just glad it has never happen to me. So I will continue to come and won’t chance going anywhere else.

Leo R Gatien | ON | 2019-06-24

the service is fantastic and friendly I was well treated could not ask for better

Normand Vallillee | ON | 2019-06-23

every thing done right away

Glen Graveley | ON | 2019-06-23

Great service

Michael Rothenberger | ON | 2019-06-23

Stop hounding me about doing survey

Allie Oakes-Mccumber | ON | 2019-06-22

My whole family drives Nissans, I have told friends before to get a Nissan and they have gone.

Ann C Malloy | ON | 2019-06-22

Very friendly. Very knowledgeable staff everyone very helpful and cheerful

Monique Labelle-Montgomery | ON | 2019-06-21

Just amazing people going beyond

Jacques Sauve | ON | 2019-06-21

All personnel so friendly, courteous. Made you feel good to be in there place of work

Shannon Seymour | ON | 2019-06-21

Staff were wonderful, I had my young son with me and they had a living room type area that had toys and drinks for all ages.

Ralph Marsolais | ON | 2019-06-18

I was happy with my purchase

Germaine Labelle | ON | 2019-06-18

Knowledgeable staff

Melanie Talia | ON | 2019-06-18

I had a flat tire, and no appointemnt and they squeezed me in and had me out of there very promptly.

Leslie Pytel | ON | 2019-06-16

very likely

Rick Ladouceur | ON | 2019-06-14

good servtce

M-Sandra Brannan | ON | 2019-06-14

Friendly staff as you enter the door. Also very knowledgeable.
Always look forward to seeing Jacques at the Service desk!

Patrick Cranmer | ON | 2019-06-13

I was in for a first oil change. I had discussions with staff there about other items but the oil change was the total service. The rest of this survey is not applicable. thanks.

Joshua Collard | ON | 2019-06-11

Service was unreal!

Elizabeth Mackillop | ON | 2019-06-11

Staff was very nice and very helpful.

Dolores Stang | ON | 2019-06-09

J'ai toujours été très satisfaite pour tout service
chez Nissan. Merci.

Suzanne Parent | ON | 2019-06-08

Service has mostly been good, but lately seem to miscommunicate (ie: was told at prior appt. that I would need brakes done at last appt. but no notes in system. Also, had been told when I put winter tires on that my summer tire were finished and I would need to buy new tires this season. Turned out I did not need brakes done and my tires are good for another season. Mechanic forgot to put sticker in my window to I would know when to come back. I've made a mental note it should be around 114,000 kms. Also - I usually have to get the wheels torqued when I switch tires, but was not given a paper to get them torques this time....

I asked how long service would take and he advised 1 hour. work was done on time. Miscommunication from last service advisor to this one (notes not complete).

No coffee for early morning apt???? (only different kinds of teas offered.

considering I did not need new tires and brake job, I thought almost $300 a bit high but, they did replace filters. Would have been nice to have been told how much total visit would cost instead of just how much the filters cost

Rebecca Runions | ON | 2019-06-08

There was an issue with my front wheel that I was very concerned was going to be a bigger issue that could be expensive. It turns out the issue wasn’t so major. The guys fixed it, completed a recall on a part of my vehicle, and had it back to me so fast for no cost. Made my day!! Great service.

Richard Parisien | ON | 2019-06-08

Service manager, Jacques Charron, was above expectation for expected servicing to my vehicle.

Marie Jeannette Ricard | ON | 2019-06-07

The staff were very friendly, I did not feel pressured in buying. They have quickly answered my questions and a deal was quickly made. There was no ruse in attempt to making a deal, it was transparent, clear and straight forward! Just the way I like to make deals!

Mary Hug | ON | 2019-06-07

I have had an excellent experience with my sales person and feel that she treated me very professionally as well as making me very comfortable all through the experience.

Jeannine Pilon | ON | 2019-06-07

Staff and service is exceptional. Love going there.

Robert Cotnam | ON | 2019-06-06

Good service

Daniel Legros | ON | 2019-06-05

Friendly service, no pressure approach and being able to get served in French are very important reasons.

Shawn Palin | ON | 2019-06-05

Honest, Trustworthy and knowledgeable staff

James Wood | ON | 2019-06-05

The service and staff commitment are always excellent.

Celine Larochelle | ON | 2019-06-04

Accueil chaleureux! On nous met à l’aise dès notre arrivée! On s’assure de bien répondre à nos besoins et nos demandes! Le vendeur et la personne responsable des finances m’ont très bien expliqué les éléments présentés autant à l’écran que sur papier! J’ai grandement apprécié leur expertise et leur cordialité.

Janet Apostoliuk | ON | 2019-06-04

I've only been once.

Sean Davis | ON | 2019-06-04

Very professional service & efficient - we travelled to have our vehicle serviced and are very happy with the outcome.

Brent Prieur | ON | 2019-06-02

Very satisfied with the overall process

Pamela And Peter Primeau | ON | 2019-06-02

Staff very helpful

Lexus Thompson | ON | 2019-06-02

Youse got good cars for good prices.

Wayne Joseph | ON | 2019-06-02

Took a little longer than i thought. Very friendly staff. Repairs are done to my satisfaction. They did a minor repair and didn't charge me for it.

Elizabeth Nanticoke | ON | 2019-06-02

I appreciated how quickly I was given an appointment for my oil change.

Suzanne Chartrand | ON | 2019-06-02

Always treated great that s why i bought another nissan

Suzanne Lafleche | ON | 2019-06-02

They are very friendly and smiling.

Theresa Jocko | ON | 2019-06-01

Great service

Debra Boulerice | ON | 2019-06-01

Excellent service, great staff!

Richard Mitchell | ON | 2019-06-01

very good service no waiting

Curtis Guichet | ON | 2019-05-31

Very good staff!

Kymberley Meade | ON | 2019-05-31

Matt made the experience awesome

Garry Stover | ON | 2019-05-31

Good service)9

Katherine Vrastak | ON | 2019-05-29

After I had booked my appointment earlier in the week, the day before my appointment I called to confirm my appointment and my appointment wasn't there.????At least the service man made me another one, but not happy. Also there was freeze on the counter that could get on my clothes. The service of getting me a coffee was appreciated. This was a first time of many visits to this garage. 

There was only one person at the desk, when usually there is two? 

I was asked to change my filters again, which really were not bad but I did it as I plan on selling my vehicle.

Not happy that a quick wash is not offered.

Mark Snelgrove | ON | 2019-05-29


Marjorie Newman | ON | 2019-05-29

Very friendly and nice having service with the same people over the years.

Janet And Douglas Gallinger | ON | 2019-05-29

Very friendly and very helpful

Gerlad Paquette | ON | 2019-05-29

good service and nice people

Serena Bourget | ON | 2019-05-28

Always great service and friendly atmosphere!

Bethaia Barrie | ON | 2019-05-28

Kim was a excellent sales lady. This is the first time l bought a car without my husband and she really put me at ease and made me feel very confident. I would recommend Kim, Sue and Nissan to anyone.

Gerald Roy | ON | 2019-05-28

Very satisfied.

Carol Atkins | ON | 2019-05-28

Was completely focused on you and your needs, Provided a time & cost estimate for your work

Sylvainy Johnson-Soso | ON | 2019-05-28

I mean, it was pretty good. Things are decent.

Garry Theriault | ON | 2019-05-28

Always great

David F White | ON | 2019-05-28

Good service

Sandra Thompson | ON | 2019-05-28

Great Service

Kevin Atchison | ON | 2019-05-28

Great Service

Anton Van Heusden | ON | 2019-05-27

Always great service

Daniel F Donati | ON | 2019-05-27

As usual, the sevice was done on time, I was greeted very friendly & taken in rightaway.

Ryan Hollingsworth | ON | 2019-05-26

Service was quick and they gave a recommendation for my air and oil filter to be changed.

Ruth Howes | ON | 2019-05-26

good service

Lezlie Daley | ON | 2019-05-25

They made me feal like a real person and they treated me that way

Erika Mallette | ON | 2019-05-25

Chadwick Blue went above and beyond to find me the best deal. I'm a single mom and he explained why leasing a vehicle would be suitable for me.

Carol Graveley | ON | 2019-05-25

Satisfied with customer service. I was in for an oil need for progress report.

Daniel Besner | ON | 2019-05-25

Friendly sales and service

Micheline Bazinet | ON | 2019-05-25

Service was great. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Brought my vehicle in for a recall therefore no charges applied. The inside door on the driver's side had many oil finger prints on the leather and I only noticed that when I got home. Not too happy about that and very difficult to remove. 

Rickey Alguire | ON | 2019-05-25

Very happy with service.

Michel Serre | ON | 2019-05-24

Le problème a été réglé, mais le travail de sous traitance pour ma fenêtre fut très mal fait, sans aucun égard à un travail bien fait.

Richard Sauve | ON | 2019-05-24

Love you Guys LOL

Richard Sauve | ON | 2019-05-24

Love you Guys LOL

Shannon Van Moorsel | ON | 2019-05-24

Every time I am in Nissan Cornwall they are friendly, accommodating, and provide excellent customer service as well as service on my car.

Jennifer Adams | ON | 2019-05-24

Good,company to work with

June Menard | ON | 2019-05-24

Michael A Odonohue | ON | 2019-05-24

Good service

Drew Adams | ON | 2019-05-24

Service folks were friendly, helpful and reliable

Stuart A Wilson | ON | 2019-05-24

I always get excellent service here. Unfortunately , one of the issues I went in for returned before I made it home. It’s nothing major, just the light for the reverse sonar randomly coming on and staying on when it shouldn’t. I did receive a callback about it and was told to stop in anytime when I was next in the city. Unfortunately when I did stop, it was really busy so I just opted to go back when I had time...which I haven’t yet. Absolutely no complaint about the service or mechanics though.

Elizabeth Hickey | ON | 2019-05-24

Very helpful and patient with my many questions. Went the extra mile to help me out.

Carol Gould | ON | 2019-05-23

I am a loyal customer and they respect that. They go above and beyond for me. I am very happy that the faces are familiar. They recognize me every time.

Renee Adam | NU | 2019-05-23

Good service

Marie Mcdonald | ON | 2019-05-23

Service is excellent. I found the prices had increased a lot.

Claudette Pigeon | ON | 2019-05-23

Le service est rapide . On peut se faire servir en français. L’accueil est chaleureux.

Gwen Ritchie | ON | 2019-05-23

I think Nissan out of all dealerships service has excellent customer service and I enjoy the service

D B Trucking Inc | ON | 2019-05-22

good dealership

John O'Neill | ON | 2019-05-22

good service they answer all questions

Len Scott | ON | 2019-05-22

Good service

Heather A Grant | ON | 2019-05-22

The person was friendly. It was just a tire change. 

Gary Derouchie | ON | 2019-05-22

Because everything was excellent ????????

Randy Toupin | ON | 2019-05-22

just because

Patrick Mcafee | ON | 2019-05-22

everything was done to my satisfaction

Steven Tyrell | ON | 2019-05-21

Staff took their time, provided detailed explanations, listened intently to concerns, questions. Sue Swallow is an exceptional representation of professionalism and expertise. She is an asset to this dealership and goes above and beyond to exceed clients needs, consistently.

Bryce Thompson | ON | 2019-05-21

The staff was very helpful with overcoming the obstacles with my trade in and purchase.

Gary Lalonde | ON | 2019-05-21

Like the quality of the Nissan. Maďe me feel somewhat pressured.

Ann C Malloy | ON | 2019-05-21

Friendly, knowledgeable, staff. They explain what service is required and why.

Catherine Sjonger | ON | 2019-05-21

I'm the only one who drives a Nissan in my family and friends.

Chantal Bergevin | ON | 2019-05-21

A driver brought me to work, my car was ready when promised and they even took the time it :-). I love dealing with Cornwall Nissan, from sales, admin, and service, it’s always a pleasant experience. The staff is always friendly and courteous. I would recommend Cornwall Nissan to everyone :-). I was at work and can’t be reached so I told them to go ahead and do whatever it needs. As I said, I was very pleased as they washed it for me :-)

Paul Bourque | ON | 2019-05-21

Efficient and timely. No surprises. I would not want to be contacted. these surveys are as far as I will go

Ginette Marleau | ON | 2019-05-21

Very good customer service

Robert W Keenan | ON | 2019-05-20

the service I receive is always great.

Kimberly Ladouceur | ON | 2019-05-20

good service

Isabelle F Brunet | ON | 2019-05-18

Because even after talking about issues with my car they did not look into it

Robert Ayotte | ON | 2019-05-18

I called after hours and the owner spoke to me the day before my service, told me to come by any time and he would look after me.

Peggy Middleton | ON | 2019-05-17

Helpful and welcoming

Carol Landriault | ON | 2019-05-17

Because of the immediate service you never have to wait. The staff is always friendly and cheerful and very accommodating. The waiting area is very comfortable and has a TV as well as refreshments at your disposal.

Roger Davidson | ON | 2019-05-17

The service was personal and helpful. No pushy service here.

Matthew J Watson | ON | 2019-05-16

Staff was friendly and helpful. Adressed all issues with the vehicle in a timely manner

Helen Periard | ON | 2019-05-16

Overall excellent service.

Thomas Bovington | ON | 2019-05-16

Friendly staff and service

Blair Oikle | ON | 2019-05-16

because of great service, knowledge, etc.

Daniel Grondin | ON | 2019-05-16

We walked in with the intention of trading in our 2008 Saturn Sky for a 2017 Nissan Versa Note. When we first walked in we were greeted by Chadwick, Sales Consultant however we asked for Spencer, Sales Manager because of a previous transaction the year before. The sales consultant is the one we dealt with for the test drive and details of the vehicles. Then we went back to Sales Manager for the deal. Gabby, Owner finalized the deal. The owner stepped in and after making us a reasonable offer for our vehicle we ended up buying a 2019 Nissan Versa Note. Not for vehicle service but we would not hesitate to return for our next vehicle purchase. Exceptional service from Chadwick, Sales Consultant and Gabby, Owner. Chadwick was very professional, and respectful. Chadwick provided excellent service. Chadwick showed us the benefits of the 2017 and then also the new 2019. He left the decision up to us. At not time did we feel pressured.

Daniel C Colebeck | ON | 2019-05-15

It was effortless everything done as asked for

Nicholas Pickup | ON | 2019-05-15

Servicegood and friendlyp

Corrina Arsenault | ON | 2019-05-15

I always get really good service. Even when the unexpected comes up, the guys are very customer satisfaction driven and I really appreciate the personalized treatment.

Melinda Crump | ON | 2019-05-15

The service is always friendly and welcoming

Barbara Taylor | ON | 2019-05-15

Because Jacques is a great customer service representative.

Aline Seguin | ON | 2019-05-14

Excellent service...très attentionné vis-à-vis les clients!

Yvonne Sicard | ON | 2019-05-14

Awesome Nissan team

John Lariviere | ON | 2019-05-14

Unlike Cornwall Toyota, Cornwall Nissan does not upsell when you get service. Plus the service is always well done.

G,M Laframboise | ON | 2019-05-13

It’s the truth .

Gary And Theresa Jewer | ON | 2019-05-13

The buying experience was quick and easy to complete. Both my sales person Jeff and sales manager Spencer were accommodating and helpful in meeting my needs.

Lorraine Cartier | ON | 2019-05-13

These guys are amazing. To show our appreciation we brought them a box of donuts Best service ever????. Always reliable competent service in a timely manner. 

Brian Belanger | ON | 2019-05-13

Fast work

Sharon Mcrae | ON | 2019-05-13

Have been using this dealership sonce 2003. Now on second car being serviced there (this one I bought there also). Have always been extremely satisfied..excellent staff

Kathryn Goodwin | ON | 2019-05-11

Chadwick Blue did a superb job explaining the pros and cons of leasing vs purchasing outright, which confirmed my first intention - to lease. I was still not quite ready to make the commitment and Chadwick was respectful of my indecision and did not pressure me to purchase. When I returned after two weeks the lease was completed with Spencer Roberts simply because we have a family connection. Sue Sparrow was very pleasant and efficient finalizing the paperwork for the lease and forwarding me the necessary information to update my insurance. Chadwick showed me all the bells and whistles on the vehicle and I left the lot happy to be in my new 2019 Rogue.

Alice Wilson-Haramis | ON | 2019-05-11

Unfortunate incident took place. Service was incomplete.

Roger Lefebvre | ON | 2019-05-10

Friendly Staff. Very helpful. No pressure.

Marian Mckinnon | ON | 2019-05-09

We have always had great service and everyone is so friendly. Thank you Jacques

Rosemary Hunter | ON | 2019-05-09

They are always very friendly and courteous

Daniel Callan | ON | 2019-05-08

everyone was very helpful and friendly

Bradley Beckstead | ON | 2019-05-08

Nissan needs to watch their prices of accessories and warranties. They r right totally insane. Not competitive at all.

Paula Spinner | ON | 2019-05-08

Always very satisfied with the staff and service received. Staff are friendly, helpful, and thorough.

Susan Ladouceur | ON | 2019-05-08

Good service, and they almost always listen to my concerns

Wendy Benn | ON | 2019-05-07

Great and friendly service. was offered the right deal.

Jacob Dionne | ON | 2019-05-07

Very accommodating and efficient. They were able to meet our needs

Marie Critch | ON | 2019-05-07

Love Nissan vehicles. I’m disappointed that they don’t have car detailing as part of the work

Gweneth Carriere | ON | 2019-05-07

Exceptional service, when they say they will be done, you can be sure they are done.

Brian Smith | ON | 2019-05-05

I mentioned to the service advisor that one of my indoor lights was not working. He said it was probably the bulb but did not offer to take a minute to check it out.

Jason Racine | ON | 2019-05-05

Very friendly Staff!

Gerald Mcbain | ON | 2019-05-05

Price was more than I expected 

Laurent Gabri | ON | 2019-05-04

Chadwick took all the time needed to ensure my wants were addressed.
Friendly and knowledgeable staff throughout the dealership.

Franklin Reaume | ON | 2019-05-04

The sales staff were very helpful and professional. The even compensated me for the 2-week delay in bringing my vehicle to the dealership.

The vehicle I ordered was not in stock, so I was told that it would arrive in less than a week. It did not arrive till three weeks later. This was a bit annoying, but I was not in a great rush for the vehicle. To their credit, they offered me two free oil changes as compensation for the delay, which I consider to be very satisfactory.

Corinne Wicks-Hansma | ON | 2019-05-04

Always tries to accommodate my needs.

Laurie Collins | ON | 2019-05-04

I have come to expect excellence service and that's what I receive

James Harper | ON | 2019-05-03

Good service and fair prices

Francine Hart | ON | 2019-05-02

Friendly service and reasonable prices. My expectations would have been surpassed had my car been washed at the dealership following service

Tim Kimpan | ON | 2019-05-02

Very professional staff

Diane M Desilets | ON | 2019-05-01

Everytime I need to have my suv serviced the service is excellent.

Andre Tetreault | ON | 2019-05-01

Je n'accorde jamais 100%

Zackery Sabourin | ON | 2019-05-01

Amazing experience

Diane M Desilets | ON | 2019-05-01

Everytime I need to have my suv serviced the service is excellent.

Roderick Mcrae | ON | 2019-04-30

Very helpful, unpressured, friendly

Dolores Stang | ON | 2019-04-30

Parce que le service est excellent.

Gord Lanctot | ON | 2019-04-29

Fast and efficient

Linda Bukac | ON | 2019-04-29

Was something that was under warranty & I did not know this. Saved me money which was greatly appreciated:)

Henrietta And Michael Charbonneau | ON | 2019-04-28

I do this regularly!!!!! I love my Nissan dealer. 

Cornwall Nissan has been my long time dealer. they always go out of their way to treat me as a valued customer. Kim Delo is the best!!!! Andre and his team always take care of my service needs beyond excellent.

Carol Fleming | ON | 2019-04-27

The service and greetings we were given to us. I was greeted in a friendly manner, with a smile and worked in a professional manner with a bit of idle chit chat in the process. Felt very comfortable, even other staff came and spoke with us. Loved it. Very pleasant, feeling comfortable with a bit of conversation, not just about the car but inquiring of how our day was going

Jacobus Vanderburg | ON | 2019-04-27

It is a good company and honest not like where I bought my car, at least hear they listen to the customer if something is wrong.

Ross Lidstone | ON | 2019-04-26

On time and quick turn-around.

Kenneth Mclaren | ON | 2019-04-26

Always satisfactory service.

Diane And David Windsor | ON | 2019-04-25

We had a personal issue for a health matter and All STAFF WERE ATTENTIVE AND PROFESSIONAL. HOW CAN WE NOT RETURN? THANK YOU

Shelley C Adams | ON | 2019-04-25

best service dept. i've dealt with in mnay years. calm, pleasant, quick, reasonably priced

Pierre Sauvé | ON | 2019-04-25

Service Representative, Mathieu Stang, followed-up my request to match local Hyundai dealer's price for seasonal tire storage with his Supervisor, which was granted.

Patricia Lemire | ON | 2019-04-25

Courteous and friendly service

Wayne Gosselin | ON | 2019-04-24

Service dépasse toujours mes attentes. Jacques, au bureau de service traite tout le monde comme si c'était des amis.

Lesa Perry | ON | 2019-04-24

Very friendly and accommodating

Shirley Phillips | QC | 2019-04-24

My fifth Nissan and I have always taken all of my vehicles to my Nissan dealer.

Jesse Taylor | ON | 2019-04-24

all my family already have Nissan products

Jesse Taylor | ON | 2019-04-24

all drive Nissan products

Robert Levac | ON | 2019-04-23


Jennifer Francis | ON | 2019-04-23

I was given service when I needed it, emergency. I contacted them ,was arranged

Lorraine Mondoux | ON | 2019-04-23

good service. fast and quite honest.

Elizabeth Lamarche | ON | 2019-04-23

good service great people

William Prevost | ON | 2019-04-22

I always feel welcome at Nissan Cornwall. Everyone says hello and is willing to help me connect with the appropriate person to meet my needs.

Carol Gould | ON | 2019-04-22

I like it that the employees know who I am when I arrive and are very friendly. I do not like places that change personnel often. They treat me as a preferred customer. I appreciate it because I am there often in a year.

Lise Larin | ON | 2019-04-20

Got great service!

Danielle Drabik | ON | 2019-04-20

It was done quickly and I was able to get on to other business for the day.

Laurel St Louis | ON | 2019-04-19

Service was really good and they explained everything to me.

George Taggart | ON | 2019-04-19

Always top service ...feel that you are being taken care of from the best people

Sidney Burton | ON | 2019-04-19

They always go out of their way to satisfy you

Rhonda Guindon | ON | 2019-04-18


Denise Therriault | ON | 2019-04-18

Always great service

Norman Mcnish | ON | 2019-04-18

Service was what was expected.

Rheal Laframboise | ON | 2019-04-18

It’s the truth,the way I see it .

Wayne Walker | ON | 2019-04-17

Every one was very professional and courteous .

Marcel Uson | QC | 2019-04-17


Melody Crites | ON | 2019-04-16

The service was quick and courteous despite the fact I arrived late.

Elizabeth Viau | ON | 2019-04-16

Friendly smile. No questions goes unanswered. Quick service.

Patrick Mcafee | ON | 2019-04-16

met my expectations

Peter Gray | ON | 2019-04-16

I always have really good service and fair pricing.

Patrick Mcafee | ON | 2019-04-16

met my expectations

Peter Gray | ON | 2019-04-16

Hello, you changed my tires and did an oil change. Everything was great. Hard to exceed expectations here. I think if you have cleaned my tires and rims I would have been blown away. I always have really good service and fair pricing. There is not really more they can do.

H-Evonne Delegarde | ON | 2019-04-15

Great customer service....always friendly, courteous and prompt. Even though I was dealing with the service department this visit; I popped in to the sales department and it was like revisiting family you haven't seen for a while. Thanks for making us feel so welcome.

Aline Seguin | ON | 2019-04-15

Excellent service!

Daniel Callan | ON | 2019-04-13

good vehicle , good service

Allan Lavallee | ON | 2019-04-12


Henri Landry | ON | 2019-04-12

any better I don't know

Yves Seguin | ON | 2019-04-11

The above rating was given simply because we were treated right and was informed properly by our sales representative.

Deborah Perkins-Donihee | ON | 2019-04-10

I have only had my vehicle for 3 1/2 years and the transmission went on it and there is only 53,000 k's on it. I am not hard on my vehicles and I always do my service when it is supposed to be done. I was happy to hear it was on warranty but upset to know that I am experiencing large breakdowns on my Rogue. Is this an idea of what's to come? When I bought my vehicle I was told how reliable the vehicle was supposed to be. For this to happen at 53,000 K's is puzzling to me. Now is this new transmission under warranty? I was not told or given any paperwork indicating that it is now under warranty.

Dale Palin Stuart | ON | 2019-04-09

Trustworthy. This is the second car that I have purchased from them. When we were ready to buy we contacted them to help us find the best car for our needs.

John Rattray | ON | 2019-04-09

Great people concerned with with ensuring your satisfaction with the product

Michel Serre | ON | 2019-04-08

bon service professionnel

David Porter | ON | 2019-04-08

Friendly service, pleasant surroundings

Yvan Lalonde | ON | 2019-04-08

Prompt & professional

Michel Serre | ON | 2019-04-08

bon service professionnel

David Porter | ON | 2019-04-08

Friendly service, pleasant surroundings

Marc And Marie Pelletier | ON | 2019-04-07

Very happy with Nissan products and dealership.

Suzanne Parent | ON | 2019-04-07

the reason for service was to replace device that controls the intermittent wipers that were not working. New part(s) installed, intermittent wiper still not working. Called Service Dept. and was told Service Mgr. off (death in family), but would get a call from him when he returned. To date, I have not heard from anyone regarding this problem. Also, don't know what or why, but there is some type of liquid oil dripping on inside of both driver and passenger door (coming from window) - did they spray oil for some reason?

Danielle Duplantie | ON | 2019-04-07

C'est la 4e voiture que j'achète ou je loue de ce concessionnaire. Tous ceux qui travaillent à cet endroit démontrent beaucoup de respect envers les clients, qu'ils soient homme ou femme.

Theresa M Mcanany | ON | 2019-04-06

The attitude and professionalism they display. You feel you're being treated in a personal, trustworthy manner.

Daniel Shannon | ON | 2019-04-05


Talitha Cunningham | ON | 2019-04-04

We had the best service! Fast and informational

Vivian Robertson | ON | 2019-04-04

It is how I felt.

Daniel Castonguay | ON | 2019-04-04

service quick, prompt and professional

Linda Roy | ON | 2019-04-04

Fast and friendly service

Raymond Brunet | ON | 2019-04-03

no comments

Duane Murdock | ON | 2019-04-03

Good service

Darlene Johnston | ON | 2019-04-03

had no problem

Innovative Business Interiors Inc | ON | 2019-04-03

We like the nice atmosphere and professionalism from
sales and service team. We would recommend them to
our friends any time.

Garry Theriault | ON | 2019-04-03

great service

Glenn And Donna Becksted | ON | 2019-04-03

Provided the needed information. The Rogue was prepared ready by Devan and before driving away Devan explained thoroughly all the necessities a new owner would need.All personal were efficient ,friendly and helpful. Glenn Becksted

Joanne Ruest | ON | 2019-04-03

This Nissan dealership has a very good reputation in the community for excellent sales and after service. I've recommended many friends and family to purchase their Nissan product there.

William Webber | ON | 2019-04-02

My experience at Cornwall Nissan was very pleasant and enjoyable. All of the people that we worked with were friendly and eager to assist us. They made us feel very welcome.

James And Isabella Mathieson | ON | 2019-04-02

We have been very satisfied with the staff and service at Cornwall Nissan. The owner is awesome. We have recommended them in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Shirley Alguire | ON | 2019-04-02

Told a friend about Nissan and he just purchased a new Car

David Wood | ON | 2019-04-02

Am taking my vehicle for servicing at a competitor franchise who offer me drive up service (Mr. Lube), as it is more fitting to my schedule than planning days in advance.

J R Anthony Kelly | ON | 2019-04-01

Great owner and staff

Janice Ingram | ON | 2019-03-31

Good service and personnel.

Roland Brault | ON | 2019-03-31

It was very good!

Jan Eekhof | ON | 2019-03-31

i always have my service done at the dealership

Germain Gingras | ON | 2019-03-30

Honesty, frienly.

Denise M Labelle Gelinas | ON | 2019-03-29

Great service every time I go in

Kaleigh Sharpe | ON | 2019-03-29

I'm easily stressed and the thought of car shopping was pushing my limits but they kept me calm throughout the entire experience. They were honest and upfront and made it a transparent deal. Sue and Devon went above and beyond helping me get the car I wanted and approved for it

Rheal Laframboise | ON | 2019-03-28

Cause it the truth,I was well treated as usual

James Feilders | ON | 2019-03-27

Great customer service right down the line, as always.

Robert Bies | ON | 2019-03-27

Third vehicle purchase with Nissan

Gerald Lalonde | ON | 2019-03-26

its like everyone is happy you purchased your vehicle its like big family event. Cornwall Nissan like big family working together but Smith Falls not friendly.

Karole Mitchell | QC | 2019-03-26

Not a my family or friends can afford the service rates and would prefer a garage at a lesser cost. Jacques is always helpful, friendly and professional. I often request to speak with him directly as I'm very trusting of him.

Catherine Sjonger | ON | 2019-03-26

I was kept informed about what was going on.

Brian Arnold | QC | 2019-03-25


Viviane Pigeon | ON | 2019-03-25

I have been with Nissan for many years .Never any complaints. Always satisfied.

Christine Tremblay | ON | 2019-03-24

Great service

Annik Chevalley | ON | 2019-03-23

Based on past experiences

Suzanne Chartrand | ON | 2019-03-22

Always treated good

William Cowan | ON | 2019-03-21

some of my neighbours already drive Nissans.

Veronica Britton | ON | 2019-03-21

An overall good experience

Patrick Derochie | ON | 2019-03-21

Don’t want to bother unless the dealer dose something special like wash the car like they say if time permits but has yet to be done. Also unhappy when I had to pay 450.00 to paint my hatch due to poor painting

Gilberte Donkers | ON | 2019-03-21

Great service and very friendly ❤️

Paul Eaton | ON | 2019-03-21

Jacques in the service department, as always , does an amazing job ! He is the best.

Susan Ladouceur | ON | 2019-03-21

Always great service and pleasant personnel

Charles Dorey | ON | 2019-03-21

Because they did a great job !!!!!!!!

Gerald Thompson | ON | 2019-03-20

Very good service

Robert Bazinet | ON | 2019-03-20

Because the service was excellent and they did a great job

Shirley Phillips | ON | 2019-03-19

Besides dealing with the owner on my first Nissan car purchase I have had the same salesperson for all my Nissan cars being a total of six Nissan models.

Marjorie Newman | ON | 2019-03-19

Been going there for years and like seeing familiar employees.

Julie Desormeaux | ON | 2019-03-18

Was a straight oil change appointment with tire rotation. I love Nissan vehicles and their service department in Cornwall are honest and the cost is reasonable. They only make sugggestions on repairs that are needed.

Sandra Ellis | ON | 2019-03-17

People were great ... even waiting was a pleasure... great staff ... and honest ...

Antonia Kuipers | ON | 2019-03-16

Appointment was made and Service was done quickly. They told me it would take 2 days. Vehicle was ready to be picked up in day and a half.

Audrey Hampsey | ON | 2019-03-15

From the time we walked in we were treated fairly and were educated about the Nissan product line.Getting a monthly payment on a vehicle was easy with options!

Nicole Bissonnette | ON | 2019-03-15

Love my car

Stephane Dagenais | ON | 2019-03-14

Super service à la clientèle, comme ma famille et amis aimé.

Heidi Renaud | ON | 2019-03-14


Laurie Collins | ON | 2019-03-14

Staff are friendly and welcoming. Lounge comfortable. Always excellent so I have come to expect this. I could have this done for less somewhere else and expect dealships to be a little more expensive. To me it is worth it.

Dwyer Glass Ltd | ON | 2019-03-13

Friendly great honest service

Suzanne Dambreville | ON | 2019-03-12

Nous avons eu un service impeccable avec pas de pression et surtout un sentiment que c’est une équipe qui est à ton service. Tout le monde à été fantastique avec nous.

Patrick M Ryan | ON | 2019-03-12

I am satisfied with the service thank you .

Annabelle Sylvester | ON | 2019-03-12

Very good sales and service department

Mary Nicholas | ON | 2019-03-11

The staff is very curtious to myself and partner when we have any questions, and i realize that sometimes its difficult to deal with two people, who have different questions. the staff is very professional

Reina Lyons | ON | 2019-03-11

Sue Swallow, the financial service representative was very knowledgeable, not pushy but confident and made me feel at ease with my decisions. Offered me all services available without guilt or obligation. I found this to be very comforting and made my decision to proceed with the transaction.
Spencer Roberts, the sales manager was equally helpful, knowledgeable accommodating, straightforward,honest and made feel confident that I was making the right decision. Over all, they made a good team!

Marcel Uson | QC | 2019-03-11


Wayne Connell | QC | 2019-03-11

good quickservice

Steven Korotyszyn | ON | 2019-03-10

Service was good. we have a maintenance plan.

Leanne Dumoulin | ON | 2019-03-10

Great service

Sheryl Kalil | ON | 2019-03-10

Caring and professional at the same time. Cornwall Nissan treats me like they value me. ALWAYS!

Lianne Macdonald | ON | 2019-03-09

Always excellent customer service. Feel comfortable sitting there waiting and they make the time go by faster by chatting with you

Kelsy Fontaine | ON | 2019-03-08

Devon Lane went above and beyond with helping with my new car purchase! Great work :)

Helen Periard | ON | 2019-03-07

The above rating is for the first part of the service I received. Once management got involved I received excellent service.

Jay Roberts | ON | 2019-03-07

polite, courteous and thorough. I am waiting for a new engine for my truck

Douglas E Sweeney | ON | 2019-03-07

Timely check of my concerns.

William Paquette | ON | 2019-03-07

quality service always never been disappointed. was warranty work & they still checked everything over. was driven home

Christine Dakin | ON | 2019-03-06

Good service. I like how they kept me up to date on how it was going. The one main problem I have, is that it is not handicapped friendly. I use a 4 wheel walker and the entrance/service area going to the desk has a couple of levels to watch out for. The waiting room does not have sufficient space in between the couches, chairs and tables.

Steven Hesse | ON | 2019-03-06

Fast, knowledgeable and friendly service.

Michael A Odonohue | ON | 2019-03-05

Good Job

Elizabeth Majewski | ON | 2019-03-05


Daniel Besner | ON | 2019-03-04

I believe Cornwall Nissan are looking ou for my best interest. I was very happy the service department washed my vehicle before I picked it up.

Kenneth Burnham | ON | 2019-03-04

Just good service.

Arisbe Castellanos | ON | 2019-03-03

I forgot my appointment and called to reschedule, service personnel where comprehensive of the situation, thet were able to fit me in the same day, plus I was dropped off and picked up where I needed to.

Heather Grant | ON | 2019-03-02

I went in and knew what I wanted. It was handwritten because I had gone to two other dealerships in town and was going home to make my decsion. The sales staff and the introduction to the service personal was very good

Mark Snelgrove | ON | 2019-03-02

Good service

Ryan Hollingsworth | ON | 2019-03-01

Staff was friendly and vehicle was repaired quickly.

Joanne Cholette-Leroux | ON | 2019-02-28

Service guy is very nice made me feel at home and service was quick

Jean Duplantie | ON | 2019-02-27

Friendly honest service

Patrick Mcafee | ON | 2019-02-27

happy with service.

Theresa M Mcanany | ON | 2019-02-27

It's only my second time at Cornwall Nissan, so there is no close personal relationship as yet, but they are professional, courteous and friendly.

Terry Taillon | ON | 2019-02-27

promt courteous service as to what was available while I waited.

Marie Lalonde | ON | 2019-02-27

Excellent service

Brian Doyle | ON | 2019-02-27

The service department has always met or exceeded my expectations. My vehicle is well taken care of, their estimates are honoured, and my vehicle is ready by the time promised.

William Woodside | ON | 2019-02-26

I'm quite concerned about the fact I was told my tires are almost done and they only have 50,000 km on them (original tires from purchase)

Claudia Hannah | ON | 2019-02-26

I was treated well and had no complaints with anyone I dealt with.

Frank Hunter | ON | 2019-02-26

Never try to sell me services that I don't need or request

Sidney Burton | ON | 2019-02-26

Service is always great, you feel like family

Marie-Claire Jean-Louis | ON | 2019-02-25

service was excellent better than other dealerships i've done business before

Jason Racine | ON | 2019-02-24

they have awesome people

Lloyd Bruce Fitzsimmons | ON | 2019-02-22

Everyone was very professional and curious.

Deborah Demaine | ON | 2019-02-21

I would but I don’t know many people herein Cornwall, I just moved here

Shirley Remillard | ON | 2019-02-21

Service was excellent and fast. I have never received such speedy and great service before

Peter Gray | ON | 2019-02-20

The customer service is excellent

Andre Tetreault | ON | 2019-02-20

Personnel acceuillant

Glen Gravely | ON | 2019-02-19

Great service

Jo Ann Atchison | ON | 2019-02-15

Friendly, knowledgeable staff, very courteous and helpful with explanations

Jennifer Francis | ON | 2019-02-15

Great service and friendly staff .

Reginald Fournier | ON | 2019-02-13

The are the best

Denise Therriault | ON | 2019-02-13

Service is always excellent.

Lisa Provost | ON | 2019-02-12

nice people in service

Troy Vaillancourt | ON | 2019-02-12

Unfortunately it took a few days to get an apt.... needed breaks done and looking to get in ASAP but they were booked...

Heinz Glaus | ON | 2019-02-11

all was good

Faye Villeneuve | ON | 2019-02-09

Everyone is very friendly and ready to help and answer any questions

Friendly and felt comfortable with all the staff did not feel pressured

Glen Graveley | ON | 2019-02-09

Excellent service

Janice Gravely | ON | 2019-02-07


Robert Cotnam | ON | 2019-02-07

Happy with service

Jean-Pierre Sabourin | ON | 2019-02-06

Friendly and efficient staff!

Suzanne Y Levac | ON | 2019-02-05

fast & efficient

Glenn Macdonald | ON | 2019-02-05

first service experience is a single oil change

Rejeanne Quesnel-Carriere | ON | 2019-02-05

Service très amicale. Salle d’attente confortable. Il y avait même des fruits pour leur client!

Douglas Sweeney | ON | 2019-02-04

Great service.

Gabrielle Bergeron | ON | 2019-02-03

Everyone was so nice and helpful.

John Lawson | ON | 2019-02-02

Service is excellent and employees are always accommodating and friendly.

James Mathieson | ON | 2019-02-02

We have always been very satisfied with the service. Have already recommended this dealership and will continue to do so.

Morris Masterman | ON | 2019-02-02

Very pleasant place to do business

Francine Chretien | ON | 2019-02-01

For someone who drives less than 20,000 kilometres per year, I believe that leasing is the best option and most cost effective. I've already recommended two friends to go to Nissan and check out their leasing options. It's hassle free!

Customer service is why I keep returning to Nissan Canada. They have my history on previous leases and no fuss when renewing new lease. They even picked me up and drove me back home to negotiate the new lease.

Craig Wilson | ON | 2019-02-01

very good

Paul Bourque | ON | 2019-02-01

Very professional but above all I trust them. I did not purchase my car there but I trust the service department staff

Aline Seguin | ON | 2019-02-01

Excellent service...très professionnel avec le service à la clientèle.

Allan Lavallee | ON | 2019-01-31

Good service.

John Koynok | ON | 2019-01-31


M Jean Cameron Real Estate | ON | 2019-01-30

Very satisfied

William Paquette | ON | 2019-01-30

Been dealing there since 2003.would not go any other place.Always great service.

Richard Parisien | ON | 2019-01-29

good service

Natavarlal Shah | ON | 2019-01-27

The Service from Gaby, Spencer, explanation of the vehicle from Devon, it was flawless.

Gaby & Spencer went above and beyond.

Patrick Cranmer | ON | 2019-01-26

The Frontier is everything I need at a reasonable price. Most other manufacturers add stuff/toys most truck buyers don't need but maybe want. Chadwick and Spencer understood that I wanted a small truck and nothing more. Further they did not try to up sell me at any point!! I was just starting to look around for a smallish truck and they sold me within a couple of hours. Best vehicle buying experience I've every had (at 72 years and after many purchases). Thank you for your excellent sales training, if that's where their training came from.

We discussed power ratings of the 4 vs. 6 cylinder motors and he understood that while I do not have an immediate need for the towing capacity of the 6 cylinder I may in the near future due to my wife talking about a small travel trailer, again.

Sue Swallow, Financial Service Manager, was great when we met.

Offer to customize vehicle settings, Offer to help you set up your vehicle's first service visit, Offer an overview of or introduce you to someone in the service department, Inform you of the owner's manual "They did not OFFER to do all these things, they just DID IT. Again, the best vehicle buying experience I've ever had".

Glen Harris | ON | 2019-01-26

Customer Service

Lee Sauve | ON | 2019-01-24

Good service

Jesse Taylor | ON | 2019-01-22


Therese Saucier | ON | 2019-01-22

I was totally impressed by the family like service...but most of all they treated me like royalty...even introducing me to the owner Gaby...he shook my hand and thanked me for becoming a customer....PRICELESS!!!

Offer to customize vehicle settings, Offer to help you set up your vehicle's first service visit, Offer an overview of or introduce you to someone in the service department, Inform you of the owner's manual

Spencer was very professional and helpful...answered all my questions and quoted me a price that was just under my budget...I was totally satisfied.

Chad was very patient with me as he explained functions of car...did not miss a beat..totally satisfied with Chad's explanations.

Sue Swallow was also very professional and explained all details clearly...she was extremely pleasant through the whole process!

Craig Wilson | ON | 2019-01-20

very profecialnal

Glen Gravely | ON | 2019-01-19

Great service

Shawn Palin | ON | 2019-01-18

It was a complete pleasure to deal with Rosco and the gang at Cornwall Nissan

Glen Harris | ON | 2019-01-18

good service

Louise A Simoneau | ON | 2019-01-18

Every one was professional and took good care of me.

Nicholas Koutas | ON | 2019-01-17

accommodated me right away with out appointment

Susan Ladouceur | ON | 2019-01-16

Great service

Marjorie Newman | ON | 2019-01-15

Some of the employees have been there for many years which is nice.

Carol Gould | ON | 2019-01-15

It is important that they know me when I arrive. I am a frequent client and familiar faces are what I look for.

Hal Friesen | ON | 2019-01-15

Very professional and worked as a team, customer orientated to complete the deal. Polished relaxed=happy customer.

Eric Demers | ON | 2019-01-12

Tres bon service personnel excellent

Michel Billette | ON | 2019-01-12

Le service est excellent et le propriétaire s’est impliqué personnellement dans la vente.

Renee Adam | ON | 2019-01-11

Service was satisfactory..

Daniel A Martineau | ON | 2019-01-11

Good service

Keith Kerr | ON | 2019-01-10

Excellent service

Marcel J Laframboise | ON | 2019-01-10

Good service good management ease of transaction

Troy Lapierre | ON | 2019-01-10

Good experience

Noah Samson | ON | 2019-01-10

Sue and Spencer of Cornwall Nissan were extremely helpful and nice and always went above and beyond ! Would recommend them in a heartbeat!

Dale Bulloch | ON | 2019-01-09

Very pleasant l, helpful and very informative.

Ronald Watt | ON | 2019-01-08

they are very nice and efficent

Bruce Soutter | ON | 2019-01-08

From the receptionist who made me coffee through to the service manager who gave me back my keys, everyone was courteous, friendly and pleasant to speak with. Furthermore, my appointment was reight on schedule....

Yvette Gauthier | ON | 2019-01-08

Excellent service

Kimberly Derouchie | ON | 2019-01-08

Very quick and knew exactly what they were doing

Helene Champagne | ON | 2019-01-08

Le service est excellent

Matthew Watson | ON | 2019-01-07

Our Sales agent was increadibly helpful, and friendly and did an excellent job ensuring we were aware of all vehicle options ans helped us stay on budget eith our vehicle purchase.

Pierre And Jeanne Sauve | ON | 2019-01-07

Very professional, amiable service with everyone involved, from my initial contact with Mr.Ayman (Gaby) Gabriel, to Sales Consultant Mr. Devon Lane, to Business Manager Ms. Sue Swallow. Over and above the right amount of time. And demonstrated the various settings.

Peter Gray | ON | 2019-01-04

Always great service.

M-Sandra Brannan | ON | 2019-01-03

Staff are very friendly & make you feel special. Work is well done.

Kevin Atchison | ON | 2019-01-03

Great customer service

J R Anthony Kelly | ON | 2019-01-03

I trust the owner and all the staff.

Ruth J Ngo Maa | ON | 2019-01-02

Disponible et services bien rendus

Daniel Besner | ON | 2019-01-02

Client service sale and maintenance.

Harry Jarrett | ON | 2018-12-27

Professional and courteous salesmanship.

Apostolos Goltsios | ON | 2018-12-23

Cornwall Nissan goes above and beyond to make any service appointment a great one. No pressure, and always makes you feel comfortable.

Antonia Kuipers | ON | 2018-12-23

Had a good experience buying our car. Staff are very knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with.

Paul Stemmler | ON | 2018-12-22

Good people

Alan Reason | ON | 2018-12-22


Jennifer Adams | ON | 2018-12-20

Friendly straightforward purchase

Norman Mcnish | ON | 2018-12-20

Very cordial. Looked after the issue immediately.

Marie Mcdonald | ON | 2018-12-20

Service excellence

Steven And Natasha Hesse | ON | 2018-12-19

Salesperson was extremely friendly. Did not pressure us and was very transparent with everything.

Thomas Bovington | ON | 2018-12-19

Quick and friendly service

Jesse Taylor | ON | 2018-12-19

all my family now own a Nissan

Daniel Legros | ON | 2018-12-19

Service was excellent! Being able to get service in French was a huge plus ! They took care of all recalls and other repairs

Henri Landry | ON | 2018-12-18

service is great. love going there personnel so nice

Marnie Shaw | ON | 2018-12-17

Polite, good communication, trustworthy, showed me the filter that needed changing, attentive and were not condescending.I have been to other dealsips and they treated me as though I was not intellligent and were rude. Enjoy the fast service and minimal wait time!

Jeannot Gauvin | ON | 2018-12-15

All the question that I had was answered so I could understand and all the service people were friendly.

Linda Lemieux | ON | 2018-12-13

Just the overall friendliness and capabilities of the whole team

Gregory L Barnhart | ON | 2018-12-12

The service and people are great

Robert Gravelle | ON | 2018-12-12

Good service

Taflyn Mcgillis | ON | 2018-12-12

Excellent service

Jo-Ann Atchison | ON | 2018-12-11

Friendly courteous staff. Also very informative.

Annabelle Sylvester | ON | 2018-12-11

I like the Nissan car and the service department. Worked with us to get the vehicle that we wanted.

Teresa Tardif | ON | 2018-12-11

Personnel at Service always knowledgeable and provide great service

Joyceline Blanchard | ON | 2018-12-10

Love the service and the friendly atmosphere of Cornwall Nissan. Although it is a ways from Ottawa I always brag about their service and friendliness to people here and let them know the trip is well worth it.

Nicole Lalonde | ON | 2018-12-10

fast , efficient and friendly service always

Heidi Renaud | ON | 2018-12-09

Satisfied would recommend fast and good

Kimberlee Bruneau | ON | 2018-12-08

The service felt very personal and we had many of the staff including salespeople, service, finance and even the owner work with us to meet our needs. It felt like a family helping us.

Debra Boulerice | ON | 2018-12-07

Yes I would refer friends to nissan

Gregory Barnhart | ON | 2018-12-07

Just the greeting was fantastic they ask what I needed in a car and deliver was awesome

Claude Julien | ON | 2018-12-07

Cornwall Nissan and Staff are awesome and made our experience comfortable. I would highly recommend going to Nissan. We have 2 now and certainly would not hesitate to return,

Tyler Kelly | ON | 2018-12-07

Cornwall Nissan treats you like family. I’ll gladly recommend anyone I know that is looking to purchase a vehicle to Cornwall Nissan.

Cornwall Nissan provides service like no other. I will be a customer for life.

Spencer & Gabby are very knowledgeable in Nissan products and always ensure that I am getting the vehicle that suits my needs. The employees at Nissan are a cut above the rest.

Cornwall Nissan delivered my vehicle the same day I purchased it. The employees at Cornwall Nissan will do anything to meet their customers needs.

Christopher Chisholm | ON | 2018-12-07

The salesman, Devon Lane, and the financial man, Spencer, were both efficient and professional Courtisey was top rate from all the people we were involved with there.

It was a cold and snowy evening when we got our new car , so Devon showed us all the features and explained how to use them while we were inside the heated garage there.

Dana Ferguson | ON | 2018-12-07

We have developed a relationship over the last 8 yrs and 4 vehicles. I appreciate the honesty and willingness to help me feel good about my purchase while still understanding my limits giving me the win-win feeling.

Both Jeff and Spencer were very nice, informative, and professional. It’s harder and harder to give 10’s as they keep upping the bar and my expectations have been upped. I’m already familiar with the service dept...been coming there almost 8 yrs.

Esther Abele And Renald Filion | ON | 2018-12-07

This is my 5th Nissan I get and just love the dealership!

Sally Stata | ON | 2018-12-06

Great service. I was hospitalized and my husband had to take my cat in. When he told them, they took him right awsy

Jacobus Vanderburg | ON | 2018-12-06

The service is great, I had an appointment at 1pm but I dropped my car off around 10am. At 11:30am I got a call to say that my car is ready. There shuttle driver was there about 10 minutes later.

Darlene Borden | ON | 2018-12-06

Nissan service department has always been very efficient and provide a friendly service. I like all the personnel that I have had to deal with.

Claudette Godard | ON | 2018-12-04

Always very impressed with the service and care for the customer

Lois Maccosham | ON | 2018-12-04

Excellent service as always

Jo Anne Bazinet Poitras | ON | 2018-12-04

Very knowledgeable staff

Daniel Beaudoin | ON | 2018-12-03

I was asked to come back for a tire torque (as usual) after 100km of driving - I drive to and from Ottawa every day, so I came back the next evening. Because of my commute I didn't arrive until almost 6pm though, and the service centre was closed. A sales person (Devon?) grabbed the tire torque and did it himself without question so that I wouldn't have to come back. Amazing service, couldn't have asked for better.

Pierre Campagna | ON | 2018-12-03

Personnel at the service are accommodating, friendly, quick to resolve problem or get sound answers, professional and very good communication

Suzanne Parent | ON | 2018-12-02

The owner and all the staff are customer service focused in all aspects. From welcoming us into their shop to Thanking us for our business. Their service is on time and resonabley priced. Jacque at the service desk is a definite asset to the Company. when owner was informed by another customer that there was no cream for coffee.... he went out himself and returned with cream. Gabby is amazing to his customers! 

Gerald Paquette | ON | 2018-12-02


Carol Fleming | ON | 2018-12-02

Greeted with a friendly smile, thanked for my business.

Suzanne Laponsee | ON | 2018-11-29

Friendly atmosphere

Cora Mathieson | ON | 2018-11-29

Service is friendly, efficient and it is always pleasant going to the dealership. Sort of like a family reunion. Staff are friendly and caring just like family.

John Cameron | ON | 2018-11-28

Great service

Mike O'Donohue | ON | 2018-11-28


Catherine Howard-Lightstone | ON | 2018-11-27

They have always been friendly, helpful and efficient

Wanda Thompson | ON | 2018-11-26

The service is great!

Ronald Currie | ON | 2018-11-26

Very pleased with the service

Marcel Uson | ON | 2018-11-26

good customer focused service

Jose Martin | ON | 2018-11-25

The service is great. Thanks to Jacques and André.

William S Prevost | ON | 2018-11-25

Always great support at the service desk!

Carol Landriault | ON | 2018-11-23

Nissan has always been # 1 with me Good Service. Very friendly accommodating and polite, always smiling and friendly no matter how busy they are.

Brian Lachapelle | ON | 2018-11-22

staff are friendly and knowledgeable

Barbara Clancy | ON | 2018-11-22

Excellent sales team and repair techs

James Wood | ON | 2018-11-21

We have purchased several vehicles from Cornwall Nissan, we have always found the staff to be courteous and efficient and have always been pleased with the results of every visit.

I had another appointment elsewhere while my vehicle was being serviced. They provided a ride there and picked me up afterword.

Kelly Maloney-Dixon | ON | 2018-11-21


Vernon James Holt | ON | 2018-11-21

Have recently had a heart attack and unable to drive for a while during recovery. Needed snow tire change, overdue regular servicing and a recall item on wheels. The dealer(Gaby himself) came to my house and picked up the car and returned it next day. You cannot ask for better service or customer relations anywhere. I'll never forget this tremendous favour above and beyond.

The best in customer relations

Marion Elizabeth Short | ON | 2018-11-21

Many of my friends drive Nissan. I always go to Cornwall Nissan. I was not there, but my husband said there were trays of food set out. Also apples were set out. I was happy

Raymonde Mcdonald | ON | 2018-11-21

Professional friendly service

William Paquette | ON | 2018-11-21

Great team to deal with!!!

Michelle A Poulin | ON | 2018-11-21

Great service

Rick R Cartier | ON | 2018-11-21

plan good service

Gord Lanctot | ON | 2018-11-20

They even washed my car when maintenance was completed.

Melody Crites | ON | 2018-11-20

The work was done quickly and all charges were explained.

Frederic B Harper | ON | 2018-11-20

55 years of buying cars

Reg J Gingras | ON | 2018-11-20

Excellent customer service .

Justin Poitras | ON | 2018-11-20

Great service

Andre Bourgon | ON | 2018-11-19

First-rate service

Thomas Swallow | ON | 2018-11-19

Service is it

Yvan Lalonde | ON | 2018-11-19

Labor costs always too high.But fair on parts costs and best prices on tires. Only a fraction higher than online with less headaches.

Robert Gravelle | ON | 2018-11-19

Friendly staff

Scott Knight | ON | 2018-11-18

excellent customer service

Garry Stover | ON | 2018-11-16

happy with both vehicle and service

Shawn Palin | ON | 2018-11-16

awesome team

Brenda Larocque | ON | 2018-11-16

When I go my Nissan Dealer everyone knows my name, they all greet me with a warm "Hi, how are you". Everyone there is very friendly and I know my servicing will be done in short order.

Shirley Alguire | ON | 2018-11-15

Good Service, friendly staff

Rebecca Fourney | ON | 2018-11-15

very pleased

Peter Petsanis | ON | 2018-11-15

Using Cornwall Nissan is a PLEASURE not a necessity. I have comnnected very well with the STAFF that I have dealt with both in SALES and SERVICE departments.... will definitely continue to do future business with NISSAN. Great people to work and interact with

Elizabeth Viau | ON | 2018-11-15

I was very well treated. The work that was done has been very satisfying for me.

Denise Therriault | ON | 2018-11-15

Great service as always. Friendly staff

Nicola Taylor | ON | 2018-11-15

Been going for 17 years great people

Diane M Desilets | ON | 2018-11-14

Great service

ROBERT Levac | ON | 2018-11-14


Christine Tremblay | ON | 2018-11-14


Morris Masterman | ON | 2018-11-14

Pleased with the service and helpful friendliness of the staff

Nicolas Pastor | ON | 2018-11-13


Elizabeth Majewski | ON | 2018-11-13

always fair and goo

Rosemary Hunter | ON | 2018-11-13

A very well run dealership

Natavarlal Shah | ON | 2018-11-13

Andre took great care of my car. I appreciate his attention to detail. They deserve it!

Audrey Fusee | ON | 2018-11-12

Very accommodating and friendly.

Robert Raymond | ON | 2018-11-12

Service was good, fast

Lise Larin | ON | 2018-11-12

Always receive great service

Colleen Charette | ON | 2018-11-12

I have been dealing with this dealership for many years and have always had excellent service.

Garry Theriault | ON | 2018-11-11

always good service

Leslie Mortimer | ON | 2018-11-11

It was pleasant and competent, as usual

Jason Racine | ON | 2018-11-10

Always great service

Stacey Hamilton | ON | 2018-11-09

Friendly staff and service. Quality work.

Shirley Pitre | ON | 2018-11-09


Brian Smith | ON | 2018-11-08

A nice gesture which is done by some dealerships is to clean the car inside and out after servicing..

Gary Jewer | ON | 2018-11-07

Efficient and friendly service

Susan Ladouceur | ON | 2018-11-07

Andre and the rest of the staff always go above and beyond to make my experience a good one

Wayne Gosselin | ON | 2018-11-07

Jacques Charron, conseiller au service est toujours souriant, efficace et aidant. Il rend toujours la visite chez le consessionaire agréable

David Porter | ON | 2018-11-07

Pleasant staff. Service completed in a timely manner and

Barbara Taylor | ON | 2018-11-06

Because all was done properly and efficiently

Aline Seguin | ON | 2018-11-06

Excellent service fait avec beaucoup de professionnalisme et d’attention.

Raymond Brunet | ON | 2018-11-06

Long time customer is l

Marie Critch | ON | 2018-11-06

Just moved to area and do not know many people and my family already know my feelings on nissan

Andre Bouvier | ON | 2018-11-06

friendly, caring staff

Carol Beckstead | ON | 2018-11-05

Friendly fast service

Pamela Primeau | ON | 2018-11-05

great service friendly staff over all excellent

Patricia Tierney | ON | 2018-11-04

Fast friendly

Kenneth Mclaren | ON | 2018-11-04

Survey tells in all

Andre Tetreault | ON | 2018-11-03

Service courtois

Theresa Cook | ON | 2018-11-03


Rhonda Harper | ON | 2018-11-03

Ppl were great, done quickly and efficiently at the price promised

Claire Lamoureux | ON | 2018-11-02

very satisfied with service manager and service

Gerard Mckenna | ON | 2018-11-02


Allan J Leroux | ON | 2018-11-02

I received the service that I expected.

Gweneth Carriere | ON | 2018-11-02

Could not ask for better

Janice Ingram | ON | 2018-11-02

Fast, efficient service

Carol Gould | ON | 2018-11-01

Prefer to keep it to myself

Anthony Spulnik | ON | 2018-11-01

Professional and courteous service was provided.

Blanca A Aguirre Hernandez | ON | 2018-11-01

My husband and me recently bought our second Nissan and the attention was excellent, congratulations Nissan Cornwall!

Stefanie Milburn | ON | 2018-10-31

This is my third time going in for an oil change and have been served all three times my Jonah he is very friendly and answered all my questions. He is very knowledgeable. I also spoke to parts advisor and got a quote on winter tires on rims. This have given to me in writting which was very much appreciated. I will be making my appointment very shortly for winter tires. Keep up the great work guys you are doing wondrful.

George Taggart | ON | 2018-10-31

The service is always excellent

Patrick Regnier | ON | 2018-10-31

It would be higher but I sent an email to the dealer following my visit to inquire about a part of the invoice I didn't fully understand and haven't heard back in a week.

Jean Duplantie | ON | 2018-10-31

Friendly courtious staff

Mohan Basnet | ON | 2018-10-30

Overall, I had a pleasant experience at Nissan Cornwall. The staffs were very friendly and eager to provide further information related to vehicles and other related services.

Gloria Reaume | ON | 2018-10-30

Nephew owns a garage. He maintains my oil changes and winter tire changing. He checks my vehiccle for possible problems and suggest for further repairs by himself or go to your dealer.

Michael Furoy | ON | 2018-10-30

Great service

Paula Spinner | ON | 2018-10-30

Professional, friendly, and reliable.

Michael Furoy | ON | 2018-10-28

Team did a fantastic job.

Stephane Dagenais | ON | 2018-10-28

La personne qui ma servi au service à la clientèle était courtois poli et à mon écoute. Il a même essayé de me parler en français. Ce qui m'a vraiment plu.

Marie Boulet | ON | 2018-10-28

excellent service friendly people

Sidney Burton | ON | 2018-10-28

Great service

Daniel F Donati | ON | 2018-10-27

I have had no complaints.

Carol Atkins | ON | 2018-10-27

Service was extremely slow had a scheduled appointment for oil change at 1 and only finished around 2:30. Returned an hour later figured it should be done and still needed to wait 30 minutes.

Susan Lewis | ON | 2018-10-27

They always treat you with respect and high regards

Jan Eekhof | ON | 2018-10-26

great service

Normand Maynard | ON | 2018-10-26

Always good service/

Gerald Mcbain | ON | 2018-10-26

I am always happy with the way I am treated at Cornwall Nissan.

Peter Gray | ON | 2018-10-25

Always receive great service.

J-Luc Groulx | ON | 2018-10-25


Peter Gray | ON | 2018-10-25

Always receive great service.

Catherine Robitaille | ON | 2018-10-25

Over and above service

Richard Parisien | ON | 2018-10-25

Jacques Charron was awesome...made sure that the work to my vehicle was great...showed me the defective parts after repair. Repairman Scott did great work to my rear brakes. 

Was completely focused on you and your needs, Was knowledgeable about your vehicle history & provided you advice based on that, Offered a walk-around to inspect your vehicle for any needed work, Reviewed with you the results of the vehicle inspection, Provided a time & cost estimate for your work

Lawrence Lafleur | ON | 2018-10-23

I am cautious when I recommend or give an opinion. He even allowed me to take a Murano home without a Dealer Rep, so I could show my wife and I was also able to let her drive the SUV in and out of our garage, so that she could check it out in her comfort zone, w/o a Sales Rep present. This was of paramount importance. 

It's possible I could have taken delivery the following day, but I choose to let the weekend go by before closing the deal and the Dealer Manager allowed me to exercise my wish.

Ronald Chartrand | ON | 2018-10-23

Les deux hommes de qui travaillent à la réception (conseillers de service) (Jacques et Jonah) sont toujours de bonne humeur et polis. Ils méritent des accolades et une hausse de salaire! 

Laurie Collins | ON | 2018-10-23

The service is always friendly and knowledgeable. Don't mind going.

Annabelle Sylvester | ON | 2018-10-22

Good service. Was completely focused on you and your needs, Was knowledgeable about your vehicle history & provided you advice based on that, Provided a time & cost estimate for your work

Arndt A Vogel | ON | 2018-10-21

Everyone is pleasant to deal with. Was completely focused on you and your needs.

Lise Mccaffrey | ON | 2018-10-21

Always give great service. Was completely focused on you and your needs,

Robert Whittaker | ON | 2018-10-20

Just excellent service

Corinne Wicks-Hansma | ON | 2018-10-20

The service representative was very accommodating and informative. Was completely focused on you and your needs, Was knowledgeable about your vehicle history & provided you advice based on that, Provided a time & cost estimate for your work

Brian Doyle | ON | 2018-10-19

The Staff at Cornwall Nissan is great! They put their customers first and it shows. The staff reaches out to ensure you’re satisfied after the purchase. Overall, I’m always satisfied when dealing with Cornwall Nissan!

Henri Landry | ON | 2018-10-19

because of friendliness. we need more people like they have very friendly.

George Horvath | ON | 2018-10-19

Was completely focused on you and your needs

Bruce Desjardins | ON | 2018-10-18

Good service.

Joan Szalay | ON | 2018-10-17

Above and beyond expectations.

Elizabeth Lamarche | ON | 2018-10-17

Gaby the owner found a problem when I arrived and serviced the car right there, I was so greatfull.

Ronald Samson | ON | 2018-10-17

Pleasant personnel.

Arun Sarkar | ON | 2018-10-17

good service.

Michelle A Poulin | ON | 2018-10-16

Love the service, enjoy my vehicle.

Brian Lachapelle | ON | 2018-10-16

always good service.

Mark Dalrymple-Alford | ON | 2018-10-16

geat personalized service from Jacques.

Joanne Mcintosh | ON | 2018-10-16

good service.

Theresa M Mcanany | ON | 2018-10-15

I have talked with both sales personnel and servicing people as well and have had a very good rapport with them. Very open, informative and forthcoming. I like it.

Norma D Gatien | ON | 2018-10-13

Very good service also friendly staff answered all our questions being we never had any kind of vehicles but Chevrolet never a suv...

Germain Gingras | ON | 2018-10-13


Suzanne Lafleche | ON | 2018-10-12

We did ont feel pressured and It was a positive experience.

David Thurston | ON | 2018-10-12

I always receive good service and staff are friendly.

Leo Hanton | ON | 2018-10-11

They are all courterous,polite,always listen and always with respect.Always conscious of your request.

Odette Fortin | ON | 2018-10-10

Personnel tres courtois. Vendeurs competent. Kim a ete calme nema pas presse pour me vendre une auto, patiente,attentionnee, m,a fait essayer l,auto expliquer toutes les options. Tres avenants,souriante.

Nicole Bissonnette | ON | 2018-10-10

Great service.

Chantal Villeneuve Mason | ON | 2018-10-09

Very personable staff. Great service

William S Prevost | ON | 2018-10-08

Wonderful staff to deal with and great service.

Scott Ezard | ON | 2018-10-08

There is always room for improvement in what we do!

Annabelle Sylvester | ON | 2018-10-05

Very smooth sale

M-Sandra Brannan | ON | 2018-10-05

I’ve had excellent service from Cornwall Nissan for over 8 years now.

Patricia Lemire | ON | 2018-10-04

Good sales pitch, friendly staff.

Pierre Theoret | ON | 2018-10-04

Being a new customer with Nissan Cornwall and only my 2nd visit for with Service Department, The customer Service Representative - Jacques Charron on both occasion went over and beyond the call of duty to answer, show, discuss and accommodate all my personal needs. Very impress, with the personal service received. 

My advance request for ordering of parts was received and delivered in timely fashion.

Very good experience with the Cornwall Nissan Dealership, Thank You.

James Wood | ON | 2018-10-04

Members of our family have purchased 7 Nissan vehicles from Cornwall Nissan. Service has been excellent and we have never had any complaints.

Michael Mallory | ON | 2018-10-04

Friendly & Professional.

Susan Ladouceur | ON | 2018-10-03

Always met with a smiling face and made to feel comfortable. The staff goes out of their way to find out and solve whatever problem I may have.

Robert Bazinet | ON | 2018-10-03

Because we got awesome service and the staff are very friendly.

Pierre Campagna | ON | 2018-10-03

Each time my vehicle needed services, it was fast and accommodating with good communication. I wish this dealership had a drive-thru oil change...

Lise Barkley | ON | 2018-10-03

Fast service availability. Quick and affordable turn around.

Dawn L Roundpoint | ON | 2018-10-03

Good service and the staff were friendly and helpfull.

Annabelle Sylvester | ON | 2018-10-03

Fast friendly service.

Taflyn Mcgillis | ON | 2018-10-03

Good service and fast work.

Garry Theriault | ON | 2018-10-03

Problem free.

Jennifer Fraser | ON | 2018-10-02

good service

Diane Therien | ON | 2018-10-02

Super service.

Wayne Sorbie | ON | 2018-10-02

Have been a Nissan customer since 1994.

Julie Charron | ON | 2018-10-02

Great customer service!

John Adams | ON | 2018-10-02

friendly efficient service.

Margaret Mason | ON | 2018-10-01

staff friendly and know their product

Isabelle F Brunet | ON | 2018-10-01

They did everything super well and very quick.

Shawn Palin | ON | 2018-10-01

service staff are amazing..

Andre And Mary Daoust | ON | 2018-09-28

Friendly staff, great service and we like the cars.

G,M Laframboise | ON | 2018-09-27

It’s the truth.

Justin C Leger | ON | 2018-09-26

I found the environment to be very calming. I didn't feel pressured to make any purchases. I never at any point felt overwhelmed.

Katharyn Coristine | ON | 2018-09-23

The owner and staff were so friendly - answered all of our questions and encouraged us to try different vehicles before making our decision. Very accommodating.

Wayne And Lisa Nadler | ON | 2018-09-22

Everyone is working hard to insure the process goes well.

Christopher Mcgillis | ON | 2018-09-22

I would recommend.

Anne Alex | ON | 2018-09-21

Parce que j'ai eu un bon service. J'ai ressenti qu'ils étaient honnêtes.

Gary & Anna Linnen | ON | 2018-09-19

Spencer, Kim and Sue treated us very friendly and professionally. Meetings were on time completed without any problems. We would recommend this team to everyone. We also had a follow up call from Kim a few days after our purchase. Welcoming atmosphere.

Claude Levac | ON | 2018-09-19

This Murano is my third from Cornwall Nissan ! Gaby and staff know how to treat a repeat customer.

Melinda Crump | ON | 2018-09-16

I've experience Nissan Cornwall's service since the first time my mother bought a car from them. Out of all the businesses I have had to deal with in my life, Nissan Cornwall has always surpassed expectations, are informative and seem to genuinely care about their customer's experience more than the dollar.

My parents went in previously to ask about me purchasing a car. I selected the car when they first came out and I saw the commercial for them and I fell in love.

It was a lot quicker than expected.

Alain Foisy | ON | 2018-09-12

I feel at home dealing with Kim and Gabby.

Marc Poitras | ON | 2018-09-11

Excellent staff.

Jean Guy Beauchamps | ON | 2018-09-07

Well looked after when I go in.

Kristine Picken | ON | 2018-09-07

Always taken care of, brought my Mom this time and she is also picking up a Juke next week :)

Freddie And Mabel Robillard | ON | 2018-09-06

We have purchased several vehicles there.

Allan Leroux | ON | 2018-09-04

This was our first time dealing with Nissan and we were pleasantly surprised with everyone we met.

Peter Snaggletooth | ON | 2018-07-19

Customer service is #1. The entire focus was on me and ensuring I was able to drive off in the right vehicle for my needs and budget. Kim and Spencer went a step above when it came to customer service. Cannot say enough good things.

Meestee LS | ON | 2018-07-11

Had such a great experience with both Spencer and Sue. I cannot express how much I appreciate the amount of work they have done to help get me into my new Sentra. Very impressed!! Would recommend anyday!

Nancy Emerton | ON | 2018-07-11

Excellent service

Francine Fitzsimmons | ON | 2018-07-10

I was greeted by Michel Benoit and from the get go, he asked what I was looking for and provided me with a number of options. He was incredibly genuine and honest which made me comeback to the Nissan dealership after shopping around in the area that I live. i was involved in an MVA where I was rear ended. I was told Friday afternoon my vehicle was a total loss and needed to find a vehicle quickly.

The Financial Service Manager, Susan was extremely professional and really accommodating. I could have not asked for better service.

The service from A to Z was excellent. The dealership new I was struggling with the insurance company who were being tardy with the promises. I would definitely recommend this dealership.

Justin Hamel | ON | 2018-07-10

The Nissan experience at Cornwall Nissan was outstanding.

Taflyn Mcgillis | ON | 2018-07-10

They were extremely helpful and fast as I had spent the night in the ER and wanted to sleep. Got the service done fast and efficiently

Debra Baker | ON | 2018-07-10

Good service

Cory Quesnel | ON | 2018-07-10

Was a good experience. Price was great.

Jean F Ouellet | ON | 2018-07-08

Very polite courteous and good approach with the client. Excellent service cared to meet client expectation.

Paul Eaton | ON | 2018-07-08

Jacques was great as always

Colleen Conley-Lamoureux | ON | 2018-07-06

Good service

Robert W Keenan | ON | 2018-07-06

Always happy with the great service as long as I don't need to order parts.

Lorraine Cartier | ON | 2018-07-05

The person was able to fit me in to be able to perform the maintenance on the vehicle in a timely matter.

I have always had excellent service and the folks are always accommodating Thank you Lorraine Cartier

Daniel A Martineau | ON | 2018-07-05

Good service

Huguette M Winters | ON | 2018-07-04

From the moment I walked in and spoke to the sales person, to the lady in finance, she went over and above to accommodate the times I was available. The young man who help with the walk around the car was great. Thank you everyone for a great experience.

Yvonne Sicard | ON | 2018-07-03

I am very impress with Nissan. In all aspect

Leslie Mortimer | ON | 2018-07-02

the service was fast ,friendly and efficient, as usual.

Marc Sosnowski | ON | 2018-07-02

Your parts girl took care of me so well. I was stuck in Montreal with a brake problem and called your shop looking for brake pads. She sent me a picture via text since the ones in Montreal were boxed wrong. She also talked to the service manager and got me book in for a quick re and re in re pass so I could make it back to Toronto. She should get employee of the month. And should give customer service training to any of your staff that want to do a better job.

Cynthia Durant | ON | 2018-06-28

All the staff were friendly and all smiles. I have drove GM for over 30 years and wanted to try something else. So far I am extremely happy with my new Murano. Class all the way both the vehicle and staff.....

Sue was absolutely awesome to work with. Such a pleasant women to deal with. Customer service today is declining but not with Sue.

Monique Lebrun-Thompson | ON | 2018-06-28

Always treated very well

Kimberly Ladouceur | ON | 2018-06-28

Service is great,appointment always on ti

John Lawson | ON | 2018-06-27

Service is always excellent and the employees are all very friendly..

Gerald Paquette | ON | 2018-06-27

always satisfied with personel

Lise Regnier | ON | 2018-06-24

satisfied with sale service & finance

Daniel Beaudoin | ON | 2018-06-22

Really great, smooth experience. Got full explanations along the way and very friendly service.

Kenneth Burnham | ON | 2018-06-22

Every thing was done just the way I expected it to be done. As well as being very pleasant.

Wanda Thompson | ON | 2018-06-22

Great service and friendly staff

Suzanne Levac | ON | 2018-06-21

simply very good service, all around smiles from staff, excellent service from Susan thank you

Andre Bouvier | ON | 2018-06-21

Great dealership

James Mathieson | ON | 2018-06-19

Very comfortable going in for service. Everyone is friendly and helpful and we get a chance to visit with sales staff.

Nicole Lalonde | ON | 2018-06-19

service is always great

Kristine Picken | ON | 2018-06-19

Always the best, thank you!

Bonnie Graham | ON | 2018-06-16

always excellent service

Bernadette Wylie | ON | 2018-06-15

I always get great service and trust them to check my car and make sure everything works properly.

Gaetan Gougeon | ON | 2018-06-14

Friendly and very polite good service

Rene Carriere | ON | 2018-06-13

Great service , expensive but got the job done extremely well!

Aline Viau | ON | 2018-06-11

Awesome service

Carol Beckstead | ON | 2018-06-10

I received what I asked for..very helpful and friendly

Paul Larkin | ON | 2018-06-08

very little time waiting for service

Craig Wilson | ON | 2018-06-07

profetinal service

Gilles Tessier | ON | 2018-06-07

very happy

Aline Seguin | ON | 2018-06-06

Very satisfied with the service at Nissan. You are always greeted with a smile and the personnel is always ready to answer your questions.

Lucie Carbray | ON | 2018-06-05

Simply a flawless experience! They basically accommodated us from beginning to end. Everybody was extremely nice and helpful, they even let us bring our dog inside when we got delivery of the vehicle because it was too hot outside to leave him in the car. They even gave him water without us asking. A great bunch of people!

Anton Van Heusden | ON | 2018-06-05

Always treated well, always good work. Cornwall Nissan is great!!

Wayne Gosselin | ON | 2018-06-05

No appointment. Took me immediately and solved my problem.

Gary Mayville | ON | 2018-06-05


Julie Landry | ON | 2018-06-04

Reason I scored Nissan so high.. Is because I have absolutely nothing but good things to say about them.. I will be forever a Nissan customer.. everybody who works there are absolutely wonderful :)

Donald And Bernadette Mcintosh | ON | 2018-06-04

Our sales lady was always friendly, very informative and only a phone call away with any questions we had. We have since received several calls from Kim regarding our purchase.

Pamela Primeau | ON | 2018-05-31

it is all about the staff....courteous helpful. Thank you again!

Paul And Sharon Gaudet | ON | 2018-05-31

It was a good experience for both of us. We were relaxed. Mike (sales rep) answered all our questions, demonstrated the features of the Rogue, made us feel comfortable and important.

Guy Sauve | ON | 2018-05-30

It is my 4 ty car buying at Cornwall Nissan always satisfied

Jim Fraas | ON | 2018-05-29

Service was great, also it was very easy to book an appointment on line.

Alan Reason | ON | 2018-05-29


Robert A Gravelle | ON | 2018-05-29

For the most part, Cornwall has a very good team in the showroom, parts & service.

Xavier Mondoux | ON | 2018-05-27

good service great staff.

Nancy Emard | ON | 2018-05-27

The Dealership is amazing, great Sales Rep Spencer was incredible too!!!!

Marjorie Newman | ON | 2018-05-26

Very friendly and helpful service. Always had a Nissan since I started driving.

Deborah Perkins-Donihee | ON | 2018-05-25

We like Nissan.

Carol Landriault | ON | 2018-05-23

Because I am always treated exceptional at Nissan. Jacques is exceptioal.

Lydia Ramlal | ON | 2018-05-23

the service was very good

Mario Lapointe | ON | 2018-05-23

Always well treated when i’m At the dealership including the service section. Our 4th Nissan product from the same dealership.

Paula Spinner | ON | 2018-05-20

Brought my car to Cornwall Nissan for a second opinion. Staff were extremely accommodating, courteous, and pleasant to deal with. I was very happy with the second opinion and they were able to fix my vehicle immediately. As well they were able to save me a significant amount of money compared to the first estimate I received at another garage. As a result, I will be returning to Cornwall Nissan from now on to service my vehicle.

Elizabeth Lamarche | ON | 2018-05-19

the service ,and the great people that work for nissan

Robert Bazinet | ON | 2018-05-17

Because of the great service from all the people we dealt with , they could not do enough for us , they made the purchase easy . A great experience

Laurie And Leanne Labelle | ON | 2018-05-17

I'm going to be 100% honest & say that before this vehicle purchase at Nissan, we were faithful Hyundai customers. We are the type of customers that remain faithful when we get treated as valued customers, but with this purchase process, Hyundai really dropped the ball and lost loyal customers in the process. That being said, from the second we walked into Nissan, we were treated like gold! From the girl at the front Desk, to Kim who set us up for our first test drive (who was VERY knowledgeable on the cars as well), to the Sales Consultant Jefferson (who was excellent!), to the Financial Services Manager Sue Swallow (who I cannot say enough great things about!). Nissan made us feel like family, I will 100% be recommending this Nissan location to friends & family AND we will remain loyal to Nissan as well. Cornwall Nissan, you have scored A+++ in the Customer Experience! Great work!!!

Darlene Piche | ON | 2018-05-15

I gave a excellent score because I was really pleased with the service. Only had one disappointment, there was no floor mats in my new car. Jefferson was really nice and he has ordered my mats and lent me a set of front mats until my own come in.

Cathy L Whittaker | ON | 2018-05-09

It was a very nice experience. The salesperson was really easy to talk to. The business manager and the sales manager were both professional and quick to get everything organized and respond to questions.

Shannon Van Moorsel | ON | 2018-05-06

Cornwall Nissan was amazing! As purchasing my first car was a big deal they treated me so well, and went above and beyond to make it a smooth process!

Marlene Mccool | ON | 2018-05-04

From the moment that we walked in the front door to delivery we were treated in a very high quality, friendly manner. By the time we drove off the lot we felt like part of a family....excellent dealership....

Richard Cholette | ON | 2018-05-02

well received

Lindsay Roberts | ON | 2018-04-29

Would have been a 10 but they didn’t put my steering wheel back in straight. They will correct it though :) Always friendly! Great people!Fantastic dealership!

Mario Lapointe | ON | 2018-04-29

I’m always well treated

Claudette Godard | ON | 2018-04-29

Service is excellent, staff are very friendly love dealing with this dealership.

Daniel Callan | ON | 2018-04-27

friendly and unhurried staff

Paul Eaton | ON | 2018-04-27

Jacques was GREAT again, he is the best !!!

Shirley Alguire | ON | 2018-04-27

Excellent service

Joseph G Mckenna | ON | 2018-04-27

Very friendly and competent staff!

Karen E Macdougall | ON | 2018-04-27

I was in a panic because I was travelling out of town, and my engine light came on. I called the service department, and they took me right away.....even though they were busy.


When I have an emergency with my car, the service department (Jacques) will always make room to see me immediately or the very next day. The service is excellent.

Jacqueline Milner | ON | 2018-04-27

I have trust in, and feel comfortable with both Jacques and André.

Sidney Burton | ON | 2018-04-27

Service was great as always

Andre Bourgon | ON | 2018-04-26

great service.

Robert Lamoureux | ON | 2018-04-25

We were treated well

Betty Vinet | ON | 2018-04-25

No one is perfect there is always room for improvement so that is the reason for giving 9

Jeffrey Chaytor | ON | 2018-04-25

Drop off to early for a courtesy ride

Vernon James Holt | ON | 2018-04-25

Because it's true. Best dealer in sales and serice I've ever worked with all my driving life and I'm 88

Richard Carriere | ON | 2018-04-24

this is the 4th Nissan we by and we are comppletly satiisfied ps. excellent servise

Andre Bouvier | ON | 2018-04-24

extremely satisfied

Ronald Chartrand | ON | 2018-04-24

I miss the drive through but for health issues I can understand ceasing this procedure. Breathing car fumes is not healthy..:( Perfection is a myth



Gilles Tessier | ON | 2018-04-24

very satisfied

Wayne Gosselin | ON | 2018-04-23

Always well served by Jacques Charron.

Paul Scrimshaw | ON | 2018-04-22


Nicole Bissonnette | ON | 2018-04-21

The team was exceptional. Made the purchase seamless and easy. Kim now has a new loyal customer in me.

Bonnie Graham | ON | 2018-04-21

Always pleased with the service at Cornwall Nissan.

Kim Danis | ON | 2018-04-20

The visit was smooth and effortless on my part. Everything that I requested to be done was done and in a timely manner. Even if he didn't actually remember who I was, the Service Adviser made me feel like he knew me and knew my car, and that was very much appreciated!

Charles Dorey | ON | 2018-04-20

Totally satisfied with service. It is almost like dealing with family !!!!!

Kulwinder Sandhu | QC | 2018-04-19


Wayne Sorbie | ON | 2018-04-18

I have been a customer of Nissan since 1994 when I leased my first vehicle from the local dealer.

Cindy Wattie | ON | 2018-04-18

Every time we have been to our Nissan dealership they have always been great.

Judith Brooker | ON | 2018-04-17

The parking lot still a lot of ice as we had freezing rain on Sunday into Monday. However I picked the cleared spots to walk into the dealership.

Nothing is truly exceptional especially as I only has my summer tires put back on the vehicle and the winter tires stored at the dealership

Lorraine Cartier | ON | 2018-04-17

Jacques who is in charge of service is amazing. It's mainly because of Jacques who is always making things work whether to schedule us in for an appointment or giving us advice. We are planning to remain customers Merci Jacques!

Duane Murdock | ON | 2018-04-17

because I liked the service.

Vincent Collard | ON | 2018-04-15

Cornwall Nissan met all my requirements. I took delivery of my new vehicle within a few hours of walking into the dealership. They were very fair with my trade in as well.

Jay Roberts | ON | 2018-04-15

quality of people and service

June Reilly | ON | 2018-04-15

Jacques us a wonderful Service Advisor

Ronald Currie | ON | 2018-04-15

Excellent service

Marjorie Newman | ON | 2018-04-15

I've been a Nissan customer for years! :) If I wasn't happy I would have gone elsewhere.

Nicole Pelletier | ON | 2018-04-15

In the last five years this dealership has maintained service and quality repairs that are exceptional. We have been Nissan customers for the past 18 years.

David Porter | ON | 2018-04-14

Cornwall Nissan continues to serve the people of Cornwall and surrounding area with top notch service. Friendly and knowledgeable employees.

Norma Rouleau | ON | 2018-04-14

The staff at Nissan treat me very well and I am thankful

Robert Cotnam | ON | 2018-04-14

Happy with service

Michel Quenneville | ON | 2018-04-14


Gweneth Carriere | ON | 2018-04-13

Because I have no complaints at Nissan, it is consistently eceptional service

Denise Therriault | ON | 2018-04-13

Jacques Gagnon, exceptional service. Very friendly and helpful when you have a problem. 

Shirley Pitre | ON | 2018-04-12

Nissan is a very comfortable place to take your vehicle , the service is fantastic , although the warranty is finished on my Rogue I still find myself going back to Nissan Cornwall . Their service manager is fantastic as well as all of the other employees I have dealt with .....

Jan Eekhof | ON | 2018-04-12

excellent service

Theresa Jocko | ON | 2018-04-11

Excellent service

Morris Masterman | ON | 2018-04-11

Great dealership, great people, service mgr. is outstanding

Thomas Swallow | ON | 2018-04-11

That's the way they are

Leslie Mortimer | ON | 2018-04-10

Always happy with service received

Lois Maclean | ON | 2018-04-10


John Adams | ON | 2018-04-10

Great service. Prompt ride to and from my place of business.

Lorna Francis | ON | 2018-04-09

Vehicle prices are much better 1 hr. away in Ottawa

Sally Stata | ON | 2018-04-09

Everyone was pleasant.I felt I got a fair trade in for my truck. Kim even showd me how to program and work everything in my car.

Janice Ingram | ON | 2018-04-08

Excellent service and personnel as usual. Somewhat annoyed that I have to go back to tighten lug nuts in a week or so .. several mechanics that I have talked to say this should not be necessary if lug nuts are of higher quality. I can only state that this is what I have been told.

Marlene Urquhart | ON | 2018-04-08

Friendly staff

Sylvain Mainville | ON | 2018-04-08

very satisfied

Sharon Burke | ON | 2018-04-08

Very Happy, friendly staff and very efficient.

Johanne Feldman | ON | 2018-04-08

everything went very well, car was ready on time and people were very helpful

Ron Bonneville | ON | 2018-04-06

I brought in a new,clean car to install new summer tires on new crome wheels, all purchased at this dealer.the installed tires on my CLEAN car were dirty,looked like they had been stored in a mud pile.It would be expected that for a storage andinstallation fee of $103.00 it should have been a matching clean installation

Jan Eekhof | ON | 2018-04-05

it was all good

Elizabeth Lamarche | ON | 2018-04-05

Nissan has been great since I bought my Sentra at Cornwall dealership I am very pleased with the service and the staff they know their vehicles, I suggested my husband to buy a SUV and he did ,so we have 2 Nissan vehicles in our driveway Thanks

Richard Dagenais | ON | 2018-04-05

service is excellent

Carol Andre | ON | 2018-04-04

They have the best staff I ever felt with

Kim is very pleasant and is a very special lady,,,,


I bought a lot of new vehicles and this is the first time i have the best service ever,,never felt pressured ,,,and the staff was caring people ,,,Thank you Gabbie I am very happy with everything you did

Wilhelmes De-Wit | ON | 2018-04-04

It was an oil change, this was not a difficult job, really nothing that complicated!

Raymond Brunet | ON | 2018-04-04

Long time customer

Charles Lazette | ON | 2018-04-04

There was no undo pressure put on me or my wife to buy.

Annabelle Sylvester | ON | 2018-04-03

I like the service dept.promptness and courtesy

Rebecca Fourney | ON | 2018-04-03

Walked in with no appointment and they fixed my flat right away

Regent Lemay Suzanne Poulin | ON | 2018-04-03

Greeting was and is always received with great service ~!

The consultant is always ready and willing to give us the best service !

Always shows us what we want to see and giving us some great pointers that we sometime overlook and not to mention very professional !

Takes the time to sit with us and explain the financial part as well as anything else we want to know to make sure we are well satisfied

Went out of his way to make sure that we were 100 percent satisfied with our new Car !

We have been dealing with Nissan for quite a few years and never had to complain about the staff and especially the person who we dealt with for the sale of the car . Also we really like the Nissan SUV . Good to drive ,comfortable as well as very nice models

Tanya Edgley | ON | 2018-04-03

I have always dealt with spencer... and I have always had an amazing experience there.

Sue was amazing! Super friendly and made the experience run smoothly!


Never had a bad experience at nissan. When anybody asks where to get a go

Wanda Thompson | ON | 2018-04-03

I was treated very professionally and felt confident they were going to help me the best way they could and they did! Thank you

Germain Gingras | ON | 2018-04-02

well apreciated.

Carol Milojkovich | ON | 2018-03-31

No problems. Great friendly service.

Eric Trottier | ON | 2018-03-31

Mon vendeur était le propriétaire de la concession

Courtney Sawatis | ON | 2018-03-30

made my decision very easy and clearly explained how leasing vs buying works... the process was extremely effecient and the staff were extremely helpful and experienced, kind and genuine...

William Paquette | ON | 2018-03-30

Always great service from Cornwall Nissan.Very friendly & knowledgeable.

Craig Wilson | ON | 2018-03-30

always exeptional service

Heinz Glaus | ON | 2018-03-30

We like that still smaler dealership

Jean-Robert Crete | ON | 2018-03-29

Satisfy with work and professional

Jeyakumaran Rajasingham | ON | 2018-03-29

All worked out the way as expected.

M-Sandra Brannan | ON | 2018-03-29

The staff are so friendly. Jacques in Service department always greets us with a smile & calls me by my name which makes one feel special. Thank you Jacques!

Michel Sabourin | ON | 2018-03-28

There was nothing wrong . Everything went perfect. Great staff.

Monique Levac | ON | 2018-03-28

One thing that bothers me is that you do not leave a vehicle to the customer for them to do there errands yes you have a person driving you to the store but again it is not convenient tks.

Gary Wigney | ON | 2018-03-28

Very friendly and professional staff

Isabelle Andre | ON | 2018-03-28

It was all very good

Bruce Soutter | ON | 2018-03-28

I was introduced to several employees from a variety of areas and each was knowledgeable, well spoken and friendly.

Not surprisingly Spencer was the Sales Manager as he was very well versed in NISSAN policies and products. (I might add here that I'm sure that had I been directed to another sales person I would be making the same comment)

I dealt with Ms. Swallow and was made to feel both comfortable and important. She asked the required personal questions in a polite and professional manner resulting in a pleasant experience.

Being anxious to drive my new vehicle I arrived about 1 hour ahead of my appointment. I was given a coffee and chatted with Spencer while my car was being prepped. After a short period of time Gaby approached me and was concerned that I was waiting too long. We talked about NISSAN in general and he is truly an ambassador for NISSAN. Then, voila, my vehicle was ready so Gaby started my introduction process. Straight forward, in layman's language so there would be no misunderstanding, etc. Shortly into the process Spencer approached and replaced Gaby. He took his time and answered what questions I had, however, as I am knocking on 74 years young and some areas were as clear as mud, Spencer emphasized that the door was always open if I had any questions whatsoever. (he'll be sorry) Overall from A to Z it was a great experience.

Take two words from question #6, specifically "family" and "friends" Everyone I encountered was extremely friendly, sporting genuine smiles on their faces and overall I was made to feel that I now was part of one big happy family. Did I mention complete professionalism? Thank you NISSAN for everything sincerely - Pat & Bruce Soutter

Marcel Uson | ON | 2018-03-27

everything was ok

Rheal Leger | ON | 2018-03-27

Great team

Laurie Collins | ON | 2018-03-27

This is how I feel

Henrietta Charbonneau | ON | 2018-03-27

I love my Nissan team. They take such good care of me and my Rogue. Always friendly and efficient. Andre and his team have looked after me for years and all 5 of my Nissan's over the years. Never any concerns about the work performed. Top notch! 

I have dealt with the Nissan dealership for many years and I always feel welcome, appreciated as an important customer and I trust them to take care of me and my vehicle in a professional and thorough manner. Even though I will be moving away from Cornwall, I still intend to use this dealership as my place to shop for the cars in my future.

Timothy Mills | ON | 2018-03-26

I am always made to feel like a respected and valued customer.

Norm Marion | ON | 2018-03-26

This is my 7th Nissan I have purchased since 1999. I am extremely satisfied on how I was informed on all cash rebates and financing options as explained by Spencer Roberts. I came out of there with the best possible deal for a great vehicle.

Tanya Edgley | ON | 2018-03-24

The service department at the Cornwall location are always great! They work with my schedule and try to fix every issue I have had. They're amazing! Super easy and always goes smoothly. Always super friendly when I bring my car in, always smiling. Definitely make the experience of dropping my car off excellent. Never an issue with anything they have done to my vehicle. I have had bad experiences with other cars from other dealerships. I just happened to go to Nissan on day 8yrs ago when I purchased my first rogue. And I have never had any issues with any staff, or with any of my 3 Nissan vehicles. So when ever anyone asks what car they should get I always recommend nissan.

Robert W Keenan | ON | 2018-03-23

It was so easy to do and everyone was so nice. Jacque is a great guy to deal with. The service is second to none. Everyone is great to deal with.

Ross Potter And Carol Coules | ON | 2018-03-23

During my search for an SUV I visited many dealerships and came back to Cornwall Nissan for the kindness shown.

Garry Theriault | ON | 2018-03-22

always great!

Debra Levac | ON | 2018-03-22

Because the service is great, the people are friendly - we are very happy with your services! Great job to all!

Daniel Godard | ON | 2018-03-21

Great service

Heather Prowse | ON | 2018-03-21

Very professional service.

Rheal Laframboise | ON | 2018-03-21

Sometimes you’ve simply have to tell it like it is .For what it’s worth I wouldn’t hesitate to not be so complimentary if this dealership would treat me with they have shown so far .

Neica Duguay | ON | 2018-03-20

Even if they were fully booked they managed to find a space for me since my only available day is Saturday. The service is always perfect from booking an appointment to picking up the car. I totally trust them.I know they wont charged me for unnecessary work or parts.

Brian Whitford | ON | 2018-03-20

Thevonly thing that I was upset about was the gentleman told me that it wasn't gonna cost me $70.. But my bill was more higher. It ended up being 131$$

Patrick Regnier | ON | 2018-03-20

Service was great and quick. Comfortable waiting area.

Leanne Dumoulin | ON | 2018-03-20

Quick service

Daniel A Labelle | ON | 2018-03-20

Top notch service

Roger R Provencal | ON | 2018-03-19

The team treated me like a good friend. He was able to talk to me ln french. That was a plus.

Jean Francois Brunelle | QC | 2018-03-19

Great service by Sean and Sue

John Barnes | ON | 2018-03-18

Great service

Elisabeth Beauchemin | ON | 2018-03-18

All the staff at Cornwall Nissan are totally awesome and treat you like family and I’m proud to be a customer there.

James Duffy | ON | 2018-03-16

I always have the best service from this dealership. That is why this is our 4th vehicle from Cornwall Nissan.

Shawn Palin | ON | 2018-03-13

Service manager Rosco and the whole advisor team go above and beyond to make the entire visit as easy as possible... We travel about an hour from Montreal to Cornwall because of the exceptional service... We have so far sent 3 other families from the Montreal area to buy cars from Spencer and they all rave about the after sales service.. Please pass on my comments to service team.. Thanks Shawn

Ruth Ngo Maa | ON | 2018-03-13

Work not complete because parts not available. En général le service était bien

Carol Atkins | ON | 2018-03-13

Great service

Kimberly Ladouceur | ON | 2018-03-13

My car has two thousand Kilometre and had to be service twice for the computer system did not impress me

Cory Desjardins | ON | 2018-03-13

Just cause

Madeleine Tourangeau | ON | 2018-03-11

Good service, friendly staff. Third Nissan!

John Lariviere | ON | 2018-03-11

Dealing with Jacques at service is always a pleasure. On something different. I did not know that my Frontier did not come equipped with an in-cabin microfilter! When I was verifying the items on my complimentary 20 point inspection it showed that the micro filter was checked so I did my own check to discover there wasn't any. I thought they just forgot to put it back so I touched base with the dealer who informed me about the lack of one. Parts did have them for sale at $39.00 but I opted to investigate further with other frontier owners.

Colleen Charette | ON | 2018-03-10

Gaby has given us outstanding personal service.

Angela Poitras | ON | 2018-03-09

They were all very friendly and helpful I have no problem recommending Nissan great service

Piet de Zeeuw | ON | 2018-03-09

Iam an old customer, 81 yrs. The previous Titan was over the 100265 km. over $6000. repairs. That is 62000 mi. shame. no grease fittings, WHY?

Gerald Paquette | ON | 2018-03-09

returned next day told them the issue is still not resolved they are to follow up and let me know. its a fair and honest evaluation

John Koynok | ON | 2018-03-07


Darlene Borden | ON | 2018-03-07

Another problem occurred, new paint had a scratch in it.

Daniel Colebeck | ON | 2018-03-06

everything was easy to do including a ride to and from the dealership.

Lise Larin | ON | 2018-03-06

very satisfied

Tapis Richard Ranger Carpet Inc | ON | 2018-03-05

It took a little longer than normal because i was the first sale to finalize through the app. (Ipad) Might be a few bugs to work out. The staff was great.

Very please with salesman opinions and answered all my questions. Manager and finance department also were very nice to deal with.


Wanda Thompson | ON | 2018-03-05

The service was great! Fast and efficient :) Thank you

Lawrence And Virginia Patterson | ON | 2018-03-04

Overall experience was excellent both times we purchased a Nissan vehicle.

Lisette Robinson | ON | 2018-03-04

Because the staff is so very pleasant and helpful

Justin Billard | ON | 2018-03-03

Great service for a great price

Mark Snelgrove | ON | 2018-03-03

Pleased with service

Judith Brooker | ON | 2018-03-03

How much is there to explain with an oil change

William S Prevost | ON | 2018-03-02

They always allow me the flexibility of schedule to fit my day! Friendly and welcoming! Great - always friendly and helpful! Great work!! ONce again pleasant and informative. I enjoy going to this dealership _ I always fell welcome and plan on staying in the Nissan family!

Andre Tetreault | ON | 2018-03-01

Excellent accueuil. Personnel chaleureux et professionnel. Service courtois et enthousiaste.

Leona Mcgillis-Kensley | ON | 2018-03-01

Go out of their way for customer

Natasha Mayer | ON | 2018-03-01

I'm always serviced well at the Cornwall Nissan dealership, I have no complaints. Thank you so much for the friendly and reassuring service as always!

Paul Stemmler | ON | 2018-03-01

Awesome service dept

Patrick Mcafee | ON | 2018-02-28

Very satisfied with the service provided.

Danielle Duplantie | ON | 2018-02-28

This is the 4th NISSAN vehicle I purchase or lease at your dealership. I have always received excellent service, from the time I bring the vehicle to the moment I pick it up. Yes, I recommend this dealership and a friend has just signed a lease on a new Murano.

Natavarlal Shah | ON | 2018-02-27

Jacques was really accommodating. Very thankful for his professionalism. Simply, courteous, and efficient. Service is great. Thank you Jacques, Andre, and Gaby for taking care of everything.

Judith Eastman | ON | 2018-02-27

Rarely rate at the top as where does one go from there? Great service given always by Jacques at Cornwall Nissan.

Michel Quenneville | ON | 2018-02-26

every thing was great thank you

Robert And Jeannine Lemire | ON | 2018-02-26

This is our second Nissan Rogue lease in a row. We came back because of the satisfaction of the services you provided us at Cornwall Nissan.

Denise Therriault | ON | 2018-02-25

I have recommended Cornwall Nissan to family however one family member was not happy with the service he received when he went in for a specific problem and in trying to fix it they changed some things that cost over $500 and the problem was still not fixed. This person will never go back to Cornwall Nissan.

Bradley And Elisabeth Beauchemin | ON | 2018-02-25

They are amazing

Dorothy Nadon | ON | 2018-02-23

Bought my car in 2014- service has always been great. I just wished I had the extended warranty on my car, because I bought it in 2014 December, and someone else owned it before me, its a 2013. Thank-you. June

Marie Charette | ON | 2018-02-21

The engine light was on, so they check the car. Didn’t have the part (sensor) to fix it, I will have to go back once they receive the sensor... My car only has 7300 km, I find this very odd on a new car that a sensor burned. Work not complete because parts not available

Ronald Currie | ON | 2018-02-20

Very satisfied with the service.

Phillip Thomas | ON | 2018-02-19

great service

Lisa Provost | ON | 2018-02-18

The service department really make me feel at home, especially being a woman sometimes it can be daunting.

Wayne Nadler | ON | 2018-02-18

Jacques was excellent and helpful as always. Great service! Got a lengthy servicing done very efficiently.

The service staff are excellent


Robert W Keenan | ON | 2018-02-18

The Service Advisor's name is Jacques, not sure of his last name, but he is the only Jacques there to my knowledge. He always makes my visits there exceptional.

The service I have received at this location is second to none.

Pamela Primeau | ON | 2018-02-18

We were completely satisfied with the service and the way we were treated

Marie Andree Macdonald | ON | 2018-02-18

Nissan made purchasing a vehicle very easy And they really helped me chose a vehicle I would love

Dennis Kaddie | ON | 2018-02-17

Previous issues with sales.

Paul Stemmler | ON | 2018-02-16

Awesome service. Took great care of my car

Jean Claude Beriault | ON | 2018-02-16

In all was a good experience Good job ????????

Paul Pelletier | ON | 2018-02-15

I have always been pleased with the service and friendliness of the people at Nissan Cornwall.

Roy Lefebvre | ON | 2018-02-15

certainly much better than typical dealings with servicing dealers. Congratulations.

Daniel Colebeck | ON | 2018-02-15

the whole process was smooth as silk with a ride to and from home

Adam Murphy | ON | 2018-02-10

The online booking service is convenient and great for people who hate calling to book things.

Jacques did a great job of attending to me when he was finished what his task was. The other two gave me a quick smile but didn’t acknowledge I was there nor say hello

Jacques was on the phone when I arrived so It took about two mins which didn’t affect my visit


Jacques is courteous and friendly

If I was referring anyone to Nissan, it would be because of my enjoyment of the vehicle and because of Jacques level of service.


Eric Viau | ON | 2018-02-09

Service advisor has provided exceptional service since the purchase of my vehicle back in 2010. Because of his professionalism and courteous service history I have recommended several colleagues and friends to service there vehicles at this dealership. Also I’m aware of 4 new vehicle purchases being made because of my recommendations towards Jacque the service advisor at the counter.

Gerald Mcbain | ON | 2018-02-09

Friendly knowledgeable staff.

Brenda Crack | ON | 2018-02-09

Gaby is the absolute best. We have purchased Nissan vehicles for years and so with that said Gaby is a truely wonderful person who makes you feel like your number one.!

Vivian Robertson | ON | 2018-02-08

Have never had a problem of any kind yet.

Ryan Hollingsworth | ON | 2018-02-08

Was a great job, was in and out with 30 minutes and everything working perfectly. Thank you.

Claire Vanderveen | ON | 2018-02-07

Everything, except the wait, was very satisfying.

Chet Wiggins | ON | 2018-02-06

Our experience was very good and efficient!

Jo-Ann Atchison | ON | 2018-02-05

Courteous and friendly staff. Completing work in a timely manner

Carolyn Markell | ON | 2018-02-05

Service is always very good at Cornwall Nissan.

Mary Macdonald | ON | 2018-02-05

always quick in and out

Suzanne Chartrand | ON | 2018-02-05

Because i m always satisfied

Stefanie Schmidt | ON | 2018-02-05

My experience with Cornwall Nissan was outstanding. From the Saturday we made the deal to the day I picked up the vehicle all staff were great to deal with and answered all my questions.

Marjorie Newman | ON | 2018-02-04

I've been a customer with Nissan Cornwall for many years. If I didn't like the service I would have gone elsewhere. ????

Kimberley Meade | ON | 2018-02-03

Jonah is awesome

Nancy Emard | ON | 2018-02-01

Cornwall Nissan was amazing. Very clean and friendly staff.

Spencer did a fantastic job with me. Great sales person who took the time and never made me feel pressured. 

Sue Swallow was AMAZING!!!! She helped me so much, I was newly separated and she did everything she could to help this go through. I’ve Never dealt with a more conscientious Financial person in my life and I’ve purchased over 15 on my own. Extremely courteous and knowledgeable a true asset to the Cornwall Dealership

Morris Masterman | ON | 2018-01-31

Very good is a high rating, truly exceptional would be an exaggeration . However I am very pleased with the service I get at Cornwall Nissan, staff there is truly exceptional

Marie Mcdonald | ON | 2018-01-31

As a return vehicle purchaser, I have been favorably impressed. The service team are excellent. Same as when brought for service.

Bonnie Graham | ON | 2018-01-31

They attended to my flat tire as soon as they were able to . Since I did not have an appointment, I was very pleased with the work that was done.

Lauraine Westley | ON | 2018-01-31

For I was not happy to go back for a problem that the mechanic didn't fix it right the first time I went for the same problem. The good thing about it is that I didn't have to repay for that service. I never have any problems with the vehicle before there is always a first-time.

Leo Hanton | ON | 2018-01-31

I'm never surprised at seeing their smile and any information given. Always ready to serve you. Josh, mechanic, who worked on my Nissan, very considerate and patient. Jacques, always with a smile and information. Excellent service.

Jacqueline Earle | ON | 2018-01-31

Love Nissan...we own a Honda as well, but my personal preference is Nissan! 

Brent Samson | ON | 2018-01-31

Great service by all. Thank you.

Wayne Gosselin | ON | 2018-01-30

6ième véhicule chez ce concessionnaire. Bien heureux de mon choix.

Bruce Emblem | ON | 2018-01-30

Because of Andre service manager and Jacques in service, how they talk to you and go the extra mile for you. Also the President of same forget his name but how he talks to you, and thanks u for coming to Nissan Cornwall.

Heidi Renaud | ON | 2018-01-30

Good service over all

Gilberte Donkers | ON | 2018-01-29

Love the friendly people and the service is great ! Always ready to help ! Thank you

Jennifer Monk | ON | 2018-01-29

Good company with good staff

Jesse Taylor | ON | 2018-01-28


Suzanne Parent | ON | 2018-01-28

I booked a weekend appointment on-line and was surprised that Nissan Cornwall was able to accommodate me on such short notice. Although the physical layout of the service area has changed, the professional and welcoming service I received from the gentleman behind the desk had not-exceptional.

Anthony Pitre | ON | 2018-01-26

We were greeted and handled with honesty and professionalism. I’ll refer Spencer anytime. Sue was very clear honest and extremely competent. 

Nicolas Pastor | ON | 2018-01-26

Good service and amazing staff. Could not ask for etyer

Cindy Bickerstaffe | ON | 2018-01-26

Very pleased with service from jacques during each visit

Michelle A Etches | ON | 2018-01-25

Everyone at the dealership was great to deal with

David Wood | ON | 2018-01-25

Met my needs in a courteous and accommodating way. Dropped me home and returned to pick me up. Looked after all warranty work. I just picked up my keys.

Catherine Howard-Lightstone | ON | 2018-01-25

Cornwall Nissan always gives exceptional service , are pleasant and friendly and because they are honest I will always trust them. They are the reason I continue to drive with Nissan.

Lorraine Cartier | ON | 2018-01-24

Always pleased with the excellent service we receive from the service and parts

Richard Levac | ON | 2018-01-24

Very satisfied

Marie Sicard | ON | 2018-01-24

I am very satisfied with the Nissan staff. I love my rogue.

Audrey Fusee | ON | 2018-01-21

Everyone who we met with or had to deal with went over and above what we expected. Very well organized company with outstanding employees.

Melanie Lalonde | ON | 2018-01-21

Always excellent customer service.

Garry Theriault | ON | 2018-01-20

No problems, good prompt service.

William Paquette | ON | 2018-01-20

Always great service.Mr. Gabriel & his team are second to none.

Jean Duplantie | ON | 2018-01-19

No negatives to mention.

Sarah Dawson | ON | 2018-01-19

Everything was great and everyone so helpful from the moment I walked in to the moment I drove away

Eleanor James | ON | 2018-01-18

I'm happy

Douglas Gallinger | ON | 2018-01-17

Good car and good service..Jacques is excellent

Debra Boulerice | ON | 2018-01-17

Everyone at the Cornwall location are very friendly and accommodating.

Julie Desormeaux | ON | 2018-01-16

Excellent service!

Robert Bies | ON | 2018-01-16

Cornwall Nissan team have always made me feel welcome very friendly sales and service team rare these days this is my second Nissan product

Kenneth Burnham | ON | 2018-01-14


Andre Lovejoy | ON | 2018-01-14

the score talks by itself..thank you everyone andre

Germain Gingras | ON | 2018-01-13

because of the peaple friendnes

Diane Lalonde | ON | 2018-01-13

Very efficient and friendly

Monique Lebrun-Thompson | ON | 2018-01-13

Always great service

Joanne Cholette-Leroux | ON | 2018-01-10

Awesome service. Kind and friendly

Kevin O'Connor | ON | 2018-01-09

excellent service from an excellent dealership

Reginald Fournier | ON | 2018-01-09

Always very satisfied

Duane Murdock | ON | 2018-01-09

because you deserve it

Frank Hunter | ON | 2018-01-09

Friendly,, knowledgable staff. Don't push unnecessary products or services.

Alan Reason | ON | 2018-01-09


John W Peters | ON | 2018-01-09

Because everything was perfect.

Stuart Upton | ON | 2018-01-09

After driving my vehicle from Kitchener to Cornwall with a transmission problem, this dealer arranged an appointment with a replacement vehicle, my vehicle was taken in repaired, I was called the next day to pick it up. Wonderful service. A business that you are greeted with a smile, then you have the smile when you leave.

Renee Adam | ON | 2018-01-08

Good service.

Michel Courville | ON | 2018-01-08

Very friendly service

Paul Morin | ON | 2018-01-06

Staff is wonderful.

James & Chantelle Duffy | ON | 2018-01-05

Spencer is really amazing and accommodating.

This is the 4th vehicle we have purchased from Cornwall Nissan, and we couldn't be more impressed with the quality of service that is given to each individual. We have also recommend 3 family members who are also impressed with the level of service and care that is provided.

Stacey Ferguson | ON | 2018-01-03

Very friendly. Exceptional customer service

Theresa Jocko | ON | 2018-01-01

Excellent service and friendly staff!

Lorraine Cartier | ON | 2017-12-31

We are very happy with the service

Sidney Burton | ON | 2017-12-28

Excellent experience

Drew Adams | ON | 2017-12-27

Great customer service experience. Everyone goes out of their way to be pleasant.

Rex George Watters | ON | 2017-12-21

I have never had any problems with any of the staff here. They always give their best to each customer.

Joseph Edmond Doyon | ON | 2017-12-21

Because l am very satisfied in comparison to other dealers.

Eileen Bradley | ON | 2017-12-21

Subject: Best service

Hi there, don't have google account to leave a review but wanted to say that the service manager, Andre Garreau, in Cornwall, Ontario is exceptional. I was part of the airbag recall and start to finish, Andre was the guy to go to. Friendly, efficient and true to his word. Could not have asked for better service, truly rare these days, enough so that I plan to buy my next vehicle at Nissan. I was looking at Jeep but Nissan's service and ethos with the recall has been amazing. Kind regards, Eileen B.

Rex George Watters | ON | 2017-12-21

I have never had any problems with any of the staff here. They always give their best to each customer.

Carol Landriault | ON | 2017-12-20

I have always appreciated the service at Cornwall Nissan they are friendly and very very accommodating. They are jovial while they service your vehicle and always ready to answer any questions that may arise.

Elizabeth Kyle | ON | 2017-12-20

Very efficient service , said it would be an hour and it was.

Garry Stover | ON | 2017-12-19

Always get good service from the dealership. Very happy with my Rogue and the Altima I previously owned. Nissan manufactures a quality product.

George Taggart | ON | 2017-12-18

The service and employees are very professional. Nothing needs improving. Great job

Marie Lalonde | ON | 2017-12-17

Dealt with Mr Gabriel what a wonderful man HE helped me make my decision thanks Gaby

Adele Charlebois | ON | 2017-12-16

Service is always good when I go there and the staff always goes above and beyond my expectations

Rebecca Goddard | ON | 2017-12-15

On top of giving me an exceptional experience, they made sure I left the premises with a clean vehicle!

James Mathieson | ON | 2017-12-15

We have been eextremely pleased with the service at Cornwall Nissan. Everyone is pleasant, friendly and attentive to any concerns we have. Jacques and Andre are the best.

Donald Pollock | ON | 2017-12-14

I thank Nissan Cornwall for it very good works on my brakes and courtesy that was given to me.. once again thank you.

Jay Roberts | ON | 2017-12-14

quality of people serving me at the dealership

Annabelle Sylvester | ON | 2017-12-13

There is an amazing staff and always are professional. Always pleasant and greets me with a smile.

William Woodside | ON | 2017-12-13

Nice atmosphere. Friendly girl at service counter.

Rheal Laframboise | ON | 2017-12-13

Facts speaks for themselves ,the sevice and sales department in Cornwall go out their way to treat you like a customer not a number.

Wayne Joseph | ON | 2017-12-13

I was able to get an oil and filter appointment within a few days and on the actual day I got caught up at work and had to reschedule. Andre was able to still take me a few hours later that same day.

Ann Lascelle | ON | 2017-12-13

Because I have been a loyal customer for many many years to nissan cornwall and wish to continue my service with them as they are always friendly, helpful, and I believe to be hone

Angela Paquette | ON | 2017-12-12

Cornwall Nissan has always made me feel like family

William Hill | ON | 2017-12-11

The reception at the service desk was very friendly, the process was fast and the customer service was comforting to know some dealerships care about after sales relationship with clients . they treat you like family... I will definitely recommend CORNWALL NISSAN to all my family and friends

Normand Maynard | ON | 2017-12-10

They did a very good job.

Esther Abele | ON | 2017-12-10

Good service no complaint.

Leah Nchama | ON | 2017-12-10

The staff are always so very friendly & the service is always well done. I actually look forward to my appointments

Carrie Curotte | ON | 2017-12-10

I showed up without an appointment and was taken immediately. The staff worked on my car to get me out in time to make it to work. Very impressed with the service and staff.

Connie Gaucher | ON | 2017-12-09

The service department are so friendly and very helpful. I have stopped in a few times to ask questions about something happening to my car and they absolutely do not hesitate to try and help you. I also had an incident this past visit. I thought my appointment was at 1:15 and that's when I showed up. When I checked my appointment book when I got home, my appointment was actually 10:15. I called to apologize to them, because Kelly did not even say a word to me that I was showing up at the wrong time. They certainly do act very professional.

Bonnie Graham | ON | 2017-12-06

The service is always efficient and the staff are very friendly.

Amy Walker | ON | 2017-12-06

The people are always nice, helpful, fast and efficient. Thank you.

Laurie Collins | ON | 2017-12-05

Very professional and friendly.

Ryan Hollingsworth | ON | 2017-12-05

Extremely happy with service. Was my first vehicle service since purchasing my Sentra

Guy And Sylvie Belanger | ON | 2017-12-01

Spencer made our experience at Nissan a very positive one. We felt no pressure to purchase and he was very informative!
Recommendation 10

Carol Milojkovich | ON | 2017-11-30

Scheduling an appt. online to put on my winter tires did not have a field to let them know they had my tires in storage. Consequently they did not pick them up the evening before with all the other ones they had to retrieve. They made a special trip to get my tires and let me know about the delay and made sure I knew it wasn't my fault. Pleasant experience!

Neica Duguay | ON | 2017-11-30

I love the service at Nissan Cornwall. I trust them a lot because they always suggest to me available cheaper options. I feel that they are really honest a d the service and parts is of quality.

Vernon James Holt | ON | 2017-11-30

Everyone at Cornwall Nissan greats me the minute I walk in the door and by first name. The service is quick and oh so efficient. I feel that I've never been overcharged and the work done is beyond reproach. They have a very comfortable rest area to wait while work is being done. Both the sales and service staff always give me alternatives to save me money and yet get good value. The owner, Gaby, always makes a point to great me and shake hands and ask how my personal life is.

Daniel Shannon | ON | 2017-11-30

excellent service, done quickly

David Porter | ON | 2017-11-30

Effortless visit. No problems encountered

Shirley Pitre | ON | 2017-11-30

A satisfied customer

Duane Murdock | ON | 2017-11-30

Fantastic service!

Josee Legros | ON | 2017-11-30

I was very impressed with the customer service in the financing department. | ON | 2017-11-30

C'est le 4e véhicule que j'achète chez ce même concessionnaire. J'aime le produit Nissan. Mais les services de vente et d'après-vente sont sensationnels.

Suzanne Chartrand | ON | 2017-11-29

Always treated great

Nelson Perry | ON | 2017-11-29

Because the whole process was smooth, efficient and friendly

Gary Derouchie | ON | 2017-11-29

From start to finish it was excellent

Lise Mccaffrey | ON | 2017-11-29

Everything was excellent on my visit.

Rheal Leger | ON | 2017-11-29

very accommodating people

William Paquette | ON | 2017-11-28

Been dealing with Cornwall Nissan since 2003,service is always great.Kim my sales rep. is second to none.Why would I want to go elsewhere.Bravo Cornwall Nissan!!

Natavarlal Shah | ON | 2017-11-27

The entire staff was great. They really take care of you, and I am so proud that they made my daughter smile. Thank you.

Kelly and Andre were fantastic.

Edward A Gallagher | ON | 2017-11-27

The friendly atmosphere and not feeling rushed! Every time we deal with this dealership in Cornwall we come away feeling that we were very well treated.

Marc Charette | ON | 2017-11-26

The staff and management at Cornwall Nissan treated us very well. They were professional in their work and ethics were very high. We had the please of meeting the dealership owner who was very respectful and took a genuine interest in all aspects of our experience.

Jason Racine | ON | 2017-11-25

Everybody s always friendly.

Marilyn Brown-Wylie | ON | 2017-11-24

Very good service.

Francine Hart | ON | 2017-11-24

Convenient having a ride to and from work; great service; I was hoping my car could have had a brake inspection, but this was not done to my expectation. Always a pleasure dealing with Nissan. Thank you.

Claudette Godard | ON | 2017-11-23

Service is amazing and staff very friendly

Denise Therriault | ON | 2017-11-23

Service people are great to work with especially Jacques & Kelly

J-Bradley Derochie | ON | 2017-11-23

Always friendly and courteous, pleasure to deal with everyone.

Thomas Swallow | ON | 2017-11-23

Everything was perfect.

William S Prevost | ON | 2017-11-23

I love the Nissan Service department - the people make it a great place to be!

Deborah Byvelds | ON | 2017-11-23

Cornwall Nissan did a great job of working with us on both the business and personal end of a vehicle purchase. They fared much better than a Nissan dealership in Ottawa where we started our interest in Nissan. They need lessons on the business side of things.

Deborah Perkins-Donihee | ON | 2017-11-22

I am pleased with the service. Thank you.

Adam Murphy | ON | 2017-11-21

I went into purchase new tires and scheduled the appointment afterwards. The parts guy helped me find a tire that suited my needs and was fairly priced.

The service woman was cheery and very pleasant to deal with. The service didn’t take too long but my daughter and I had some coffee and cocoa and waited.

Barbara Taylor | ON | 2017-11-21

They are a great group of people who always treat me very well.

Nicole Pelletier | ON | 2017-11-21

have been a Nissan customer for 25 years and have had excellent service in all 4 different locations.

Francine And Serge Larocque | ON | 2017-11-20

The no pressure approach, the alternatives offered and the respect of our choice.

Craig Wilson | ON | 2017-11-19

very friendly staff

Sylvain Martin | ON | 2017-11-19

I was surprised that my vehicule was even washed. Great job!

Leanne Dumoulin | ON | 2017-11-19

Always good service

Brian Smith | ON | 2017-11-19

Overall I was satisfied.

Marie Charette | ON | 2017-11-17

The service was very good and friendly

Frank Hunter | ON | 2017-11-17

Very good service and friendly staff

Shirley Phillips | ON | 2017-11-17

I have owned five Nissan vehicles, all of them only serviced at my Nissan dealer service department. This is the only place I call with questions about my vehicles for anything needed or wanted. I have complete trust in my dealer and they with me.

Joan Degan | ON | 2017-11-16

This service department excels in customer service. They are helpful, courteous and knowledgeable from Kelly who scheduled the appointment to Jacques the service manager. Keep up the great work.

Jesse Taylor | ON | 2017-11-16

service and sale dept. always 100%

Christine Tremblay | ON | 2017-11-16

I like Nissan

Helen Periard | ON | 2017-11-15

I would have preferred an earlier date for my appointment but I got one 4 days after my call due to the heavy requests for winter tires to be put on.

Faye Villeneuve | ON | 2017-11-15

Like the service and friendly staff

Marie Sicard | ON | 2017-11-15

Completely satisfied with all at Nissan

Glen Harris | ON | 2017-11-14

good atmosphere

Gerald Mcbain | ON | 2017-11-14

Service was friendly quick , and reliable

Wayne Sorbie | ON | 2017-11-14

I have been a Nissan customer since 1994.

Reg J Gingras | ON | 2017-11-14

Excellent service all around

Cindy Patterson | ON | 2017-11-12

Always excellent service and quality product.

Lisa Provost | ON | 2017-11-12

The personnel are very friendly and have gone out of their way to accommodate me. This is my first Nissan purchase, I will have to wait and see about future recommendations.So far so good!

Joan M Provost | ON | 2017-11-12

So far so good

Muriel Blaine | ON | 2017-11-11

Just recently with Cornwall Nissan but so far, so good!

Luce Lalonde | ON | 2017-11-11

They are an excellent working team, I have never been disappointed.

Richard Levac | ON | 2017-11-10

Great dealership

Serge Ferland | ON | 2017-11-10

have always broth my car there, went elswere once and was not impressed so went back to Nissan and never looked back.

Ladislav Hurik | ON | 2017-11-10

All ok.

Michel Leger | ON | 2017-11-10

The service was awesome, quick and professional. Always treated well.

John Mair | ON | 2017-11-10

This was our first time purchasing a vehicle and it was made seamless and effortless to do so. Looking forward being served again by the staff at nissan cornwall. Will recommend their sales and service.

Very freindly and helpful in gathering information and giving us details on purchasing our new vehicle.

Above and beyond working to help us get the best deal even meant following up with us on her own time.

Pamela Deboer | ON | 2017-11-08

Went above and beyond

Marie Mcdonald | ON | 2017-11-08

So far I am very satisfied with all of the service personnel I have dealt with. Very professional and make you feel welcome.

John Lawson | ON | 2017-11-08

Good car, Good service

Jennifer Monk | ON | 2017-11-08

Excellent dealership, friendly and knowledgeable, glad we prchased our rogue

Richard Sauve | ON | 2017-11-08

great service

Dianne Robertson | ON | 2017-11-07

The staff is very friendly and welcoming. I can't recall her name but her customer service skills were excellent. I had my 81 year old mother with me and she offered to have the vehicle brought to the door and had the service completed as quickly as possible so she wouldn't have to wait long.

David Wood | ON | 2017-11-07


Debra Levac | ON | 2017-11-06

Every one at Cornwall Nissan was very helpful and pleasant! We will be back next time we need a new car!

Deborah Gravefell | ON | 2017-11-05


Raymond Brunet | ON | 2017-11-05

been a customer for 9 years fantastic people to work with

Theresa Tannahill | ON | 2017-11-05

Todays world we need fast and realiable, that's what I got and the short time I did wait (with t.v., WiFi, and coffee) was short and sweet.

Kevin Lafave | ON | 2017-11-05

Service is always great with friendly employees

Franco Radeschi | ON | 2017-11-05

Everything went smoothly. They kept in constant contact with me. Gave the impression that they truly cared and enjoyed working for their company.

Elizabeth Majewski | ON | 2017-11-04

Excellent, personal & professional service. Makes you feel like you matter. Good work

Paul Stemmier | ON | 2017-11-04

Friendly staff. Helping my son out.

Mark Snelgrove | ON | 2017-11-04

Service was good. Advisors were very helpful.

Albert Paul Sabourin | ON | 2017-11-03

because it is true

Patrick Dussault | ON | 2017-11-02

It was a pleasure to deal with Spencer and Sue. No B.S.- straight forward, open and available!

Janice Ingram | ON | 2017-11-02

Great service, great people.

Kenneth Mclaren | ON | 2017-11-01

Always great service.

Diane Pelletier | ON | 2017-11-01

Fromage greeting to the end all staff members were vert friendly ans courteous.

Anne Alguire | ON | 2017-10-31

Very good.

Richard Joseph M Prud'Homme | ON | 2017-10-31

Overall very good experience.

Jose Martin | ON | 2017-10-31

Great people and great service. Jacques is efficent.

Ernest Macmillan | ON | 2017-10-30

The Sales people were excellent and they treated us very good. I would recommend other people looking for a new car to go to Cornwall Nissan.

Michelle May Edgar | ON | 2017-10-29

Because Sue, Spencer and Gabriel were awesome

Suzanne Parent | ON | 2017-10-29

Every time I have taken my 2016 Nissan Juke in for service, I am always welcomed, treated respectfully and my questions answered to my understanding. Overall, I am truly satisfied.

Lesia White | ON | 2017-10-28


Lee Sauve | ON | 2017-10-28

Staff very friendly and honest,,,,explained what I wanted to know about different vehicles....they had to go out of town to get me a ruby red Vogue...really satisfied....what a gorgeous vehicle....I love it and am glad I chose Nissan....thanks Lee Sauve

Germain Gingras | ON | 2017-10-28

always sem welcom,appreciate custommer.

Norma Rouleau | ON | 2017-10-26

I love the versa note Nissan right height for me to get in and out

Robert W. Keenan | ON | 2017-10-25

It was an oil change and because the car had 72,000km on it, I didn't want the tires rotated. The service advisor asked me if I had snow tires and I said no, he suggested the rear tires be switch with the front tires as they had more tread for better winter traction. Of course I said yes.

Peter Petsanis | ON | 2017-10-25

I was totally satisfied with the way the service staff kept me Au Courant on what was happening....

Joseph And Donna Gingras | ON | 2017-10-22

Friendly service

Nancy Runions | ON | 2017-10-22

I kind of felt that once I decide on the sale there was little follow up service. I had to contact the salesman to ask further details. I would recommend Nissan because I like the vehicle itself.

Charles Dorey | ON | 2017-10-20

I am happy with all aspects of the Nissan experience.

Ronald Chartrand | ON | 2017-10-20

Great service.

Robert W. Keenan | ON | 2017-10-20

Every was so friendly and efficient.

Lucie Morin | ON | 2017-10-19

Only good things to say.

Frank Harris | ON | 2017-10-18

My wife and I are Very pleased with the service and friendly nature it which it is delivered. It is an Example of how a business should operate and treat its costumers to ensure they keep coming back.

Jacque always bends over back words to ensure we understand all that is required and assure that its the most economical way to remedy the problem in the long run .

"And no one paid me to say the things I just said !"

William S Prevost | ON | 2017-10-18

I feel like I am always welcomed and a valued customer. The service department makes me feel like I am a valued customer.

Glen Grant | ON | 2017-10-17

I was happy with the complete service.

Daniel A Martineau | ON | 2017-10-17

Very prompt and courteous staff, always obliging. Satisfaction A+.

Eleanor James | ON | 2017-10-16

Great service.

Elizabeth Lamarche | ON | 2017-10-16

The service was great ,Nissan Cornwall ,I am so happy with my Sentra.

Janice Mainville | ON | 2017-10-14

Extremely satisfied.

David Thurston | ON | 2017-10-14

Nissan provides good service.

Joan Szalay | ON | 2017-10-11

We have dealt with Spencer before and he is amazing. He is our go to guy. No pressure sale tactics just helpful. Sue who went over the financial aspects and the paperwork with us was patient knowledgeable and so very sweet.

Donna M Lefebvre | ON | 2017-10-11

You and your staff are always pleasant and ready to help in any way. It's a pleasure to do business with you.

Melanie Raymond | ON | 2017-10-10

Great service.

A Stuart And Catherine Mckay | ON | 2017-10-09

This is our second purchase at this dealership.

Marion E Young | ON | 2017-10-07

Spenser is always helpful. Answered my questions. He is a very patient person. Thanks for being there for me. Sue was amazing. She went above and beyond. Thanks so much. This team is awesome, from Sylvie or Kelly at reception,Jacques in service, to Paul in the parts department. They are down to earth and treat people with such respect. They always go above and beyond even months after the purchase.

Marie Monique Latimer | ON | 2017-10-06

Just excellent service and price is right.

Melissa Maille | ON | 2017-10-06

I called in worrying about my breaks and they gave me an appointment to get them fixed that afternoon! I am super grateful!

Edith Poppe | ON | 2017-10-05

Good experience

Fernand Lacelle | ON | 2017-10-04

I am happy with the service.

Jim Fraas | ON | 2017-10-04

Because the service was excellent.

Lucien Brunet | ON | 2017-10-03

Cornwall Nissan is a good dealership to service and maintain our vehicles. They are fair and friendly. They went out of their way to accommodate the transfer of my previous vehicle to my daughter.

Adele St Denis | ON | 2017-10-03

Great service

Richard Sauve | ON | 2017-10-01


Suzanne Chartrand | ON | 2017-09-30

Every time i go to cornwall nissan i m treated so great.

Michel Rivette | ON | 2017-09-30

We have two Nisan and we are always treated with all our needs.

Denise Therriault | ON | 2017-09-30

Service is exceptional.

Brian Hickey | ON | 2017-09-28

Amazing service and advice. Repair our car above and beyond our expectations. They also washed it which was a wonderful surprise!

Dolores Stang | ON | 2017-09-28

Je suis toujours heureuse d'être servie par une équipe aussi joviale et professionnelle surtout
depuis l'arrivée de M.Ayman Gabriel, le patron.

Craig Wilson | ON | 2017-09-28

excellent service.

Annabelle Sylvester | ON | 2017-09-28

Everything always goes good when I go to Nissan

Barry Fletcher | ON | 2017-09-28

Since moving to Eastern Ontario 12 years ago we have always enjoyed excellent service from both the vehicle service and sales dept's of this Nissan Dealership.

Wayne Joseph | ON | 2017-09-28

I needed a bearing changed which was covered under warranty. I dropped off the car on time and the work was completed on time or even slightly earlier. the car sounds nice and quiet now.

Peggy Middleton | ON | 2017-09-26

Excellent service!

Mary T Armstrong | ON | 2017-09-26

I needed service and people went out of there way to accommodate me quickly and with care.

Patrick Mcafee | ON | 2017-09-26

no particular reason.

David Porter | ON | 2017-09-26

Great dealership to work with.

Alan Reason | ON | 2017-09-26

You asked me questions, I responded. What else?

Marc Burelle | ON | 2017-09-25

Always great service.

Dennis Marion | ON | 2017-09-25

This is my 4th vehicle with Cornwall Nissan. Nothing but positive results from the team. Spencer, Sue and Jill is one of the main reasons I return to Cornwall Nissan. Keep up the good work and well see you for my next vehicle, Titan.

Robert Cotnam | ON | 2017-09-24

Very good and dependable.

Thomas Swallow | ON | 2017-09-24

Because that is the way it was.

Natavarlal Shah | ON | 2017-09-24

Thank you Andre and Jacques! Amazing service as always.

M-Sandra Brannan | ON | 2017-09-23

Jacques, our Service Manager, is such a friendly & knowledgeable man. He always greets us by name & with a big smile!!!

Leo Hanton | ON | 2017-09-23

Everyone is very cordial,always with a pleasant smile.Makes you feel you're no.1...Always appreciate the washing of the car.Thank you for asking....

Lynn Stang | ON | 2017-09-23

Very satisfied with the service, my light was fogging up, brought the vehicle in to get it check, and they ordered me a new light right away, and was installed within a couple of days. That was awesome !

Debra Glenn | ON | 2017-09-21

Happy with all the service I recieve at Nissan.

Michel Quenneville | ON | 2017-09-21

good service

Debra Boulerice | ON | 2017-09-19

Great management, sales and service dealership.

Corrina Arsenault | ON | 2017-09-18

Staff are always warm and friendly. Good service and no problems ever. Always happy to entrust my car service to these guys.

Lesa Perry | ON | 2017-09-18

Gaby went out of his way and took the time to show my new purchase to my fiancé and explain not only the vehicle but the break down of financing!!! It was a pleasure to sit and talk and feel like you were a valued customer

Lawrence & Virginia Patterson | ON | 2017-09-18

Very friendly staff . Great service. You feel like your part of the family.

Cristina Lemire | ON | 2017-09-18

The overall experience was excellent. I'm happy with my vehicle. Thanks!

Raven Budhram | ON | 2017-09-16

Great overall service.

Muriel And Roy Perkins | ON | 2017-09-15

Excellent service all the way

Gilles Tessier | ON | 2017-09-14

Very happy.

Suzanne Eva Charette | ON | 2017-09-14

The greeting was very friendly . Our salesman, manager Spencer was very honest and friendly.. The Pathfinder we were looking for, the dealer didn't have one on the lot but he found an employee who had a Pathfinder and we went out for a test ride. I thought this was very good service... Spencer went out of his way to give us the best service. Thank you Spencer.

Christine Ractliffe | ON | 2017-09-12

No issues. Any questions, problems anserwed and or dealt with immediately. Very pleasant atmosphere and cool people at Cornwall Nissan!

Melody Crites | ON | 2017-09-12

Every thing was done quickly.

Wayne Laird | ON | 2017-09-11

Friendly service.

Garry & Rosemarie Theriault | ON | 2017-09-11

Third vehicle from them always handled well all problems if any addressed in a timely manner!

Gerald Paquette | ON | 2017-09-08

Very good friendly service advisors and staff.

Renee A Gadbois | ON | 2017-09-07

Spencer and Sue are always a pleasure to deal with and always go above and beyond for my automotive buying/financing needs.

Jacques Chamberland | ON | 2017-09-06

We always have great service.

Jason Racine | ON | 2017-09-04

Service is always great and never had a problem.

Mark Archambault | ON | 2017-09-04

great truck with an awsome warranty

Paul Larkin | ON | 2017-09-03

Very efficient and prompt service.

Gerald Mcbain | ON | 2017-09-03

I have always been happy with the service at Cornwall Nissan and I still am.

Darlene Johnston | ON | 2017-09-03

We had the full attention on all the staff, from the sales to the owner of the dealership.

Bruce Delorme | ON | 2017-09-03

Like in all our purchases with Nissan, we where treated like a valued customer.

Paul Eaton | ON | 2017-09-01

Jacques is truly amazing at your Cornwall Location. He is why I return !

Isabelle Andre | ON | 2017-08-31

It was an all around good experience

Cindy Bickerstaffe | ON | 2017-08-31

Good service.

Peter Turner | ON | 2017-08-30

The service was excellent.

Robert Raymond | ON | 2017-08-30

Service was excellent.

Kaitlyn Desgroseilliers | ON | 2017-08-29

Kim from cornwall is amazing. I felt very comfortable walking in and being talked to as a person instead of some opportunity to sell a car.

Nathan W Murphy | ON | 2017-08-29

Amazing service

Howaida Gabriel | ON | 2017-08-29

I am extremely happy with the service offered at Cornwall Nissan, Gaby the owner and his team are truly exceptional, professional and very knowledgeable.

I have been purchasing all my vehicles with Cornwall Nissan for the past 15 + years, always very satisfied.

Joy Markell | ON | 2017-08-29

They are very friendly I would tell everyone that.

William K Woodside | ON | 2017-08-28

It was an outstanding experience.

Anton Van Heusden | ON | 2017-08-28

Outstanding service every time! :)

Ronald Watt | ON | 2017-08-28

I am very impressed with cornwall nissan service.

Henri Landry | ON | 2017-08-27

Great service and friendly.

Annabelle Sylvester | ON | 2017-08-25

Everyone was so interested in my husband and I. They were really focused on helping us to seal the deal and see to it that we drove off in the vehicle we chosen. Thanks so much

Scott Knight | ON | 2017-08-24

They deserve it. They truly provided exceptional service.

Joanne Cholette-Leroux | ON | 2017-08-24

Very good service and friendly staff.

Brian Lachapelle | ON | 2017-08-23

Always good service and Jacques is always friendly and knowledgeable.

Douglas Gallinger | ON | 2017-08-23

You feel like you are important to them. Gab I and Jacques are super!

Christopher Kelly | ON | 2017-08-22

Nissan great service. As for the scoring you can never get excellent because there's always room for improvement.

Jeannine Pilon | ON | 2017-08-22

Because the service here is extremely hard to beet and the employees are friendly.

Diane Legault | ON | 2017-08-22

Good service! The wait was a bit long...

John Lariviere | ON | 2017-08-22

Jacques in service is an asset to the Cornwall Nissan team. He's always there to assist. Mike Norris in Parts is also a great resource.

I purchased a Frontier from Cornwall Nissan recently and Mike got me a great deal on the parts I needed.

Leanne Dumoulin | ON | 2017-08-22

Good service.

Claire Vanderveen | ON | 2017-08-21

Expensive but quality service.

Renee Adam | ON | 2017-08-21

Always pleasant.

Glen Grant | ON | 2017-08-20

The experience was better than most I have been exposed to over the past number of years.

Cindy Patterson | ON | 2017-08-19

The staff are always professional, knowledgeable and very friendly. They go above and beyond to help you understand and always keep you informed.

Amazing service from the top down.

Lynda Macmillan | ON | 2017-08-19

Very good service!

Vivian Robertson | ON | 2017-08-17

I am a repeat customer. My brother bought one the day before me. He is happy with his. I know I will be back in three years.

Nicholas Lee | ON | 2017-08-14

Delivery was good but a little rushed. I should have spent more time inspecting vehicle. The day after delivery found a scratch on the paintwork and cannot say if it was there or not when I picked up the vehicle

Dolores Stang | ON | 2017-08-11

Je conduis une Nissan depuis plus de 30 ans. J'aime le produit et le personnel à Nissan Conrwall.Excellent service ! Merci. Dolorès Stang

Iris A Arberry | ON | 2017-08-10

Mike was a great sales person. No pressure. Introduced us to many of the team members and looked after our needs. Receptionist very friendly, a good representative at the front desk. Dealership very clean and welcoming

Jean Duplantie | ON | 2017-08-10

In the 15 years that I've had my cars services at Cornwall Nissan, they always met my expectations.

William S Prevost | ON | 2017-08-10

Always a pleasure to deal with the staff at Cornwall Nissan!! They are pleasant and knowledgeable

Natavarlal Shah | ON | 2017-08-09

Jacques and Andre were great in getting my daughter's Rogue in right away. Commendable service!

Cornwall Nissan has been very helpful every step of the way. From Jacques, to Andre to all the mechanics. Always willing to assist in any way possible.

Though scoring a perfect 10 may seem to generous - for me and my family it is not enough. Cornwall Nissan and the entire staff have been not only formidable in our purchase to service to parts...they have now become our family. Thank you for everything.

Virginie Grenier | QC | 2017-08-08

Great service !

Faye Villeneuve | ON | 2017-08-07

Everyone was very friendly and they did not push. They gave us the room to look at other dealers

Barry Fletcher | ON | 2017-08-06

over the past 11 years the service I requested has always been performed on time and to a a very high standard.

Suzanne Parent | ON | 2017-08-06

only small boo boo made was the next service appointment sticker. Instead of marking it 8,000 kms. from current service date, the kms. of that date was recorded. I took car back when I noticed and service rep was fantastic - gave me a new sticker right away with the correct kms. for the next service call.

Overall, I am very happy with the not only the service, but the focus on customer service this dealership has. My experience has been awesome from sales, to service, to the owner of the dealership. A fantastic team!

Carol Gould | ON | 2017-08-04

Happy with the service

Albert Paul Sabourin | ON | 2017-08-02


Patricia Beveridge | ON | 2017-08-02

Wonderful, friendly service!!

Danielle Quesnel | ON | 2017-08-01

SUE was making sure that everything went smoothly so I wouldn't stress

Danick Dumoulin | ON | 2017-08-01

Service was great during last visit. A warranty issue was fixed and they even washed the car.

Micheal Boulay | ON | 2017-08-01

Great dealership with great service.

William Paquette | ON | 2017-08-01

Exceptional service & honesty.Thought I needed air filter & was told everything was ok by Scott the mechanic.Honesty like this is not seen today.

Laurie Collins | ON | 2017-08-01

Always a pleasant experience. Very professional but friendly as well

Jay Roberts | ON | 2017-07-30

helpfull, courteous, and personable staff and owner

Leslie Casselman | ON | 2017-07-29

Good service

Reginald Fournier | ON | 2017-07-29

Work is always perfect

Paul Bourque | ON | 2017-07-29

Jacques is a gentleman and helpful. I travel from Alexandria because I trust him. If he tells me something needs fixing I don't have to second guess him

George Taggart | ON | 2017-07-28

Super professional service

Lorraine Cartier | ON | 2017-07-28

It was a pleasant surprise to have the car returned and washed Thank you we are happy clients Lorraine Cartier. We always receive excellent service and everything is always completed according to our discussion

Carol S Landriault | ON | 2017-07-27

Gabby is an exceptional person his demeaned is great he takes his time to explain and answer any questions that I may have. Nissan staff go above and beyond to please their clients. They are to be commended. Thank You Nissan.

Yvon Longtin | ON | 2017-07-27

Every thing I was looking for

Michael Yorston | ON | 2017-07-27

good service

Joanne Mcintosh | ON | 2017-07-27

good service

Nancy Emerton | ON | 2017-07-27

When I called to book an appointment I was able to get the day and time I wanted.

Mark Snelgrove | ON | 2017-07-27

Service was fantastic all around. I have been singing your praises since I picked up our vehicle.

Dorothy Nadon | ON | 2017-07-26

All Good, thank you

Presse & Passion Inc | ON | 2017-07-24

Un service exceptionnel. Très satisfaite de mon expérience.

Patrick Regnier | ON | 2017-07-24

The dealership experience was excellent. Mike O'Brien was exactly what we wanted in a salesperson and Sue Swallow was excellent in finalizing everything on the finance side. My wife and I are looking forward to several great years with a great vehicle!

Gilberte Donkers | ON | 2017-07-24

The service is great and the salepeople always have a smile and always say hi ! Overall i'm happy with everything ! ????

Todd J Poirier | ON | 2017-07-23

Excellent experience

James Mathieson | ON | 2017-07-23

We have been extremely satisfied with the quality of service. Warranty work was also done at the same time. We were very satisfied.

Leslie Mortimer | ON | 2017-07-22

Friendly,helpful & thorough always.

Mathieu Leroux | ON | 2017-07-21

Everyone was very informative and helped along the process of purchase. Kim made car shopping very fun!

Paul Gaudet | ON | 2017-07-21

I found the service to be exceptional. I came because my tire pressure light was on. they looked at it immediately and found a nail in the tire. Excellent service

Raymond Brunet | ON | 2017-07-21

I have bought 7 Nissan's from you and had a perfect experience with all different depts

Monique Lebrun-Thompson | ON | 2017-07-21

Great place to deal great people

Garry Stover | ON | 2017-07-20

8's - self explanatory 5's - parking lot small and congested - average service time - no problem - could take a minute and go over the completed work order explaining exactly what was done (next time I'll ask).

Susan Elias-Powell | ON | 2017-07-20

Very satisfied with the service experience, and with my Sentra SV!

Debra Baker | ON | 2017-07-20

Excellent service department

Shawn Mcbain | ON | 2017-07-19

Cornwall Nissan has a pleasant professional atmosphere and truly dedicated personnel.

Pauline Rochon | ON | 2017-07-18

Very satisfied with Nissan vehicles and there maintenance department. Always well received when there.

Sylvain Mainville | ON | 2017-07-18

Cornwall Nissan always goes out of their way to ensure your satisfaction. This purchase is yet another example. The Mainville family has purchased 13 vehicles from Cornwall Nissan since 2004.

Jeffrey Chaytor | ON | 2017-07-17

There was a mechanic available to come for a road test with me. Awesome. I got the call that my car was ready and I picked it up the next day. There's always room for improvement.

Gary Wigney | ON | 2017-07-16

Excellent customer service right from when I walked in door

Birgit Vant Foort | ON | 2017-07-14

very pleased clean friendly environment

Peter Mason | ON | 2017-07-14

Quick and painless...

Stephanie Powis | ON | 2017-07-14

Spencer and Sue had excellent service. I liked that they were not pushy! My husband and I really liked the customer service. Felt it was genuine. Very professional.

Cholock Terence | NL | 2017-07-12

Fast & efficient

Kenneth Mclaren | ON | 2017-07-12

Service always satisfactory.

Lorraine Lemire | ON | 2017-07-11

The stat is quite knowledgeable about their product, service is very goof and the people are courteous.

Julie Pollock-Iwachniuk | ON | 2017-07-11

I waited in the waiting room for about an hour while the oil was changed and while they test drove the car to check the RPM tac. Nice and comfy and enjoyed free wifi :)

Marian Mckinnon | ON | 2017-07-11

Very friendly and accommodating service. Thanks to Jacques.

Marie Yvonne Sicard | ON | 2017-07-11

I have never felt so well greeted and assisted and not to mention the warm feeling af being so relaxed and comfortable in buying a new vehicle as I was with the Bussan team.

They took the time to explain everything I needed to know about my new purchase . Kudos to the Nissan dealership

Sandra Poirier | ON | 2017-07-10

Because I bought my Nissan 5 years ago and they have alway gone above and beyond for me. The team in Cornwall truly are the best.

Chelaine Klauburg | ON | 2017-07-10

We felt very welcomed and we are very impressed by the level of service.

Wayne Nadler | ON | 2017-07-09

This dealership has consistently very welcoming and competent personnel.

Perry Hicks | ON | 2017-07-09

Smart, aggressive sales staff offering creative options. Very friendly

Jo-Ann Atchison | ON | 2017-07-08

Friendly, courteous, quick check in and thorough inspection of car in addition to oil change appointment was made for. Only minor issue was hour and 20 minute wait for scheduled oil change which seemed little excessive.

Marc Burelle | ON | 2017-07-08

The staff at the Cornwall Nissan are all amazing. I am not regretting my purchase. From getting greeted on the phone by Kelly to dealing with the guys at service. Five stars all around.

I-Elisa Hamelin | ON | 2017-07-06

Everything was great

Jeyakumaran Rajasingham | ON | 2017-07-05

Polite,all done in a timely manner and smooth sailing from start to delivery.

Gloria Reaume | ON | 2017-07-05

I needed a car as soon as possible. After choosing the Nissan Micra, the staff made it possible for me to drive my new car of the lot in one day. They were fast and efficient.

Thomas Swallow | ON | 2017-07-04

Just the way it was

Richard Prud'Homme | ON | 2017-07-04

Pleasant experience

Micheal Boulay | ON | 2017-07-04

Consistently great service. The only minor suggestion is real cream for the coffee in the waiting area...

Pamela Trudeau | ON | 2017-07-03

Genuinely nice people. Kim made me feel welcome and Sue made the financial aspect quick and smooth.

Donna Leroux | ON | 2017-07-02

Excellent service

Bonnie Graham | ON | 2017-07-02

I am very pleased with the service at Cornwall Nissan.

Carmen Beauregard | ON | 2017-07-02

got an appt the same afternoon that i called. Had to get 2 new filters put in, along with the oil change. Jacques took the time to show me the old dirty ones, which i appreciated. waited for it. had to change 2 other filters which took a little longer. i would recommend Nissan, everyone friendly and made sure i was comfortable in waiting room. Jacques Charron recommended i come back to get maintenance done on front and rear brakes and will do that in few weeks. I appreciated washing my car. I think that's a great benefit of buying/leasing a car from Nissan.

David Duggan | ON | 2017-07-01

Good experience

Alan Reason | ON | 2017-06-30


M Emard Properties Inc | ON | 2017-06-29

I had a good experience

Lise Mccaffrey | ON | 2017-06-29

the service was excelent

William Stuart Prevost | ON | 2017-06-29

Always have great service at Nissan Cornwall. They listen to my needs and work within my schedule.

Jacques And Nicole Thuot | ON | 2017-06-28

Very friendly, listening to our needs, did not try to push for something we didn't need.

Bergeron Electric Ltd | ON | 2017-06-28

Very easy to schedule appointments and the estimated time to wait is usually accurate. Very much enjoy the service department staff.

Marc Vachon | ON | 2017-06-27

Very pleased with the experience and purchase.

Danielle Markell | ON | 2017-06-27

I was very happy with every aspect of the services we were given. I am super happy with my purchase and would not hesitate to refer anyone to your location. Thank You! Kindest Regards "D"

Shelley And Timothy Brissard | ON | 2017-06-27

Spencer and Sue are great and very helpful. We loved their service and help with picking the right vehicle for us and the ease of doing the paper work. We will be back for our next vehicle.

Reginald Fournier | ON | 2017-06-27

Service is always Excellent

Donna Kreutzer | ON | 2017-06-26

I did stand for a time.. there was a person working in a corner cubicle. He would have notice me as my car was parked in front his window & I got out.. I'm sure he saw/heard me. Then a short time later owner greeted me.with pleasure. Gaby. Over & above friendly, personable. Very efficient, great service. Can't say enough about Sue. Assigned sales person was excellent ( mike) he loves his job.. very helpful to explain vehicle bells & whistles. Just over all great. Just because they treated me like a person with no judgement. All people were super friendly.

Kathyrn Lauzon | ON | 2017-06-26

Great service. Thank you Jacques and staff. Everyone is so helpful and professional.

John Adams | ON | 2017-06-25

Everything was very efficient and the pricing for the oil change was very competitive. Tks

Germain Blanchard | ON | 2017-06-25

Always get the best of service and that is why I go from Ottawa to Cornwall for my cars. My grandson really likes them too as I took him with me. He is planning on leasing from them as well

Laurie Collins | ON | 2017-06-24

Always exceptional service

Jay Roberts | ON | 2017-06-23

quality of people and service

Claire Vanderveen | ON | 2017-06-22

Very human and pleasant experience. Only gave a 9 on job satisfaction because a minor issue did not stay resolved. It came back as soon as we got home.

Anne Marie Lacasse | QC | 2017-06-21

Tous ces gens ont pris le temps de m'acceuillir et répondre à mes questions avec le plus grand soin. Tout m'expliqué comment fonctionnait la voiture et tout me mettre en français dans le tableau de bord. un grand merci à Cornwall Nissan.

Henri Landry | ON | 2017-06-21

can't ask for better

Robert W Keenan | ON | 2017-06-20

The service was great everything was on time and the Service Advisor very friendly.

Kenneth M Burnham | ON | 2017-06-19

Every one was very nice to deal with.

Marcel Uson | QC | 2017-06-19

service was great

Guy Sauve | ON | 2017-06-19

I was very please

Ekaterini Kalaitzis | ON | 2017-06-18

I found my experience very easy and pleasant. I bought my first car at 19 this is my second new vehicle, and it was painless and very easy! I would highly recommend Nissan to any friends or family members!

Marc Turcotte | ON | 2017-06-17

Could be all 10s; I tend to grade on the low side, if you can call 9 low:) Great experience overall

Daniel F Donati | ON | 2017-06-16

Because so-far I am very pleased with my Micra and the dealer(Cornwall Nissan). I have it for 2.5 years & 31,000km.

Joy Markell | ON | 2017-06-16

They are always friendly and they care about their customers

Bruce Emblem | ON | 2017-06-16


Robert Cotnam | ON | 2017-06-15

They came to my home and picked me up to pick up my vehicle

Justin Poitras | ON | 2017-06-15

Very flexible and great friendly service

Jody Thomas | ON | 2017-06-12

Happy with the service. I was advised of a service package that met my needs.

Diane Simard | ON | 2017-06-10

Good customer service team all around

Patrick Robertson | ON | 2017-06-10

Was very disappointed to find out that even thou we have the extended warranty and the car has 81,000 that the day time running ballast is not covered.

Joyceline & Germain Blanchard | ON | 2017-06-08

had exceptional service. Purchased my grandson's car there and now he wants to see them about a future car. The trip from Ottawa to Cornwall is well worth it.

Lois Stenberg | ON | 2017-06-08

I am pleased with the consistent, courteous service.

Susan Lewis | ON | 2017-06-08

Was treated with great respect not like I was an inconvience

Alain Rochon | ON | 2017-06-08

Shop was closed and salesman took my keys and information. I had no appointment.

We are always treated very well. This time our windshield wipers stoped working during a bad storm. It was in the evening and we knew the shop was closed, but we could drop off keys and call in the morning. But it so happened that a salesman was still working and he took our keys and information. Next day we where told part would need to be ordered. A loaner was made available for us. We have two Nissan vehicles and many friends with Nissans vehicles, we are all pleased with the service we receive. Thanks

Wanda Thompson | ON | 2017-06-06

Friendly, polite and accomodating Staff! :) Service has always been good. Thank you

Vicky Tait | ON | 2017-06-06

Great service from here. Just issue with transmission in pathfinder. 2nd one in 2 months?

J-Bradley Derochie | ON | 2017-06-05

Jacques is a pleasure to deal with, courteous, knowledgeable and just nice to talk to. Just a great group of people, they really care.

John Lawson | ON | 2017-06-05

Good service

June Reilly | ON | 2017-06-04

Jacques is wonderful.

Marjorie Newman | ON | 2017-06-04

Been with Nissan for many years. Wouldn't be if service wasn't excellent.

Kevin O'Connor | ON | 2017-06-03

excellent service with exceptional staff

Richard Carriere | ON | 2017-06-02

I have nothing but positive feeling for cornwall nissan

Andre Lovejoy | ON | 2017-06-02

Because it is that way..

David Wood | ON | 2017-06-02

Took me home and then picked me up afterwards. Work done thoroughly and as promised.

France Gales | ON | 2017-06-02

As always, the staff and service are exceptional

Darquise Bissonnette | ON | 2017-06-02

It was an Anniversary special... All was done with ease!

Audrey Evans | ON | 2017-06-01

It was fantastic service from start to finish.

Michel Quenneville | ON | 2017-06-01

i will return again

Mike O'Donohue | ON | 2017-05-31

Good service

Rheal Laframboise | ON | 2017-05-31

Just telling like it is ,just hope this is the way this service will continue as the song says "As Time Goes By .. lol

Richard Sauve | ON | 2017-05-31

Good quality jobs done.

Heather Prowse | ON | 2017-05-30

I did some shopping around and as soon as I walked into the dealership in Cornwall I was made to feel special. Thank you everyone for your professionalism.

Michael Mallory | ON | 2017-05-30

great service and friendy

Barbara Wilson | ON | 2017-05-28

Having the owner Gaby of Cornwall Nissan greet us as well as the sales staff a very impressive move. We embarked on our search for a vehicle at a busy Red Tag sale and though the dealership was busy, we were treated royally. Thank you

Our sales person Spencer at Cornwall Nissan was very knowledgeable about all Nissan products. He was a happy and friendly sales rep and we were very impressed. His enjoyment of his position was obvious.

Spencer showed me how to maneuvre all the bells and whistles on my Sentra and encouraged me to bring my vehicle into the dealership at any time I needed assistance with the mechanics of the vehicle. Very much appreciated.

Not all dealerships encourage taking the automobile home for a weekend. Great idea as this enables the purchaser to be better acquainted with their possible choice. I am on a fixed income and Spencer appreciated this and did not try to sway my decision and show me models of cars outside my price range.

Sue at the Cornwall Nissan dealership was very knowledgeable about the many aspects of financing. She explained to me my choice of leasing and helped me better understand the process. She was very friendly and though it was a busy time at the dealership, she never rushed us nor skipped over any dear ails. Nissan is very fortunate to have Sue as part of their staff. A super gal.

My experience with Nissan was very positive and I along with my partner were treated in a relaxed and respectful manner. We never felt pressured or made to feel inadequate.

Lawrence Ruston | ON | 2017-05-28

when we walked on to the lot, Sue came over and said the sales staff were busy but she would have someone attend, Spencer came out and explained the options, pricing etc. and continued throughout the purchase. Sue explained all the financial and extra's that were available.

Richard Carriere | ON | 2017-05-28

Best in ontario

Nelson Perry | ON | 2017-05-27

My answers are self-explanatory

Brenda L Zeran | ON | 2017-05-26

smooth process. nice and professional staff

Peter Petsanis | ON | 2017-05-26

They (CN) showed appreciation of customer's concerns which is unusual après SALE is finalized... The VEHICLE is the BEST that I have owned in my LIFETIME not only for performance but for the attention paid by CN's service department.

Sharon Lavoie | ON | 2017-05-25

I never have a problem with the workers. They treat me with respect.

Bruce Macdonald | ON | 2017-05-24

This is my first Nissan and was exceptionally satisfied with the great service and smooth transaction throughout the whole process. Cornwall Nissan is a great place to purchase a vehicle. Thanks again, Bruce MacDonald

Glen Grant | ON | 2017-05-23

This is my second purchase at this dealership and would return for a future vehicle purchase.

Timothy Mills | ON | 2017-05-22

Always a great experience at Cornwall Nissan.

Elizabeth Kyle | ON | 2017-05-22

I was served very promptly and did not have to wait an overly long time

Hanan Michael | ON | 2017-05-20

I had excellent service I did share it with my friends and famiy on Facebook Gaby ( president)and his team are amazing to work with they help me make my purchase very professional no time waisted I m very busy and with them they made it easy thank you Nissan Cornwall

Tammy Collette-Mckee | ON | 2017-05-19

Overall good service

Wayne Gosselin | ON | 2017-05-19

Jacques always gives good service and I feel I can trust him.

William Stuart Prevost | ON | 2017-05-19

I feel like a family member at Nissan in Cornwall. The staff is always helpful and very supportive when explaining what needs to be done with my car

Paul Stemmler | ON | 2017-05-17

Very happy

Jim Fraas | ON | 2017-05-17

I appreciated the ride to my destination while my car was being serviced.

Kayla Hill | ON | 2017-05-17

best customer service I've ever had from a garage/dealership!!! Great people, super helpful and caring :)

Carol Gould | ON | 2017-05-16

All my needs were met and all my questions were answered.

Nancy Hanna | ON | 2017-05-16

Wouldn't go anywhere else to have my car serviced due to the excellent service and customer service at Cornwall! Nancy

Jason Racine | ON | 2017-05-16

Because they all drive different makes and not ready to switch yet

Lidsay Shaver | ON | 2017-05-15

Kim... I just got your msg I LOVEEEE MY CAR!!!

Jeanne Herfkens | ON | 2017-05-15

I'm happy with my service:)

Christine Tremblay | ON | 2017-05-14

thats how I feel

Suzanne Parent | ON | 2017-05-13

I provided Service Advisor with my service manual and asked to have 24,000 kms work done, and change my snow tires to summer tires which are stored with dealership. No price was provided by service rep. I am fortunate enough not to have to worry about finances, but this is not so for most.

I was not informed of progress while work being done. Time for service was about 1/2 hour more than estimated, and only when I called to pay was I told that they washed my car on the outside.... I wonder why I was not told before doing it - even if it was a courtesy? I was not charged for this, but I am left wondering.

only issue is why they had to wash my car without letting me know until after it was done? If it was a courtesy, and if I had ben informed this would be done as part of the standard service, I would have not been left wondering about this as they've never washed my car on previous service on my Juke. Should I now look forward to a free car wash on every service call? (I hope so) :D

I based my scores of "average" on what I would expect service to be for my vehicle. Nothing done beyond (other than an unexplained car wash) but at this time, I still rate this dealership to outdo other Nissan dealers in my area.

Thomas Swallow | ON | 2017-05-13

Always great service

Christopher Kelly | ON | 2017-05-13

Friendly service, quick responses and great quality vehicles

Rejeanne Lefebvre | ON | 2017-05-12


Gerald Mcbain | ON | 2017-05-12

Great friendly service short wait time

Kelly Maloney-Dixon | ON | 2017-05-11

Jacques in the service department is exceptional. He always goes above and beyond for me.

Sidney Burton | ON | 2017-05-10

excellent and professional service from start to finish

J Denis Dubuc | ON | 2017-05-10

This is my second Armada and third Nissan vehicle. Great friendly staff, patient sales consultant and always excellent service.

Denis Dubuc | ON | 2017-05-10

Online scheduling great, service excellent

Joy Markell | ON | 2017-05-10

They treat me like family

Scott Russell | ON | 2017-05-10

always awesome to deal with

A-Stuart Mckay | ON | 2017-05-10

Great service!

Mark Wooden | ON | 2017-05-09

Everything was done well.

Henri Landry | ON | 2017-05-09

your the best

Pamela Primeau | ON | 2017-05-08

Staff at this location are very friendly and knowledgeable.

Norma Rouleau | ON | 2017-05-07

They. Were very thorough

Felipe Escobar Boileau | ON | 2017-05-06

Online scheduling made it easy to book an appointment. When I got there advisor greeted me kindly and let me know an approximate time it would be done. When my vehicle was picked up it was washed and I had a detailed report on the status of my vehicle.

Deborah Perkins-Donihee | ON | 2017-05-06

I like Nissan

Darlene Borden | ON | 2017-05-06

The service I receive when I go is truly exceptional. They always go above all that is expected. Thank you Nissan Cornwall service Dept.

John Neville | ON | 2017-05-06


Gerald Paquette | ON | 2017-05-05

very friendly and courteous people

Cory Eastman | ON | 2017-05-04

Excellent service.

Ronald Currie | ON | 2017-05-04

Very pleased with the overall service.

Kirsty Watson | ON | 2017-05-04

Service takes way to long for a simple task such as tire change or filter change , requires several visits at a time for one problem to get fixed . We are almost about to change garages because of how long it takes in the garage each time it's frustrating when old dealership would be able to have all done in an hour or when promised , you shouldn't drop off car at 830 am and not get back till 2-3 . Husbanded waiting Ed 4 hours in shop for tire change because they said it would be done right away .

Melissa Lanouette | ON | 2017-05-03

Mostly compared to Cornwall 417, service is amazing. Now I actually like Nissan service

Sydney Gardiner | ON | 2017-05-03

best service I have received as long as I have been an automobile driver.

Marie Boulet | ON | 2017-05-03

good service nice people

Jesse Taylor | ON | 2017-05-02


Jean Duplantie | ON | 2017-05-02

Bin voyons!! Les gars font une bonne job!! C'est tout!!

Lynn Stang | ON | 2017-05-02

We always have truly good service, but was disappointed in the service for the oil change, my husband has a heart condition and had to walk home as he didn't want to wait 2 hours. And was not offered a ride home... then had to walk back to pick it up! I was not impressed with that...

Barry Montour | ON | 2017-05-02

Service is always thorough - and when I dropped off my truck I didn't' have a ride, but a sales associate offered to take me back without even asking - I really appreciated it. Other than the high cost (I do find it expensive) - I am very happy.

Francois Fournier | ON | 2017-05-01

I have been dealing at this dealership for sometime now. I know the service people well, they always do their best to be accommodating and provide great service. This is my 3rd Altima and my wife's 2nd Juke. Also I have directed people purchase there and so far there have been 3 more vehicles purchased that I know of from that dealership due to my description of what to expect including a new Maxima Platinum. Maybe I should be working there !

Melody Crites | ON | 2017-05-01

I did a price comparison for the services done with the same services I received from my previous mechanic and found there was a $20 dollar savings. I contacted the service department dealership manager set the prices and I could talk to him about it, as he could do nothing. I have worked a total of 20 years in customer service and at know time did I ever advise a customer to see someone else regarding the problem but went to them myself. Also during my time in retail service price matching was always a priority to make sure we were competitive. This does not seam to be a of any importance.

Chantal Bergevin | ON | 2017-04-30

From start to finish it was an amazing experience. I wasn't even considering a Nissan Sentra but between the excellent service and amazing deal at Cornwall Nissan, there's no way I could have been happier anywhere else. I plan to stay with Nissan from here on out :-)

Robert Whittaker | ON | 2017-04-30

A good experience. This was my first service appointment on my recent Rogue purchase.

Emilie Bissonnette | ON | 2017-04-29

Excellent service! Thanks again!

Jennifer Monk | ON | 2017-04-29

The experiece was excellent.

Wayne Nadler | ON | 2017-04-29

The usual efficient, courteous treatment by staff at this dealership continues, and I appreciate it.

Leanne Dumoulin | ON | 2017-04-29

The wait was a little long, and no alternative transportation was available

Betty Vinet | ON | 2017-04-29

Really p,eased with the service I receive

Jo-Anne Bazinet-Poitras | ON | 2017-04-29

Great service...

Marc Seguin | ON | 2017-04-28

Always great friendly service. The details are always explained and accurate.

Yvan Lalonde | ON | 2017-04-28

Service manager,advisors and techs. are the best!

Anton Van Heusden | ON | 2017-04-27

Great service great price! Love the coupon on parts! Free drinks were greatly appreciated. Friendly staff. A+++ Cornwall Nissan

Daniel Shannon | ON | 2017-04-27

excellent service as always

Ladislav Hurik | ON | 2017-04-27

Exceptional service from parts manager Michael Norris, his advice always professional. On time services from Jacques Charron.

David Porter | ON | 2017-04-27

This was my 4th Nissan product. This dealership employed outstanding personnel that are a credit to this dealership. The purchase process was painless and I was assisted in making a good choice without any pressure.

Robert And Karen Ray | ON | 2017-04-27


Dave A Lafave | ON | 2017-04-27


Richard Sauve | ON | 2017-04-27

Good service and good people working there.

Julie Pollock-Iwachniuk | ON | 2017-04-27

We love our newl vehicle and the sales support. Our first experience getting it serviced was just disappointing since it took way longer than expected and one out of the two issues wasn't even dealt with. We now have to make time in our schedule to return next Wednesday to get it looked at again.

Dorothy Nadon | ON | 2017-04-27

No company is perfect, I was satisfied, thank you.

Steven J Summers | ON | 2017-04-26

just great service and service advisers.

Julie Allaire Paquette | ON | 2017-04-25

I had a great experience. Would love to thank the staff for the wonderful experience

Gerard Elderbroom | ON | 2017-04-25

We only went in for a tire change and everything went ok.

Dianne Robertson | ON | 2017-04-24

I was impressed with Nissan Cornwall with the service I received, despite a couple of glitches at pick up. I had tried to purchase a car from Brockville Nissan the same weekend and they really lacked in customer service skills. I was at the dealership twice to buy a Juke in Brockville and on a Saturday was told that there was no one on site with authority to sell a car. That is the reason why I drove 45 minutes away to buy at Nissan Cornwall.

Nicole Besner | ON | 2017-04-24

Very flexible and knowledgeable

Mcfarland Distribution Inc | ON | 2017-04-24

I find these are fair scores and have no problems it was just really busy at the dealership to book appointments.

Beverly Ross-Leroux | ON | 2017-04-24

The owner offered me a deal to replace my 2016 as they could. Not correct the engine noise. I WAS VERY HAPPY WITH THE DEAL AND THE 2017 I BOUGHT. The owner of the dealership was very helpful in resolving my problem.

Catherine Seguin | ON | 2017-04-23

Everyone are friendly and always ask if there's anything else they could do and always ready to answer any questions. It's a pleasure dealing with Nissan Cornwall.

Carl Collins | ON | 2017-04-22

Very good people to deal with and a pleasant environment,not high pressure but willing to work with you towards the final price . Yes I know they make a good profit but also I feel satisfied with the purchase . Car sales are very difficult to understand but you still need to negotiate for your own satisfaction.

Timothy Mills | ON | 2017-04-22

Always an excellent service experience.

Christine Ractliffe | ON | 2017-04-22

After having invested in cornwall nissan's rust prevention, rust occurded. the cornwall dealership were contacted and my complaint regarding rust showing up on my trunk area was regarded as a priority, and so far, (I have not yet dropped my car off)has been dealt with my satisfation.

Susan Gray | ON | 2017-04-21

Wonderful overall experience

Brian Doyle | ON | 2017-04-21

Always a great experience with this dealership. Everything from sales to service is above expectations every time. This was my 3rd new Nissan in 2 years, all from the same dealer.

Excerta Network Services Inc | ON | 2017-04-21

Friendly office staff. Spencer (my sales rep) is always pleasant to deal with. This is the second, and probably not the last, vehicle he helps me get in to!

Donna M Lefebvre | ON | 2017-04-21

Because, every one of the staff goes out of there way to make sure we are being taken care of. It's nice to walk in and feel welcome Burt and Donna Lefebvre

Eric Viau | ON | 2017-04-21

Service advisor does an amazing job. He's knowledgeable and reliable and that's why I continue to have my Nissan serviced at the dealership instead of cheaper alternatives.

Thomas Swallow | ON | 2017-04-21

completely satisfied wth service

Cindy Bickerstaffe | ON | 2017-04-21

Great service very pleased customer

Leslie Pytel | ON | 2017-04-21

everything went smoothly

Ronald Chartrand | ON | 2017-04-21

Nice people work there..:)

David Thurston | ON | 2017-04-20

Nissan dealer is very easy to deal with and I am quite pleased with the service

Elizabeth Lamarche | ON | 2017-04-20

Nissan has been a very good to me with the personal and the service

France Gales | ON | 2017-04-19

Service is great at Cornwall Nissan!

Kenneth Mclaren | ON | 2017-04-19

Always great service.

Gweneth A Carriere | ON | 2017-04-18

I was really impressed with everybody there

Shirley Alguire | ON | 2017-04-18

Because you give good servicece

Julie Desormeaux | ON | 2017-04-17

Excellent service and prices...would highly recommend!

Elizabeth Majewski | ON | 2017-04-17

Good business sense and service . Polite and respectful. Stand by their policy. Good work

Bonnie Graham | ON | 2017-04-16

They took me at short notice and the service was excellent.

Francine Hart | ON | 2017-04-15

Excellent service by all sales staff, including the president at the dealership

Parul Brown | ON | 2017-04-15

Spencer Roberts a gracious sales consultant. Gaby Ayman an outstanding Owner/Manager Sue Swallow helped me get my insurance in the spot with my insurance company. When you have passion of what you do, it shows on how your deliver your services. An unforgettable experience as a first time Nissan owner.

Daniel Martineau | ON | 2017-04-15

This dealership was truly outstanding. They were extremely hospitable and so very professional with the way they treat their patrons. What a class act!!! Thank you, truly amazing people. Irene & Dan Martineau

Robert Raymond | ON | 2017-04-14

There seemed to be a lack of communications and things that should have been done were not requiring return to the dealer to have the job done.

Diane Legault | ON | 2017-04-13

Everything went smoothly. The wait was not too long.

Lise Larin | ON | 2017-04-13

great service

Elisa Hamelin | ON | 2017-04-13

it was all very good

M-Sandra Brannan | ON | 2017-04-13

The service today was very good. They need to follow up with service manager re the back up camera issue.

Denise Therriault | ON | 2017-04-12

People who work in the service department or friendly, know me by name and are very accommodating, especially Kelly and Jacques.

William Mcrae | ON | 2017-04-12

That service web site could use some tweaking to make it more user friendly - I have only used it once before and have to try to remember the process which could?? be made more straightforward. As to the term, truly exceptional. Wow, that's some description. As I only deal with my garage Cornwall Nissan, I have to assume what truly exceptional means as I have no means to compare it with anyone else. Maybe some other words than truly exceptional might be slotted into this survey. Anyway, I am very pleased with Cornwall Nissan.

Gisele Gray | ON | 2017-04-12

No complaints to be had except maybe the price of storing the winter tires that you actually bought there.(the highest price around)

Janice Ingram | ON | 2017-04-12

Fast, efficient, friendly people, nice lounge to wait

Helen Periard | ON | 2017-04-11

All went very well and easily.

Raymond Brunet | ON | 2017-04-11

long time customer always have been satisfied go out of their way to please you

Shirley Remillard | ON | 2017-04-11

I received excellent service.

William Hill | ON | 2017-04-09

The team at Cornwall Nissan treat their clients all the same and make you feel comfortable and valued.

Michelle Ann Poulin | ON | 2017-04-08

Good service

Reynald Legault | ON | 2017-04-08

Had to rescheduling appt. wrong part was ordered. Very good service

Pauline LeBlanc | ON | 2017-04-08

Was very happy with the entire purchasing process.

Pauline LeBlanc | ON | 2017-04-08

Was very happy with the entire purchasing process

Csilla Forgo | ON | 2017-04-07

Excellent service from all thank you..

Carol Milojkovich | ON | 2017-04-07

Scheduled my appointment online. Very user friendly and easy to do. I had instant service. No waiting to check in. Service with a nice smile and friendly attitude. My car was easy to find - right next to the service door! 

Everything was simple, fast, uncomplicated, and pleasant. I went online, booked my appointment for the same day, and received fast and courteous service. No complaints from me!

Gilles Tessier | ON | 2017-04-07

I'm very happy so far.

Lois Stenberg | ON | 2017-04-06

Friendly, comfortable, and professional service.

Francine Viau | ON | 2017-04-05

This was our first experience with Cornwall Nissan and we were impressed with the service and attention we received.

Michael Boulay | ON | 2017-04-05

Excellent service delivered by friendly and highly competent professionals. What more could you want? Only suggestion is cream for the coffee in the waiting area instead of the powder stuff.

Kelly Maloney-Dixon | ON | 2017-04-05

Cornwall Nissan staff are very good to me and always go above and beyond to accommodate my busy schedule.

Morris Masterman | ON | 2017-04-05

Exceptional service

Naomi G Mahon | ON | 2017-04-05

Staff overall courteous and very obliging.

Jose Martin | ON | 2017-04-05

I was walking to my car when I noticed that my front left tire was completely deflated. We decided to have the spring tires put on and to repair the snow tire. I called Jacques and they sent someone to help so I can get to the dealership. Jacques is so helpful and professional. A big thank you for going out of your way to help. I feel in safe hands.

Mario Lapointe | ON | 2017-04-05

Had issues getting an appointment on previous occasions

Brian Lachapelle | ON | 2017-04-04

service always excellent and people you deal with are friendly and personable.

Craig Wilson | ON | 2017-04-04

friendly service from the staff

Richard Cartier | ON | 2017-04-03

enjoy the whole deal

Brent Prieur | ON | 2017-04-03

Competitive price and very friendly. Not pushy.

Susan Jamieson | ON | 2017-04-03

Everything about my experience was amazing. Everyone went out of their way to make me feel comfortable .

Lorraine Mondoux | ON | 2017-04-02

staff are very concerned and helpful. service is good and even sales staff is very considerate and helpful.

Sylvie Moise | ON | 2017-04-02

it was ok

Susan Lewis | ON | 2017-04-02

Excellent treatment

Peggy Middleton | ON | 2017-04-01

Jacques is always very helpful and professional. The service team are professional and Kevin and I trust them with our vehicle. They answer our questions and they are always pleasant. Our phone calls and appointments are always in a timely manner.

Shirley Pitre | ON | 2017-04-01

Service Maniger is very nice , will always accomidate you ...

John Koynok | ON | 2017-03-31

Every one is so nice and friendly at Cornwall Nissan, I am on my forth car from Cornwall looking to get number five a Versa Note SL soon.

Michel Quenneville | ON | 2017-03-31

all great

Robert Keenan | ON | 2017-03-31

Everyone was pleasant and eager to help in some way. I worked with two consultants, one in February for my wife's car, and another this month for my SUV. I was pretty sure my mind was made up but I was still going to check other dealers. I was asked what it would take for me to stop looking around and make a decision and we came to an agreement. This lady handled things very professionally in both purchases and was very helpful and friendly. Again in both cases, taking delivery happened quickly and painlessly. My brother already has two Nissan's in his family, but I would recommend to other family and friends.

I purchased a Nissan in 1985 in Grande Prairie Alberta, and one for my wife at the same dealer on 2005. The attitude towards customers there was also great and it was the same at Cornwall Nissan. I have always felt that Nissan Dealerships treated their customers well.

Shirley Williams Pitre | ON | 2017-03-31

Great service! Jaques is such a nice Service Manager.

Doug Samis | ON | 2017-03-30

My service experience was excellent . Thanks Doug

Marc Poitras | ON | 2017-03-30

Service at Cornwall Nissan is always excellent.

Raven Budhram | ON | 2017-03-30

Didn't have an appointment. Head grinding from the rear wheels and brought it in. They test drive the vehicle with me and got me in for new brakes right then and there. Couldn't be more happy with the service. This was the best experience I've had with Nissan since becoming a Nissan customer 12 years ago.

David Launiere | ON | 2017-03-28

Excellent service like always

Felipe Escobar Boileau | ON | 2017-03-27

Called to make an appointment with the dealer and they got me in right away! Staff helped me out and were kind. Even though it's a new vehicle got a multipoint inspection with my service.

Jean Samson | ON | 2017-03-27

This is the 4 th Nissan that I lease. The service has always remained outstanding each and every lease. Spencer Roberts has always treated me with the utmost integrity and patience. Gabi, thanks again for another great opportunity to drive another Nissan for the next 48 months.

Jesse Taylor | ON | 2017-03-26

already 3 Nissans in the family looking to and a 4th for my daughter

Dan Macneil | ON | 2017-03-26

great team everyone very helpful polite and professional

Patrick Robertson | ON | 2017-03-25

I always get great service. They are always happy to see you and willing to help. Makes you feel good to know that you can just stop in and someone is willing to help. You never feel rushed.

Marjorie Newman | ON | 2017-03-25

Been with Nissan Cornwall for over 10 years

William Stuart Prevost | ON | 2017-03-25

Staff was very flexible in scheduling my appointment to fit my schedule. I always feel welcome. Jacques listens to my concerns and always does his best to explain what needs to be done. I enjoy returning to Nissan to service my vehicle. I am made o feel that I am an important valued customer who is treated fairly.

Robert Cotnam | ON | 2017-03-22

It was a good experience

Henri Landry | ON | 2017-03-22

Service is great there

Brian Lachapelle | ON | 2017-03-16

always suitable

James Hutt | ON | 2017-03-16

I had good service

Taflyn Mcgillis | ON | 2017-03-15

The service was amazing from booking in my car to the shuttle pick up afterwards

Kristine Picken | ON | 2017-03-14

Recognize me by name even if it is months between visits. Always a smile, knowledgeable and serious about his job. I'm always pleased with the way I am treated and the excellent service.

Robert Hamilton | ON | 2017-03-14

Absolutely satisfied

Uptown Kia Cornwall | ON | 2017-03-13

great service

Nancy Hanna | ON | 2017-03-12

At Cornwall Nissan, customer service is second to none! This is the reason we are repeat customers at Cornwall Nissan. Even with a recently opened dealership in our home town, we will continue to travel the 90 km to work with Cornwall Nissan.

Jacques Chamberland | ON | 2017-03-10

I get nothing but great service. I tried to schedule my appointment in a timely manner and suddenly I got into a situation and once again he was there with Jacques to bail me out.

Helen Periard | ON | 2017-03-10

The issue requiring attention was dealt with promptly and to my great satisfaction.

Andre Cuerrier | ON | 2017-03-10

like the an appointement really quick...would have liked to have my rogue washed but will wait till the nice weather....lorraine cuerrier????????????

George Horvath | ON | 2017-03-10

All around good team work.

Leo Hanton | ON | 2017-03-10

Andre was very warm and cheerful and always ready with a smile. Phil even opened the driver's door for me,when the car was ready.That was courteous and thoughtful of him. They always take time to make me feel at ease and comfortable,when discussing business and /or family.

Uptown Kia Cornwall | ON | 2017-03-09

Andre is the best!

Douglas Gallinger Janet Gallinger | ON | 2017-03-08

Staff and owner were excellent and a pleasure to deal with

Jesse Jeff Taylor | ON | 2017-03-08


Gerald Corkery | ON | 2017-03-08

Good service

Wayne Laird | ON | 2017-03-08

They were extremely friendly and comfortable like family.

Alain Rochon | ON | 2017-03-08

My wife and I both enjoy the personal service we receive. Any time I have a need or question, Nisan is there. Service department , Jacques and all Mechanics are friendly.

Lorna Francis | ON | 2017-03-07

The service was quick and easy.

Kalj Holdings Inc. | ON | 2017-03-07

Because you guys are the greatest!!

Jesse Taylor | ON | 2017-03-06



J-Bradley Derochie | ON | 2017-03-06

It is a pleasure to deal with you.

Angela Paquette | ON | 2017-03-06

The staff at Cornwall Nissan are professional and courteous in all areas from sales to service. They always make me feel like family.

Esther Abele | ON | 2017-03-05

Great service thank you

Birgit Vant Foort | ON | 2017-03-05

could have scored 10s but no one is perfect

Debra Baker | ON | 2017-03-04

Just the finest vehicles and the staff are wonderful, including the owner..

Caroline Roy | ON | 2017-03-04

we were pleased

Allan Robinson | ON | 2017-03-04

after 2 years off trying to find the problem it may be finally fixed propperly

Brian Whitford | ON | 2017-03-04

Great Customer Service , fast, knowedge, curteous

Paul Pelletier | ON | 2017-03-03

Since moving to Canada in September 2012, I have only owned Nissan vehicles and will continue to do so because of the very friendly way I have always been treated by the local dealership, which is why I have given top marks for everything.

Duane Murdock | ON | 2017-03-03

The service was great but your survey is a pain in the ass. I should not be required to write a comment to complete the survey.

Johanna Levac | ON | 2017-03-02

all was as it should be , they repaired all , good courteous service .

Edward Gallagher | ON | 2017-03-01

Very polite and prompt

George Taggart | ON | 2017-03-01

Alway so friendly and very professional

Nicole Pelletier | ON | 2017-03-01

We are very satisfied

Colleen Levi | ON | 2017-03-01

All good.

Alicia J Summers | ON | 2017-03-01

the service department is as exceptional as the sales department especially KIM!!!

Richard Carriere | ON | 2017-02-28

The best in ontario

Debra Boulerice | ON | 2017-02-28

All the staff are friendly and professional, great sales staff, bought my vehicle with the he help of Spencer, very happy.

Lise Mccaffrey | ON | 2017-02-28

All is super

Stuart Upton | ON | 2017-02-28

The personnel were exceptional,very helpful and courteous.

Debra Baker | ON | 2017-02-28

The staff were perfect

Kathleen Duffy | ON | 2017-02-27

The service is excellent and they are extremely helpful and happy for you when you take possession of the car. The service at Cornwall Nissan is the reason I travel from Ottawa instead of going to a dealership here.

Jacqueline Seguin | ON | 2017-02-27

Always friendly staff and no problems scheduling a quick appointment

Lynda Lynch | ON | 2017-02-26

Excellent service from the time we entered the showroom, until the time we left with our new car.

Suzanne Parent | ON | 2017-02-26

I have been having issues with car not starting: On Boxing Day (Dec. 24, 2017) would not start at all. Called dealership - closed for holiday. But within 1/2 hour, the owner call me back to ask what I needed. When I explained my new car would not start - he offered a replacement car and within 1 hour showed up at my rural property with a replacement car and service person. They were able to start my car and showed me how to 'trouble shoot' start if it should happen again. He offered to take my car back to dealership, but I advised that since my car did start - and there was no solid fix for the problem (as I was told) - I did not see the reason. Owner gave me his cell phone number and asked me to call him if it ever happened again. Although it has started since - on three occasions since (two weeks later, then about a week before the service appt. & again Feb. 23, it was very slow to start - sputtering and moaning before actually starting)& Recall R1620

Although I have been having issues starting the Juke, (touch wood), once running - it is so much fun to drive. The owner of this dealership goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure his clients are satisfied and treated with respect. I am torn. On the one hand, I cringe every time I approach the car wondering if it will start or not, but on the other hand, I know if it doesn't, I will be taken care of. Sadly though, the fun and thrill of owning a new car have been shattered with the problems of it not wanting to start every time.

William Paquette | ON | 2017-02-24

Service over the past 14 years has always been great.This is the reason I keep buying at Cornwall Nissan,great people to deal with,you are a name & not a number.Great Staff all the way around.BRAVO CORNWALL NISSAN.

Cindy Bickerstaffe | ON | 2017-02-23

Very pleased with customer service in garage

Wanda Thompson | QC | 2017-02-21

They are friendly and great service. They even washed my vehicle!

Steven Summers | ON | 2017-02-20


Susan Lopez | ON | 2017-02-19

Service is always personal and reliable

Christopher S Kelly | ON | 2017-02-18

Once the process started nissan was very informative about there products and how to deal with financial stages of things. Very good service hand shakes on every meet and very helpfully into picking a good quality vehicle. Team as long found a way to get me into something I will enjoy driving for its term.

Micheal Boulay | ON | 2017-02-17

Great dealership. This is my first Nissan, lifelong Toyota client. The service is part of the product and thus far, Cornwall Nissan has thoroughly impressed me!

David Porter | ON | 2017-02-16

Walked into dealership for battery replacement with no prior appointment. Had no problem with this appointment whatsoever.

Tanya Mackenzie | ON | 2017-02-16

I only needed a safety check on a used Nissan bought at another dealership.

Barbara Levere | ON | 2017-02-15

I was very pleased that I wasn't pressured. I was given the time to make up my own mind.

Deborah Perkins-Donihee | ON | 2017-02-15

I am truly pleased with the service.

Clarence Adams | ON | 2017-02-15


Paul Pelletier | ON | 2017-02-14

I have always received efficient and friendly service every time I have been in contact with Nissan Cornwall. Although I only see the staff every six months, they always remember me and I feel I am dealing with friends rather than a very big car company.

Paul Gaudet | ON | 2017-02-13

Excellent service

Barry Montour | ON | 2017-02-13

Based on the Service Centre getting back to me on several appointments, and the cost of service tends to be a little expensive. I do however believe that the service and replacement products are high quality, and the Service Centre personnel treats me well and is always friendly. This past time the Service Centre loaned me a vehicle since it took several days to complete the service over the weekend, and I really appreciated that. Thank you.

Robert And Karen Ray | ON | 2017-02-13

always excellent service

Robert And Karen Ray | ON | 2017-02-13


Catherine Howard-Lightstone | ON | 2017-02-13

I always find service visits extremely pleasant, efficient and easy to organize.

Tegan Alger | ON | 2017-02-10

Love how fast and friendly the services was!! Got me in the car I wanted and helped me monitor regular check ups to keep my car tip top. Never so happy with services... Would recommend services to friend if they have a Nissan or not.. If car holds up well I will ALWAYS use nissan

Serena Bourget | ON | 2017-02-09

My Nissan advisor is truly remarkable. I was in a rush n she n the technician had my car in out in record time n also washed my car. Service is always top notch!

Daniel Shannon | ON | 2017-02-09

as always, excellent service, our fourth vehicle from this dealer, all due to the excellent service team

Marie Schuler | ON | 2017-02-08

After having a problem with being denied from our warranty, the owner Gabby met with us and assured us the repairs would be covered by our warranty. He also took care of our towing charges.

Janice Kenneally | ON | 2017-02-08

everything went smooth and they even washed my car:)

Lynn Powell-Hamer | ON | 2017-02-08

Friendly professional service, fair pricing and free cleaning of car inside and out. Thank you Lynn Hamer

Suzanne Chartrand | ON | 2017-02-08

So far everytime i go i m served very nice and exellent service

Lorraine Cartier | ON | 2017-02-08

Jacques is a customer service orintated fellow and we always feel like he is personally looking after our interests. Thank you Jacques Lorraine & John

Gilbert Bard | ON | 2017-02-07

Excellent service all round!!! Gilbert Bard

Jason Cooke | ON | 2017-02-07

Service has been phenomenal in every aspect

Melody Crites | ON | 2017-02-06

There was little to do and the wait was short.

Bonnie Graham | ON | 2017-02-05

I find you are always treated with respect and they explain everything so that you understand the work being done and why.

Richard Sauve | ON | 2017-02-05

Great service.

Tracey Martel | ON | 2017-02-04

Always a pleasure dealing with kin Delo!

Henrietta Charbonneau | ON | 2017-02-04

I am always very welcome and well cared for by my Nissan team! I now have my fifth Nissan and I always have them serviced at Cornwall Nissan. I am treated like family. Thank you Gaby, Kim, Andre, Jacques,,Jonah and the whole team.

Denis Dubuc | ON | 2017-02-03

Easy scheduling, drop off, pick up, friendly, they remember me and work was all done one visit.

Deborah Robitaille | ON | 2017-02-02

The Staff were very courteous and friendly. I did not find anything "exceptional" about the service. I was not given a breakdown or explanation of what was done to my vehicle. I had asked they check several things when my car went in I do not know if all my concerns were checked, as it was not discussed when I picked up my vehicle.

Emilie Paquette | ON | 2017-02-02

Truly exceptional service and staff. Very happy with cornwall nissan!!

Robert Bies | ON | 2017-02-02

Second vehicle purchase through this dealership, they treat me like family

Mehmet Camci | ON | 2017-02-01

Spencer was amazing, best salesman in Cornwall. I liked the service, the vehicle, team was pretty good and honest. Thank you.

John Lawson | ON | 2017-02-01

good service, prompt attention and i know people involved

Paul Bourque | ON | 2017-02-01

Jacques very helpful as was a young Miss (do not remember her name) who helped with my car info for computer. Always a pleasure. I bought my car at Rendez-vous Nissan but I trust Cornwall staff

Gerard Elderbroom | ON | 2017-02-01

service is great

Laurie Collins | ON | 2017-02-01

Everything was easy and staff are professional and pleasant

Reginald Fournier | ON | 2017-01-31

Excellent service all the time

Michel Quenneville | ON | 2017-01-31

im very happy with the service

Pamela Dejong | ON | 2017-01-30

Friendly, informative and courteous!

Ladislav Hurik | ON | 2017-01-29

professional service, all questions answered; work not ordered ahead of time done on spot; part department excellent explanation incl. demonstration on the vehicle outside

Joanne Cholette | ON | 2017-01-29

Great service

Felipe E Escobar Boileau | ON | 2017-01-28

I was involved in a total loss situation with my nissan and they made the whole process really easy.

Elizabeth Mason | ON | 2017-01-28

Always great service!

Daniel Trottier | ON | 2017-01-27

Exceptional service all around

Sydney Gardiner | ON | 2017-01-27

always receive great service. It is also why I bought my second Nissan in Cornwall.

John Neville | ON | 2017-01-26


Kristine Werbicki | ON | 2017-01-26

I probably would have rated better here but there was Doritos on the floor of the back of my car when I got it back.

The service was great the people I talked to but someone left chips on the floor in the back I just bought the car and someone that works there made a mess in it not that big of deal but kinda unprofessional


Janet Summers | ON | 2017-01-26

Was a great visit. Very pleased with service

Jeffrey W Gibbs | ON | 2017-01-25

Great service.

Amy Levac | ON | 2017-01-25


Rheal Leger | ON | 2017-01-24

Very accommodating. Pleasant staff

Garry Stover | ON | 2017-01-24

Initial misunderstanding of service to be provided by sales agreement. Service eventually completed and I am confident future maintenance will be carried out satisfactorily.

Customer copy of service orders not provided at the time of pickup. Advised because the work was done under warranty I could pick up my copy in 3 or 4 days.


Very happy with the vehicle. Staff are friendly and accommodating. Possible miscommunication between sales and service department. Yes I would deal with them again.


Michelle Bruyere | ON | 2017-01-21

Jacques is always pleasant.

Andre Sauve | ON | 2017-01-20

Thought it was strange that my vehicle was under warranty when I had an issue with the thermostat last year. The problem happened once more this time around and had to pay out of pocket. So the dealership didn't completely fix the problem, so this time around it's on me? Had to pay $54 for really nothing.

Love Nissan. However, when a problem occurs and it's not fixed, warranty or not, Nissan didn't completely fulfill the issue. I shouldn't have to pay something that was suppose to be fixed under the warranty to begin with.


Leslie Mortimer | ON | 2017-01-20

Dealt very promptly with accident repairs, insurance etc. Very helpful, courteous etc. Job very well done, including the service!

Lorraine Mondoux | ON | 2017-01-19

very good service staff and overall work

Gilberte Donkers | ON | 2017-01-19

Love the people and very friendly and always happy with thier service !

Kevin O'Connor | ON | 2017-01-19

being honest

J-Bradley Derochie | ON | 2017-01-19

Jacques and Kelley are outstanding, friendly, courteous, a pleasure to deal with. Everyone you run into is courteous and friendly, always ready to help.

Kristine Picken | ON | 2017-01-19

Always exceptional service, I'm treated with respect and feel like one of them

Marie-Paule Millard Roderick Millard | ON | 2017-01-18

Friendly excellent service

Renee Prieur | ON | 2017-01-16

The staff was very nice and helped me out to find the right vehicle for my budget and family. I was very pleased with my service

Lynn Stang | ON | 2017-01-16

Simply excellent service.

Peggy L Ware | ON | 2017-01-15

We had a very good experience here! However, we like to book our appointments with the service department and not through calls from Toronto. We are aware of our maintenance needs and follow through on our own!

Daniel F Donati | ON | 2017-01-15

I am satisfied with the vehicle & the dealer.

Peggy L Ware | ON | 2017-01-15

We had a very good experience here! However, we like to book our appointments with the service department and not through calls from Toronto. We are aware of our maintenance needs and follow through on our own!

Daniel F Donati | ON | 2017-01-15

I am satisfied with the vehicle & the dealer.

William Mcrae | ON | 2017-01-14

These people are always on top of things. Excellent is the key word. All of the people at this business are top notch. It was an oil change and maintenance package. I have to assume they all did what they were supposed to do, they always have, that's why I continue to deal at this dealership. The work was done in the proper time frame and I was provided a list of the work done with complete explanation. What more could I want? I am absolutely pleased with the attention I receive at this dealership. Now, you survey people should have a look at your questions and perhaps re-word some of it. You can do better.

Paul Stemmler | ON | 2017-01-14

Good service

Gerald Mcbain | ON | 2017-01-12

Cornwall Nissan has a very welcoming atmosphere.

Norman T Mcnish | ON | 2017-01-10

Everyone we dealt with was very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.

Micheal Boulay | ON | 2017-01-10

Friendly service from start to finish. Dealership inspires trust. My first visit for my Rogue, but I not consider Cornwall to be "my dealership" because of it's customer care.

Diane Legault | ON | 2017-01-10

At Nissan they are always good at fitting you in when you're available to go.

Rita Hanna | QC | 2017-01-09

Because you are best

Carmen Beauregard | ON | 2017-01-09

Was very pleased with Service, since I picked up vehicle and it hadn't been washed, after sending an email to that effect, they set up an appt for me to get car washed the next day. Very professional and car was washed while I waited. Thank you.

Leanne Dumoulin | ON | 2017-01-08

Fast service

Patrick Robertson | ON | 2017-01-08

I appreciate how I am treated while I am there.

Kenneth Mclaren | ON | 2017-01-07

Service to date has been excellent

Virginie Grenier | QC | 2017-01-06

J'ai reçu un très bon service. L'équipe est dynamique et ils passent un message clair. Ils partagent de bons conseils et comprennent les besoins de leurs clients.

Mary Macdonald | ON | 2017-01-06

Cornwall Nissan is always eager to go the extra mile to help I lease my vehicle from there live out of town and prefer for any issues to go back there rather than my local dealer

William Prevost | ON | 2017-01-06

Great service good rapport with customers.

Lise Mccaffrey | ON | 2017-01-05

It was a very good experience

Paul Harrison | ON | 2017-01-04

Extremely happy with the process from start to finish. The product purchased is just icing on the cake! A big thank you!!

Craig Wilson | ON | 2017-01-03

Always get great service with the friendly staff

Melissa Papineau | ON | 2017-01-03

Great service

George Taggart | ON | 2017-01-03

From the time I called for an appointment until the repair everything was excellent

Duane Murdock | ON | 2017-01-02

I have owned cars for over 50 years, many different makes and models. I have never before dealt with such a friendly and efficient dealer. I hope to keep dealing with this dealer for many years to come.

Richard Sauve | ON | 2016-12-31

Good job guys.

John Lawson | ON | 2016-12-31

One problem was fixed but I feel there is still something wrong. We have dealt with Cornwall Nissan in the past. They have always given excellent service and the owner and staff are always very pleasant. 

Mallory Poirier | ON | 2016-12-30

Great front desk customer service, and from great reception from all employees. Was offered a ride home, which I was very thankful for. Did have to return due to new issue - engine light was on upon pick up. Was advised to come back in a few weeks if the light does not turn off. Also, I was planning to have an oil change, but did not know that my coupons expired. No date of expire on coupons that I orginally recieved. I did not make a fuss

Garry Theriault | ON | 2016-12-30

Never had a problem at this dealership

Robert Lalonde | ON | 2016-12-29

Because as always service was excellent!

Jennifer Peddar | ON | 2016-12-29

Great customer service . Speedy service

Richard Lamoureux | ON | 2016-12-28

Service was excellent. Staff pleasant and accommodating.

Paul Gaudet | ON | 2016-12-26

Very satisfied with the service department. they are friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful and courteous.

Germain Blanchard | ON | 2016-12-26

I have always had exceptional service at this dealership which is why I travel from Ottawa which is slightly one hour away from home to get this type of service. I have in the past recommended this dealership to others.

Pauline Rochon | ON | 2016-12-24

always helpful this time headlight out and they took me late in the after noon after i worked. at the service department they always helpful And my wife feels very comfortable dealing with there service department when i cannot

Jocelyne Menard | ON | 2016-12-24

Service department is always extremely helpful

Helen Periard | ON | 2016-12-23

The complete purchasing experience was wonderful. All questions were answered and every necessary detail for information was offered. As well there was the offer to contact staff with any concerns at any time after we left. Fantastic staff!

Jean L Charlebois | ON | 2016-12-23

It was a great experience.

J-Bradley Derochie | ON | 2016-12-23

Exceptional people in service, Kelly and Jacques, always a pleasure to deal with.

Michelle Ann Poulin | ON | 2016-12-23

Good service

Pamela De Boer | ON | 2016-12-22

Great service! Awesome sales team

Kathleen Wheeler | ON | 2016-12-21

Service on time, friendly staff

Robert J Raymond | ON | 2016-12-20

Every person I dealt with was professional and I am hoping that our relationship will always be as professional.

Robert And Karen Ray | ON | 2016-12-19

always awesome service

Wayne Laird | ON | 2016-12-17

Very pleased with the employees and my vehicle thank you

Mona Albers | ON | 2016-12-16

Service was friendly, accommodating and excellent. I find cost is high

Annabelle Sylvester | ON | 2016-12-16

Had no issues with the service.

Michel Quenneville | ON | 2016-12-16

very good service

Seaway Chevrolet Gm | ON | 2016-12-15

Rosco is the best

Stuart Alexander Wilson | ON | 2016-12-13

Excellent service

Heinz Glaus | ON | 2016-12-11

We like a smaler dealership, they have more time for us and are really friendly

Marie Boulet | ON | 2016-12-11

friendly service reliable technicians

James Holt | ON | 2016-12-10

Cornwall Nissan is always an outstanding group of folks to deal with. Not a bad Apple in the barrel. Q

Cindy Wattie | ON | 2016-12-10

Overall, the customer service was great and would recommend

Gregory T Harpur | ON | 2016-12-09

They were extremely professional, right from when i walked through the door. Spencer was one of the most knowledgeable sales reps i have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Spencer made sure i was well aware of all the different options that were available to me. This is one of the reasons that choosing the vehicle was quite easy. Sue is excellent!!! 5 stars across the board. A+ Would not hesitate to recommend this store. It is quite simple. The product was selling itself and the sales consultant made it that much easier to make a decision.

Dwayne Hollingsworth | ON | 2016-12-09

Service I have come to expect at Cornwall Nissan!,

Wayne Gosselin | ON | 2016-12-09

Always well served. Jacques takes good care of his customers. A keeper.

Cindy Bickerstaffe | ON | 2016-12-06

Very satisfied with the service each time I go in for maintenance or anything else

Reginald Fournier | ON | 2016-12-04

Very great service

Shirley Pitre | ON | 2016-12-02

Very satisfied customer

John Toonders | ON | 2016-12-02


Renee Adam | ON | 2016-12-01

Good service

Christopher Gallinger | ON | 2016-12-01

We have always had very good service at Cornwall NiSSAN

William Prevost | ON | 2016-12-01

Nissan service treats me like family. I am always welcome and well informed about my vehicle.

Lois Stenberg | ON | 2016-12-01

Because of the excellent honest and professional service I have experienced throughout the dealership, and the respect for customers. I have also noticed that the employees seem to enjoy working for Nissan from observed behaviours and smiles, which says a lot for a company!

David Medcalf | ON | 2016-11-30

Very understanding and accomodating! You are excellent at what you do! Keep up the good work! Dave and Mary

Sheryl Kalil | ON | 2016-11-30

Treated like I mattered by polite yet friendly staff.

Marjorie Newman | ON | 2016-11-30

Always had great service. :)

Thelma Lamoureux | ON | 2016-11-28

This is our 7th car over the years and we have always had exceptional service from Kim Delo at Nissan Cornwall.

Corrina Arsenault | ON | 2016-11-28

Staff are wonderful. Didn't rush to get the job done right. Had to take a little extra time and that was okay with me. Doesn't feel like a big corporate operation. They even know my name when I walk in now. Excellent personalized service. :)

Franco Radeschi | ON | 2016-11-28

Service is very consistent. The advisors are very up front and ready to assist.

Paul Stemmler | ON | 2016-11-27

Very happy with their service great dealership

Peggy Middleton | ON | 2016-11-26

We are pleased with the service department. Andre and Jacque are excellent to deal with. They are very both helpful.

Lise Piette | ON | 2016-11-25

This is my 3rd Nissan so obviously am very pleased. My late dad was a Nissan driver also. Keep it up. P"S" you should offer little gifts to your customers, such as something for the Sun Visor to hold the Handicap Card. Actually the only thing I don't like about my car. is the Sun Visor is too small. Thanks have a great weekend

Alicia P Phillips | ON | 2016-11-24

I never hesitate to recommend Cornwall Nissan to people. The Cornwall Nissan is an excellent team, I cannot say enough good things about this dealer. Cornwall Nissan has been our family go to for a vehicle for many years. THANK-YOU.

Cynthia Collard | ON | 2016-11-24

The staff is what makes this dealership the best!! They are so accommodating and friendly!

Jacques Chamberland | ON | 2016-11-20

As usual André and Jacques provided a great service they make you feel important., like you are a somebody and not just another customer.

Shirley Phillips | ON | 2016-11-18

Cornwall Nissan accommodates me with personal service.on every visit. This is my 5th Nissan and I drive my Nissan 's with great pride!, I love my Nissan. They are a part of my every day life.

Lise Mccaffrey | ON | 2016-11-18

Super service

Frank Hunter | ON | 2016-11-18

Exceptional service. All work done exactly as requested. Friendly service advisor.

Andre & Lorraine Cuerrier | ON | 2016-11-17

Good service, warm welcome????????

Dorothy Nadon | ON | 2016-11-17

I am happy with everything. Thank you. Happy Holidays

Heather Aye | ON | 2016-11-16

From start to finish everything went very well. Everyone at Cornwall Nissan is very friendly and helpful. Thank you.

Sydney Gardiner | ON | 2016-11-15

great customer service which will have me coming back when I purchase another vehicle

Catherine Howard-Lightstone | ON | 2016-11-15

The reason I continue to buy Nissan is because of this Service group. They are fantastic and always make it easy to have my car serviced.

Kenneth Mclaren | ON | 2016-11-14

Have always been extremely satisfied with the service from day one.

Gilberte Donkers | ON | 2016-11-12

My car battery went dead and I called NISSAN and right away they called road assistant to tow it to the garage and due to closing time called me the next day to pick it up with not a single charge, the car was newly bought ' Thanks to a great team !

Jacqueline Milner | ON | 2016-11-12

I am very pleased with the vehicle thus far and I am pleased with the service I have received thus far.

Debra Boulerice | ON | 2016-11-12

Cornwall Nissan has exceptional staff!

Deborah Perkins-Donihee | ON | 2016-11-10

It was only a couple of days later that I could smell something burning and after checking under the hood I saw that the cap to the oil container was not put back on after the oil change and there was oil splattered all over under the hood. I hope that this does not affect the motor or whatever harm could be done by not having the oil in the container. I put a liter of oil that I had in the receptacle and I drove to the Nissan dealer to have this checked. I was given a free oil change. I do hope that this episode did not damage the parts under the hood. Thank you. I would still recommend Nissan because I like Nissan for all the above questions I answered. Respectfully, DD.

Willaim A Hill | ON | 2016-11-09

this dealership has top notch sales people. they know their vehicles very well and take the time to make sure the client is pleased every step of the purchase....and the owner is very people oriented too. very pleased...

Michael Mcnamara | ON | 2016-11-09

It was a pleasant, friendly experience.

Suzanne Parent | ON | 2016-11-09

I was not advised of the winter tire program until I asked, and am disappointed to see rust on the winter tire rims provided for my one month old Juke. I had operational questions about phone, but was misinformed (corrected by the sales person) and was not advised that the "Check Tire Pressure" warning signal would remain on all winter until after the fact, when I returned to the service dept. thinking there was still a problem. Overall, I am very satisfied, but am being truthful to assist you to know what issues can affect your clients opinion.

Jamie Wheeler | ON | 2016-11-08

I wasn't told how long the appointment would be when I booked the appointment, and I had my 3 yr old son with me. We were there for almost 2hrs.

Jo-Ann Atchison | ON | 2016-11-07

Friendly courteous staff, vey efficient and timely service

Krzysztof Dawidowicz | ON | 2016-11-05

Très bonne voiture

Gerald Paquette | ON | 2016-11-05

I don't beleive anyone is perfect but you guys are very good

Raymond Brunet | ON | 2016-11-04

excellent staff

Gerald Mcbain | ON | 2016-11-04

I brought my rogue in for new snow tires. My summer tires were 18 inch . The wheels and tires installed were 17 inch . I noticed this at home and went back the next day.My spare is an 18 inch so I wanted to see if that was going to be a concern. They said it was okay to have an 18 as a spare with the 17s as my regular tires. I took their word and left.

I have always been happy with the service at this dealership but was disappointed that a different size tire was put on. As long as there is not a safety concern I am okay with it.

Beverly Ross-Leroux | ON | 2016-11-03

I have been dealing with Nissan Cornwall since 2008 and I've had excellent experiences with this dealership.

Timothy Porter | ON | 2016-11-03

Spencer Roberts has excellent inter personal skills. while I really went in to get a two-wheel drive I was told non available so continued investigating the lease arrangements with the AWD. Spencer did a good job answering my prepared questions. Did not feel that I needed a test drive but one was offered. (previous 2008 Rogue owner). Good service from Jill and forgave me when I forgot my cheque! Have been a regular customer since 2013. With a walker found it a bit crowded in the north side parking lot. Got it done Service (Jacques)has been helpful and informative. Sales team as reported above were good at their work.

Patricia Beveridge | ON | 2016-11-03

After returning the loaner car, I discovered I had left my wallet in that car. When I returned they had it waiting for me!!

Carol Hill | ON | 2016-11-03

Had I known the service was 45mins to a hour behind I would've gladly re-scheduled. Not please it took almost 2.5 hrs. When I was told it would take a hour and a half. I also noticed my car didn't actually get into the shop until 3:15 when my appointment was at 2:30

Brian Lachapelle | ON | 2016-11-03

done on time and Jacques in service very helpful

Janice Ingram | ON | 2016-11-03

Excellent, quick, friendly .. quality service

Nathalie Marie Duchesne | ON | 2016-11-02

It is my tird nissan purchased at this dealer .. And Spencer my sale rep is fantastic... But i wish i could have had a 12 months free with sirus radio...

James Mathieson | ON | 2016-11-02

We are always extremely satisfied with the service at this dealership. We have recommended them often and friends have purchased vehicles from them as a result.

Donna Cooper | ON | 2016-11-02

My first service visit I asked to have new wipers installed due to noise and scraping on the windshield. This noise and scraping was still evident on my last visit. The advisor gave me a lame explanation of why they should be fine, but I insisted they be changed. Work fine ever sinwonder. ce. Did o really get new wipers on my first visit? Makes me e

I asked if the tire rotation had been done and was told it was not needed as no wear was showing. I thought this was the whole purpose of a rotation. So no wear occurs. I let this go as winter tires will soon be installed. However I am not sure what purpose these service visits are supposed to benefit. Not the consumer.

James Hutt | ON | 2016-11-02

Because I find they take to long to fix vehicles.

Richard Sauve | ON | 2016-11-01

Great service.

Michel Quenneville | ON | 2016-11-01

not impress of having to find out that storage of tire was 50$ &having to pay for installation of tire which I was not informed.but very friendly people

Pamela Primeau | ON | 2016-11-01

very happy with Nissan micra and Nissan dealership

Marie Schuler | ON | 2016-10-30

Tire pressure sensor light on. Told that because the temperature had been fluctuating, this is common. When I picked up the car, the sensor is still on. I would have expected it to be reset. Very fast, friendly, accommodating. Offered a ride, offered a vehicle.Work completed in a timely fashion.

Marlene Urquhart | ON | 2016-10-30

Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Very good experience

Sheila Trudell | ON | 2016-10-30

I am overwhelmed with how friendly the staff at Cornwall Nissan are.

Norma Rouleau | ON | 2016-10-29

The staff are exceptionally good to me. They pick up and return my car. Very convenient. Pleasant group.

Lorraine Cartier | ON | 2016-10-28

We are very pleased with Jacques and the staff that go the extra mile in always providing excellent service

William Paquette | ON | 2016-10-27

Been dealing with Cornwall Nissan for 13 years.Service has always been great; Kim Delo is fantastic as is Steve the sales manager. The service team is second to one. Andre, Jacques, Kelly, Mike in parts & the shop crew are great. They all care about you & work to make sure you are satisfied. They are an asset to Mr. Gabriels dealership and also to Nissan Canada. Because of this I have sent many friends & family to purchase Nissan products over the years & all have been satisfied. Gaby & his team are second to none!

Lynsey Whaley | ON | 2016-10-27

I got great service

Andre Giguere | ON | 2016-10-26

Work not complete because parts not available. I found extremely expensive to have the window control switch replaced. Close to $400. For something that I feel should not have failed.

Robert M Whittaker | ON | 2016-10-26

It was a pleasure to deal with the Sales Consultant, the General Manager and the Business Manager

Leona Delormier | ON | 2016-10-24

The service people are vary accommodating. Tell me exactly what needs to be done and no surprises.

Denise M Therriault | ON | 2016-10-24

Great all around

Rejean Patenaude | ON | 2016-10-23

the experience was very pleasant

Monique Lebrun-Thompson | ON | 2016-10-22

I always have great service

Yvan Landry | ON | 2016-10-22

They were so amazing. Customer service 100 percent.

Esther Abele | ON | 2016-10-20

Great service. Thank you Esther

Lisa Burelle | ON | 2016-10-20

The service staff is exceptional at Cornwall Nissan. I always get great service. They are always smiling and happy. Keep up the great work

Ronald Chartrand | ON | 2016-10-20

Arrived late to pick up my car....they were waiting for me....Thanks

Jose Martin | ON | 2016-10-19

Amazing customer service and I can trust that I am driving a safe car. Thank you!

Lawrence Gaunce | ON | 2016-10-19

Excellent service whenever I go there. Always polite, easy going, friendly and helpful. They are always concerned the my needs and those of others I have observed are met.

Lorraine Mondoux | ON | 2016-10-19

they are all very nice people. exceptional is kim with sales

Joan Degan | ON | 2016-10-19

Exceptional service, friendly, professional.

Wanda Thompson | QC | 2016-10-17

The customer service was great! I was going out of town that day and she squeezed me in at the earliest she could. That was very considerate of her and i greatly appreciate it.

Cameron Wood | ON | 2016-10-16

I was very happy with the service. thank you.

Janice Kenneally | ON | 2016-10-16

staff very friendly and helpful

Myles Hitchmough | QC | 2016-10-15

My car was towed following an accident and Cornwall Nissan were extremely helpful all the staff were helpful especially Andre Garreau Thank you to them all

Wanda Thomas | ON | 2016-10-15

The staff treat you like a person explain what is being done

Kevin A Amyotte | ON | 2016-10-15

Overall satisfaction

Lorraine Lalande Gabriel Lalande | ON | 2016-10-15

Excellent !!!!

Caroline Roy | ON | 2016-10-14

the customer care people were excellent and went through everything very carefully and made sure I was happy before I left. Felipe was very patient and made sure my bluetooth was fixed before I left. and the gentleman at the counter for my oil change was very friendly and made sure I was in contact with the right man to do the job

Susan Hess | ON | 2016-10-13

They were wonderful?

Csilla Forgo | ON | 2016-10-12

Excellent service and information on recalls and the speed it was taken care of... thank you

William Prevost | ON | 2016-10-12

Great staff working at Cornwall Nissan. All are very friendly and informative. I feel very welcome and comfortable being there.

Patrick Robertson | ON | 2016-10-12

I love the online booking idea, perfect for someone that is working. They always have a smile. The work bay is always clean. And they never try to push other services on you. Best dealership garage I have been too.

Kathryn L Lauzon | ON | 2016-10-11

Thank you so much for all the help, from our sales rep, manager, financial manager and Jacques in service (whom is always kind, helpful and professional) and to all the people who works with him. I tried all of the alerts in Cornwall, but kept coming back to the Nissan Rouge! I love it! I loved my Nissan Altima as well. It was a great car and treated us very very well. Kathy Lauzon, Cornwall, Ontario

Rheal Leger | ON | 2016-10-08

Pleasant and accommodating people Service available on short notice

Jo-Anne Bettany | ON | 2016-10-07

I enjoy going there.

Bonnie Graham | ON | 2016-10-06

I am always pleased with the service and the friendly employees at Cornwall Nissan.

Wayne Laird | ON | 2016-10-06

We scored this way simply because we were treated like family at the first time walking around the dealership..Thank you for the excellent service.

Jennifer D Walker Lalonde | ON | 2016-10-06

Very helpful and personable. I will be recommending Nissan Cornwall to anyone looking for a new vehicle.

Mary Campeau | ON | 2016-10-04

It's a pleasure going in an knowing your important to Nissan as a customer and Jacques goes above and beyond. I feel that the service in every aspect deserves a 10.

John Lariviere | ON | 2016-10-04

Overall I'm pleased with the sales and service team at Cornwall, Nissan. I am concerned that they will not be able to correct this ongoing problem within the 3 year warranty. I had a similar issue with our 2007 Versa, also purchased at Cornwall, Nissan and I was just put off saying wait until the spring, they all make that rattle......etc...then the warranty ran out.

Amanda Nyman | ON | 2016-10-04

This last experience was very good. I am still a little put off by the previous one. But this last one certainly helped.

Brian Hunt | ON | 2016-10-04

The ease of doing business with Cornwall Nissan is what I value most. Initially I was going to trade my 2013 Altima for a 2016 Murano (and would have if the value of my 2011 Murano SL was higher). However, Spencer and I looked at different options including the new 2017 Maxima. The lease rate was very favorable and it was a nice driving car. No brainer. Thanks to Steve and Spencer for putting the deal together and for getting me out of my existing lease early with no issues.

Barbara Regli | ON | 2016-10-03

Everything was very well organized.

Lise Mccaffrey | ON | 2016-10-02

Very satisfying service.

Gary Linnen | ON | 2016-10-01

Good quick apt plus service

Elizabeth Majewski | ON | 2016-09-30

Besides the schedule work I was to have recall problem taken care of. You think that the parts needed to fix recall issue would be on hand and not have to be ordered. Means another day off/tied up for the same issue. The rest was well done

Sydney Gardiner | ON | 2016-09-30

great staff all around very accomodating

Mikaela A Beaudette | ON | 2016-09-29

Kim Delo is amazing! Kim let me know all of my options and made sure I understood everything because this was my first car purchase. They all treated me really well. Sue went out of her way to make sure I really understood the payments and how it all worked. Everything was explained to me really well. And when there was a little problem with the seat belt covers, everyone was so helpful in getting them fixed right away.

As this was my first car purchase, my mom and I went to a lot of places to look at cars. My mom deals with Nissan and brought me there and they were so nice! And they spoke directly to me and not my mom. That made a big difference to me since I was the one buying the car!

Richard Seguin | ON | 2016-09-29

Everybody seem to be happy to sell me a auto & I did not get the feeling they were trying to rip me off. Good Job everyone. Richard

John J Toonders | ON | 2016-09-28

Very happy with the experience, no pressure on the first visit. Had a chance to compare and take my tme. I am a little concerned about fuel milage but love the truck.

Brian Doyle | ON | 2016-09-28

The vehicle in question is my second vehicle from Cornwall Nissan. I use it as a commuter and travel on average between 900 and 1200 kilometres per week. For that reason, my service intervals are quite frequent so I've gotten to know the folks at Cornwall Nissan. I never feel any pressure dealing with them. I never have any trouble booking an appointment that meets my schedule. When they make service recommendations for my vehicle they make them with my safety and security in mind, and not just whar they can sell, like I've seen from other dealerships. After every tire rotation, they take the time to remind me to stop by to re-torque the lugs after 100km since I do so mich highway (which in my case could be the same or next day) and when I arrive someone quickly meets me at my vehicle with a torque wrench and I'm on my way in minutes. Long story short, the entire team at Cornwall Nissan does their absolute best to keep their customers SAFE and Satisfied!

Therese Lacroix | ON | 2016-09-27

great experience!

Janie St-Jean Norman St-Jean | ON | 2016-09-27

Super nice staff!!!

David Mcmullen | ON | 2016-09-27

Very efficient, clean and friendly service, The occasional complementary car wash is a nice touch also.

Ronald Currie | ON | 2016-09-26

I was very impressed with all aspects of my visit.

Marion Elizabeth Short | ON | 2016-09-26

All my service experiences at Cornwall Nissan have been very pleasant. This car has been well cared for. I really appreciated the quickness of getting this new car after my accident.

Armand Pilon Jeannine Pilon | ON | 2016-09-24

This was my third Nissan with this dealership. Need I say more?

M A Suzanne Parent | ON | 2016-09-24

Spencer was very attentive right up to closing the deal, but immediately after and before I was ready to drive off the lot, I was left on my own while he attended to other prospective clients. In my quality world, I would have liked to feel special right up until I was off the lot :D

I did ask to pickup earlier than originally agreed, and the dealership met my request. The young lad who oriented me to my new Juke was very patient and explained in everyday language that I could understand. The result is that I am enjoying every detail my Juke has to offer me. :D


I had been to two Nissan dealerships in Ottawa (Huntclub & 417) and was left feeling like I was an inconvenience to the sales department. In fact at 417 - they spread like cockroaches when I entered. When I asked to take a Juke out for a test drive, I was told they didn't have one at Huntclub (after I'd booked an appt. to test drive one) and 417 Nissan told me they couldn't get it out of the show room for he to test drive. At Cornwall, Spencer held the door open for me and welcomed me to the show room. I was sold before I even took the car for a ride.

Lynn Stang | ON | 2016-09-24

Everything from stepping foot into the parking lot to trying out the Nissan Rogue, was such a great and most friendly experience, everyone was so friendly and answered all our questions in the most professional way, it was easy to make our decision as it's not always about buying a vehicle, it's also about customer service. Thank you for such professional and friendly service!

J Luc Groulx | ON | 2016-09-21

I am and have been a customer for many years at Cornwall Nissan. I am loyal to this garage because of the friendly interpersonal relationship and the quality of their work.

Brian Whitford | ON | 2016-09-19

I felt like one of the family... Jeff was great and Steve also....Jill went out other way to hep. Us get our vehicle..thank you so much Nissan. We love. Our new car

Steven Durocher | ON | 2016-09-19

Great service overall.

Reginald Fournier | ON | 2016-09-19

Very satisfied

Carolyn Bernard | ON | 2016-09-17

Did not deal with salesman directly. Been Nissan customer for years and mechanic Bob Ray and Service attendant Jacques Lavoie convinced me to come try New Rogue after started looking at other brands. Dealt directly with sales Manager as deal had been worked out with Mr. Ray whose opinion I value. Sales Manager Steve perfect for no-nonsense me who was ready to buy and his asst who is a sales trainee helped me out lots as well

I would not have bought this vehicle which I did not "love" as much as another. It is the staff, specifically Bob Ray and Jacques Lavoie that sold the deal for me. Because I trust them and value their service, I bought at Nissan again. And Steve was just as helpful , wonderful and Sue in Finance. They made me feel valued, so I bought there


Very personable.. And helpful. No-nonsense down to eart. Sue is really good with the public

I have forgotten his name, but there was a new sales trainee working with Steve. Very helpful and helped me understand my vehicle that had way more "buttons" than I was used to. I bought a "loaded" vehicle and oh boy, overwhelming. He was calm, explained in simple language and helped me understand. Great young man who will do very well I believe


I have been a Nissan customer since 1999 and keep coming back. I debated this year because I did not love the vehicles as much, but the staff at this dealership is what brought me back.

I have to be honest, I am not as happy with the styles Nissan has gone to- too curvy and too low. Technology is comparable. What sold me was the offers but especially the staff at the Cornwall Nissan.. I recommend this delearship solely based on the people who work there. The vehicles are sturdy and do well if well maintained, which this delearship does well.

Karen Delorme | ON | 2016-09-17

So pleased with my new Nissan Micra its the car I truly wanted so it was a nice and exciting experience.

Alicia P Phillips | ON | 2016-09-14

From the very beginning, we knew that the car up grade was going to be positive experience, not rushed, very knowledgeable at Cornwall Nissan

Diane Legault | ON | 2016-09-14

The staff is exceptional! I didn't have to wait long. It's always a pleasure to go to Nissan!

Kim Loran | ON | 2016-09-14

My sales representative always help me any way she can. I can go to her anytime and she makes time for me. Any problems I have she goes out of her way to fix it no matter how small, I really like how most of the employees at Cornwall Nissan know me by my first name.

Lorraine Mondoux | ON | 2016-09-14

I have never had a problem at this dealership. kim I am sure is the friendless lady around.she is very knowledegable about her cars and very polite.

David Launiere | ON | 2016-09-13

everyone at the dealership is so friendly and dedicated to get you the best deal and the type of car that best suit's your needs. I am so proud to be part of the Nissan family and i know that we will be well taken care of.

Nancy Hanna | ON | 2016-09-13

This is our 8th vehicle purchased from Cornwall Nissan. Because of the fabulous service, sales and overall satisfaction we won't go anywhere else but Cornwall Nissan and we live in Brockville! Thank you for making another Nissan purchase such a pleasure.

Eric Laframboise | ON | 2016-09-12

Always friendly. Willing to accommodate.

Michel Leger And Lianna Leger | ON | 2016-09-09

Every time we go in there we feel welcome, everyone is so professional, friendly. There awesome

Lise Piette | ON | 2016-09-08

This is my third NIssan. I bought them brand new, one in 1987, 2010 and this one 2016. I never had any problem whatsoever.

Nelson Perry | ON | 2016-09-08


Denise Cole | ON | 2016-09-07

my appts are always different then the date or time I'm given on the phone. I came in for a recall and asked for them to check a tinny sounding rattling under the car. i ciuld even visually see a piece hanging from the car. i was told when picking up the car it was my sunglsses rattling. really? my sunglasses r on my face when I'm driving.They said they took care of the problem but it was still rattling on the way home. Within 2days the piece was dragging on the ground and I pulled it off myself.

Brian Lachapelle | ON | 2016-09-07

my car was towed in and the service advisor, Jaques Charron did all he could to repair the car in as easy an operation as possible. The entire process was completed over the phone.. very satisfied .

Ginette Marleau | ON | 2016-09-06

The service is excellent and the staff is very friendly

Christine Marie Delage Robertson | ON | 2016-09-06

The service was excellent. The staff was amazing did not feel rushed or pressured. I worked late and showed up 20 minutes late for my pick up appointment and the staff never made me feel like I was late at all. They were truly amazing.

Peter W Moo | ON | 2016-09-04

We were very impressed by Cornwall Nissan. The price was unbeatable, and the customer service was excellent.

Garry Theriault | ON | 2016-09-03

Done quickly no problem and on my way, coffee was ready.

Daniel F Donati | ON | 2016-09-03

I have always loved Nissan's cars & I am very satisfied with my dealer.

Melanie Lalonde | ON | 2016-09-03

i really enjoyed that the sales rep wasnt pressuring me and seeing what i was looking for in a car. I knew he wanted the sale but respected the fact that i was looking around. As a new employee im sure its difficult to get clientel but he did really well dealing with my dad. Last time i got a car i was asked if i wanted certain accessories and this time i wasnt. I would have purchased a few things. I would definitely recommend the company to others.

Shane Greer | ON | 2016-09-02

I did not get the same service as last visit although I had better service this time I find it not consistant

Pauline Legault | ON | 2016-09-01

So far never had any problems what's so ever The persons who work there are very nice and i specify the service department I'd never go to any dealer than yours.

Marie Paul Vanderveen | ON | 2016-09-01

Just felt really good about how I was treated.

Agathe Graveley | ON | 2016-09-01

service was always great very frriendly atmosphere

Glen Grant | ON | 2016-08-16

The Service Consultant was very informative and his timelines for completion was very accurate. He also offered driving service but it was not needed.

Patrick Robertson | ON | 2016-08-16

I would of liked a Friday but when I called it was extremely busy and they had no openings. Spoke to a gentleman on the phone, was extremely polite and helpful. 

Rajnikant Patel | ON | 2016-08-16

great very good customer service by Kelly ,explain in details what has done.

William Paquette | ON | 2016-08-16

Vehicle had a recall re air bag.Everything was done very efficiently & they did a full check of vehicle while it was there. Always clean & neat plus great service staff.A huge asset to Nissan. Always great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Staff is second to none.Always great.You are somebody & not a number. 

Been driving Nissan products since 2003 Altima SL.Because ofproduct quality, dealer & service, family members have purchased Nissan vehicles over the years & also friends & neighbours. When looking for a suv I looked at all lines available, even though some of the competitors were less expensive & some even had more features for a few thousand less, I stayed with Cornwall Nissan because of the dealer Mr.Gabriel & also the sales staff (Kim Delo) & all the others including Andre Jacques Kelly & all the rest of the team. Why go anywhere else when you have the product dealer staff & service. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jean Samson | ON | 2016-08-16

Jacques is always exceptional to deal with. He has always treated myself and all those around him with courtesy and and a smile. Always clean and comfortable. Reading material could be improved. Always helpful to accommodate you while servicing vehicle! Nissan product & dealership has met all my car needs for past 12 years. Expect to continue my relationship with Nissan when my next lease comes up.

Leo Hanton | ON | 2016-08-16

Jacque always ready to accommodate an appointment. Jacques is always ready with a smile and very courteous and informative. Staff is always ready with a smile (Dave,Spencer ect..)and someone always makes sure you're comfortable in the lounge. Thank you for asking....

Howard Ross | ON | 2016-08-16

Service Consultant was awsome. Its why i come back. The Service facilities are Impressive could use coffee and donuts. Lol. Its the people at cornwall nissan. High standards.

Paul Pelletier | ON | 2016-08-16

It is always a pleasure to visit Cornwall Nissan. I like my Nissan Rogue and I like Cornwall Nissan. Always very friendly, first name basis. 

Lisette Robinson | ON | 2016-08-16

Excellent service, very friendly staff...

Edward Gallagher | QC | 2016-08-16

Recall was sent to me. Shortly after first recall letter I received a second one. I called and was given an appointment to fix both recalls. When I got there they were able to do only one recall as they didn't have the part for the second recall. I am hoping that when they get the part they will reschedule me for another appointment. As I live in Dollard Des Ormeaux it is not close but I am willing to go as the group there in Cornwall is very pleasant and most accommodating. Always friendly and very accommodating. Very efficient! We have been very satisfied overall with Cornwall Nissan! 



Elisabeth Beauchemin | ON | 2016-08-16

Excellent. Appointment time was honoured and very friendly and efficient service. I couldn't ask for better Serivce ConsultantVery welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The courteous and friendly service. Best dealer I have ever dealt with. 

Ronald Currie | ON | 2016-08-16

Friendly and helpful

Sheryl Kalil | ON | 2016-08-15

I was reviewing your website and looking at vehicles and customer satisfaction reports prior to going in to the show room. I saw my reps name in a thank you letter. I was happy to see the name of someone I knew.

Kim Delo took all the time I needed to get me set up in e car. She was wonderful hooking everything up and personalizing my vehicle. Kim did call me twice in the following two weeks to be sure all was good. I appreciated that.


Roberta A And Christopher R Bailey | ON | 2016-08-15

Spence is always available to us and gives us the best deal possible. Everything was done for us in a timely manner. and was explained fully. The vehicle was cleaned and waxed and looked very good. Staff is always friendly and accommodating. This is our 4th Nissan. Because of the quality of the vehicle and the knowledgeability of the staff we keep coming back. We enjoy our experience at Nissan very much. Everyone knows us well and welcomes us every time we come in.

Marie Bissonnette | ON | 2016-08-15

I was very excited to get my new car and Jeff was very good at explaining all the features of my new car. He was very polite and courteous. I found everyone to be very polite and nice. Everyone was very friendly. I've been telling everyone about my cute Nissan Juke.

Kelly Fawcett-Mathers | ON | 2016-08-15

Jeff was extremely helpful and genuinely interested in helping us find exactly what we were looking for. 

Roger Delorme | ON | 2016-08-15

Extremely pleased with Jeff. He was honest and very oourteous,and knows the the vehicle in depth.

Jason E Racine | ON | 2016-08-15

My Wife & I were in the lot for a matter of a minute. Jeff walked out & shook both our hands & asked what we were looking for. At first I thought about the Rogue But I changed my mind to look at the Sentra. I am very pleased how I was treated. I would recommend them to any of my family & friends.

Sue looked after all the paper work. All I had to do was contact my insurance company to tell them I leased a new car. I am so pleased that Sue knows her stuff. Very pleasant lady.

I went in on Saturday afternoon & they told me it will be ready Thursday. My wife worked till 7pm we went right after she finished work. Jeff was waiting for us. He should us everything. Paperwork was done & we were driving it off the lot within a half hour.

Very clean & everyone is very friendly. They take there time in going over everything in full detail. Nothing was left un said. A Plus. ery nice staff. As soon as you get out of your vehicle & walk on to the lot someone is there to greet you.

Scott C Milne | ON | 2016-08-15

Miss Delo is very social and makes you feel comfortable. She knows the products well and doesn't try to push things we weren't interested in. 

Sue was another social person who knew her products well. She helped make this buying a vehicle experience a good one.

Mindy Pitre | ON | 2016-08-15

Spencer was great. We got the best price quickly over the phone and no other dealers could match it.

Keith Kerr | ON | 2016-08-15

Friendly, knowledgeable and gave us space! Best dealership experience I have had with vehicle purchase (done this at least 13 times before). Jonah was very informative and efficient.

Andre Bourgon | ON | 2016-08-15

The entire staff at Cornwall Nissan is very helpful.

Shirley Alguire | ON | 2016-08-15

Kim is friendly,good knowledge of vehicle, not a pushy sales rep as some are. Sales rep phoned a few days after purchase asking if she might help us on anything in regards to the vehicles features. Very much appreciated.

Ashley Sanders Catherine Sanders | ON | 2016-08-15

Sales supervisor was extremely helpful and willing to go the extra mile

Peggy Middleton | ON | 2016-08-15

Spencer Roberts was quick and efficient to introduce himself to Kevin and I when we first came to the dealership. He was very personable and knowledgeable. He was great on finding the car which I wanted.

This is my 2nd Altima car and Spencer knew what I would like and appreciate with my new purchase. He explained the new features well and not in a condescending way which I truly find refreshing.

Spencer is a kind, young man who is truly an asset to the sales department. He is professional, helpful, kind and considerate. Kevin and I have been very pleased with him.

The business is a wonderful place where you feel like a person and not a number. It has a nice "family" feel.

The owner, Gaby, took time to speak with Kevin and I. He was genuinely concerned that Kevin and I were happy with the purchase of our new vehicle. Kevin and I appreciated his sincerity on wanting our business, and making sure our requests were met.

The Nissan dealership in Cornwall has great representation from the owner, sales consultant and service department. Keep up the good work.

Richard Parisien | ON | 2016-08-15

Very friendly. I didn't go in buy a vehicle at this time, but discussion without pressure encouraged me to buy. It went fast and I was pleased with the service. Very impressed with the delivery time.


Howaida Gabriel | ON | 2016-07-03

Thank you so much to Gaby president and owner of Cornwall Nissan for the fast and efficient service in purchasing our new Murano Sl , we love it and thanks to his team Steve, Jill and Kim this is our fourth Nissan vehicle we are always greeted with professionalism and always given 5 star service , top notch team , thanks a million

William Paquette | ON | 2016-06-09

Andre & the rest of service consultants are #1 in my book. Service was warranty related.Excellent work & service performed. Great people to deal with.Friendly, almost like family.

I have purchased & leased 5 new vehicles since 2003.The reason I keep going back is not only because of the high quality vehicles but also because of Mr. Gabriel & his total team.They are all very professional.It is a pleasure to do business with them.Because of this I brought my son & his wife,they are on their 3rd vehicle.I also recommend Cornwall Nissan to many people for the aforementioned reasons.My older brother will also be dealing with them very soon because of the product & service.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!Nissan Canada is very fortunate to have that team in Cornwall,everyone is fantastic,sales, office, service. BRAVO TO Cornwall Nissan. l team

James Baldry | ON | 2016-05-02

Cornwall nissan went above and beyond our expectations - it was fantastic. Extremely clean and representable. The extreme willingness too work with us. 

Sonya Latour | ON | 2016-05-02

Very nice..we'll informed. I told them what I wanted they gave me a price and it was a done deal. They went through the whole vehicle and explained all the features. They took their time and explained everything to me and also synced my Bluetooth to the vehicle. Very clean, modern and comfortable inside and out..very organized. Very nice experience. Professional

Dianne Bowen | ON | 2016-05-02

All was great. I decided to lease but perhaps I will buy next time. Very very nice. Wish all business were that great.

Blair Caskenette | ON | 2016-05-02

Very informative...great knowledge of products..very courteous ...overall awesome experience! Fair price on my trade in...financing really knew her stuff and made me feel very relaxed...explanation of everything was very complete and informative. Very pleased with the delivery and the explanation of all the features. Very clean and organized...awesome friendly atmosphere! Overall friendliness of everyone...really made buying my car a great experience. 

Csilla Forgo | ON | 2016-05-02

Our sales consultant was Spencer from the moment we were introduced Spencer was extremely knowledgeable, honest and totally informative as to our specific wants and needs..therefore with Spencer's helpfulness we obtained the perfect vehicle for us... Our vehicle was delivered to us spotless and Spencer arranged for us to obtain an awesome set of floor mats at no charge..thank you Spencer... The Spencer took the time to set up our phone and explain the cars funtions thoroughly...

Spacious and bright lots of friendly helpful people manager was there when we needed some advice or information... Many cars to look at large lot and many service bays...nice areas to talk with the sales rep and the financial room was nicely secluded...

Jill the lady that helped us with all the paper work was extremely pleasant and totally efficient in explaining all the details to us...very professional ..thank you Jill...

The experience of obtaining a new vehicle through Nissan Cornwall was very informative and a awesome experience for us...

No pressure what so ever our experience with Nissan Cornwall was truly a pleasure for us...thank you...


William Griese | ON | 2016-05-02

Both my spouse and I are repeat customers of Cornwall Nissan. Their service is excellent.

John Adams | ON | 2016-05-02

Kim was very knowledgeable and helpful returning calls as necessary to answer my questions.

Wanda Thompson | ON | 2016-05-02

They were very friendly and helpful. I felt good about trading my vehichle. I did't have to worry about a thing. They took care of everything for me. I was given business cards and given the permission to call whenever i needed to. If i had questions or concerns to call anytime. They were very helpful and explained things clearly. I was very excited to purchase a new vehichle with Nissan. I needed change and they put me in a beautiful vehichle. More importantly, my son absolutely loves the new Rogue! So thank you for your great costomer service. I greatly appreciate it. I appreciate that kind of costumer service. Thank you so much. I love my new Rogue, i can't wait to take it on a long road trip!

William Paquette | ON | 2016-05-02

Kim Delo is a very professional sales agent. Knows her product very well. This my fith Nissan vehicle since 2003, have always had great service & Kim shows great concern for your needs & requirements. She is a great asset to Cornwall Nissan. When I was managing a major furniture store I would have loved to have her on my team. Very easy to deal with them. Cornwall Nissan team from sales to office to service very willing to do what needed to be done. It has been that way since I began buying or leasing vehicles since 2003. I asked for a couple of things to be done when I picked up my vehicle that I had forgotten to ask & they were done with no problem. Again this is why I like to deal with this dealer & his team. Very easy to deal with them. Mr.Gabriel & the whole Cornwall Nissan team is second to none

Cornwall Nissan is an asset to Nissan Canada. From Mr. Gabriel the owner to the service staff like Andre & Jacques, the sales & office staff & the service technicians it is very hard to find better. You are treated like a friend & not a number. It is one great dealership. Bravo Cornwall Nissan

William Mcrae | ON | 2016-05-02

Highly professional and efficient. Reasonable and timely. On time as promised - organized and thorough. Neat and clean. staffed with good people. This is probably my fifth car purchased from this dealership. I am pleased with all aspects of the way they do business. I know that Cornwall Nissan will look after me.

Sharon Lavoie | ON | 2016-05-02

Steve was great to deal with. Steve took the time to explain everything to me in the sales of the car.Kim was very helpful also. Jill is my hero. She is very knowledgeable and sure knows her business. Jill sure took all the time I needed to help me. Great Lady. I know all the service dept. workers. This is my 5 Nissan. Jacques is the best..... 

Lucie Morin | ON | 2016-05-02

Extended warranty I should have taken it for 20,000km/year. instead of the 15,000km/year. I travel to Ottawa 2-3 times a month and did not think of this extra mileage. I went back the next business day and tried to change it but was told too late.

Speedometer dash was not properly installed and winter tires were not on rims as per our request

Barbara Taylor | ON | 2016-03-31

Spencer was an excellent representative of Nissan products, very helpful and was extremely helpful and courteous. Jill was very knowledgable and very nice and friendly lady. Very clean and all personnel were very friendly and helpful - also coffee and donut was appreciated.

Jo-Ann Atchison | ON | 2016-03-31

The Sales Rep was able to give us different options to suit our budget. He allowed us to test drive different size vehicles but gave recommendations to maintain budget limit. Knowledgeable and courteous. He gave us time and privacy to discuss purchase, financing was agreeable and understood. Was informed if I did not understand any of the features following explanation to feel free to return and will review again. He detailed overview of the financing, overview of the car repeating use of features that initially I did not understand how to use. Negotiations were at desk in showroom which were open to public. Financing took place in a closed office for privacy. The Sales rep did not attempt to sell a vehicle beyond our budget means. He remained focus on what was available and options for sale

Donald Cameron | ON | 2016-03-31

Excellent. No problem setting up an appointment. Very flexible. The service was for a recall. A very positive experience. Very friendly, fast service. I waited there. Service was quicker than I expected. The fact that someone came out as soon as I arrived, and as I was leaving, to walk me to and from my car to make sure I didn't slip on the ice. I was impressed. Staff always friendly and helpful at Cornwall Nissan.

Henrietta Charbonneau | ON | 2016-03-31

I always chat with one of the service agents and they are very courteous and polite. They always work around my schedule and if I drop my vehicle befor work, they are ready to get me to work on time. Great service at all times. Over the years I have leased 5 vehic,Es, so I have a long standing relationship with my dealer. I only service my Nissan at the dealer so they know me well, know what I expect and bend over backwards to fulfill my needs. The friendliness of all the staff makes me feel welcome. I know that my Nissan dealer and his staff value my business. That is important to me. I have loved every vehicle I have owned!

Veronica Robertson | ON | 2016-03-31

Their std prices for maintenance services much better priced than in Kingston...that is why I drive to Cornwall where I purchased the car. The staff is always very friendly at Cornwall Nissan no matter who you speak with. I have never been disappointed when I call nor go to the dealership directly as they always make your feel welcome not a hindrance. Always wanting to help in any way they can. I LOVE my Nissan Altima but I would not just go to any Nissan Dealership...Cornwall is the best by far that I have dealt with :)

Barbara Guest | Ontario | 2016-03-01

Best service ever

Rukus Cage | Ontario | 2015-12-20

Dear Cornwall Nissan I purchased 2 Vehicles from you guys in the Past a Brand new 2012 Nissan Maxima & a 2014 new 370z with no problems I come All the way from Ottawa The other Day I was having problem with my new Infiniti & came into your Service Department and had my car checked out I have always Received good Service from you guys until i met your new Service Adviser Kellie Lalonde & because of her Rudeness & Attitude & poor customer Service skills I will not be returning to Cornwall Nissan she treated me like i was driving a Kia she needs to take the time too listen to your customer needs instead of Rambling on & on about stuff I dont need to know about like her love life etc etc Merry Christmas Cornwall Nissan

John Sattler | ON | 2015-11-25

Received a text message asking for a review of your service. My partner mad an appointment several weeks ago to have the new snow tires on rims installed purchased with the two new Versa Notes earlier in the year. The appointment was for 2:00 P.M. by 3:00 P.M. the cars had not moved. I realize it may have been a busy day but the appointment was for a tire rotation only on both cars. After 4:00 P.M. they were finally ready, two hours later. I could have done both of these cars myself in an hour and I will do the next time. When we went to drive away, I noticed that Simopne's wheel covers were installed but mine were not. After reaching home I attempted to install them on my car. They would not go on. The next day I returned to Nissan to have then installed and was informed they could not be because the rims were OEM rims and not Nissan rims. I purchase a brand new automobile and expensive Michelin tires and the rims installed are not Nissan???

Isabella & James Mthieson | ON | 2015-11-10

This is not our first Nissan as well as our second used vehicle (not a Nissan) also came from Cornwall Nissan and Spencer has been wonderful each time, Always speaks to em when in for service. Calls me by name and reembers little deatil about my family so that you feel that he cares and is interested in us. We are always pleased or wouldn't go back. We obtained the vehicle much faster than I expected or thought possible. Quick and hassle free. Spencer even helped us clean out our belongings from our old vehicle. Whole dealership treats us like family. It starts at the top with Gaby, sales manager, service manager, Spencer and all the staff. Even the shuttle driver knows me by name and knows where I work. A wonderful dealership all around, bright and cheerful. Clean and the cars sparkle. We have loved or Nissans and have recommened them.

Rosemarie & Garry Theriault | ON | 2015-11-10

Very good deal with same person before and would again upon trade time if Nissan has a product I like. Tthey stated their best price and i agreed. deal done. It was great problem free. Told to drop around anytime for additional assistance. When demonstrating the vehicle's features, it was to much info to be absorbed in one setting. I am getting older for all this tech stuff!!

Shirley Remillard | ON | 2015-11-10

Our sales consultant was Very good. 

Douglas Flaro | ON | 2015-11-10

There were no problems with the Sales Consultant, it was done in short order as I was an existing owner of a murano and knew what I wanted. I did not really negotiate as the offer fell within my excpectations. I was completely satisfied. What can I say, the retailers facility was just fine to me. The proof will be in the pudding when service is tested!! I am not a complainer until there is something to complain about.

Sue Ladouceur | ON | 2015-07-16

I would just like to take a moment to say the staff at this site is wonderful, from the guys in the service dept to the finance and sales reps. So friendly and eager to help. They got me into a new Sentra for less than I was paying on my Juke and went out of their way to make me feel comfortable the whole time. Made the process so easy. Thank you to everyone!

Daniel Labelle | ON | 2015-06-29

Our Salesman was very knowledgable and looked for options that would meet my needs. He stayed way after closing and I never felt rushes. When with the Business Manager it was outstanding! From our inital conversation on the phone I was made to feel comfortable. I felt like I was part of the family. Above and beyond service. I would hire your Business Manger in a flash if they were looking for emplyment. The customer service I received from your Business Manager is legendary. Totally and amazing experience.

Alana Oakes-Mccumber | ON | 2015-06-29

I always enjoy going to the dealership everyone is so welcoming and friendly

Lisette Robinson | ON | 2015-06-29

Very pleasant, very professional. I was very pleased with the process. All my questions were answered. Very pleasant atmosphere.

Tabetha & Raymond Billard | ON | 2015-06-29

Our Sales Consultant was very imformative and took the time to listen to our questions and was very knowledgeable. The price wasn't really negotiable, however we were notified of discounts through my emplyer that we weren't even aware of. That was a positive point. We both had to work until 5pm and the dealership closed at 6pm. The staff never made us feel rushed or anything. considering we were there well past closing time. Our Sales Cunsultant was very informative and fully explained everything. The honesty of our Sales Consultant, who disclosed employee discounts that we weren't aware of whihc caused us to have significant savings on the vehicle. My parents are loyal Nissan customers and based on their experience and our recent purchase, so are we.

Michael Minorgan | QC | 2015-06-07

I have always been a fan of Nissan cars, but I have never really been fond of the Montreal Dealerships I have dealt with.
My last purchase brought this concern right into my headlights. My experience in the Sales Dept of Metro Nissan left very
much to be desired in terms of sales service and customer relations (their service dept however is first rate!).
On a recommendation from a friend Stephen Holtzman I contacted Cornwall Nissan. Boy was that an eye opener.
They solved my problem in a week with absolutely no complications whatsoever. Their professionalism was apparent
right from the get go. Cudos to Steve Eastman and Jill Caron (the only two members of the team I met).
I can't thank you enough for how you took care of me at every step of the way. I will recommend your dealership to all
who will listen. The short drive to Cornwall is worth every mile traveled!



Wayne Nadler | ON | 2015-06-05

Our Sales Rep was responsive, helpful, patient with our indecision about the course to go. Trade in and purchase of the new Nissan was effortless and painless. Awesome in terms of how quickly we moved through the processing to picking up the vehicle. Cornwall Nissan did a very good job of arranging a fair deal given that my trade-in Altima was 2012 but had higher K due to commuting.

From the Sales Reps to the General Manager, all were excellent, attentive, helpful without being intrusive. They gave much appreciated informed opinions about options which ultimately lead to the current purchase which was the right vehicle for our current needs. Our Sales Rep did say I could drop in anytime if I had questions regarding the upgraded electronics which are impressive. Could not ask for more flexible, reasonable people. Really could not have been any more effortless. I need to move fast and they were with or ahead of me all the way.

They really extended themselves to work out a deal that felt reasonable and met our needs. Our Sales Rep and the General Manager were great. The General Manager is always welcoming and efficient. The sales staff have always been helpful, never pressuring, giving appropriate and informed choices. Great dealership! The personal connection means everything.

I have been going to this retailer since 2012 and have a 2014 Rogue with them as well so I know the staff in servicing. Clean, well organized. Limited space due to use of a building that had been built for other purposes, but they have managed to set things up so it feels open. How about having a shiatsu massage therapist on staff to treat customers during the process :)

They are doing a great job at Cornwall Nissan. That doesn't happen very often in any work environment and they clearly extend themselves every time to treat customers with the utmost respect and care. I think the Japanese would actually find this retailer very much in line with their manner of conducting business.

Haley Coleman | ON | 2015-05-13

Our Salesperson, the Business Manager and the General Manager were all amazing! I e-mailed in the morning and that night I was doing a test drive. The Salesperson was extremely personable. It wasn't all about business, she was genuine. We came to figure out that it seamed that everyone was like this at Cornwall NISSAN. Everyone exceeded my expectations.  My Wife and I were impressed with how clean the facility was. We could not believe it compared to other dealers. I have already recommened Cornwall NISSAN to several people, telling them the incredible customer service. I would recommend Cornwall NISSAN to anyone.

Richard Sauve | ON | 2015-04-27

Great people there especially, our Salesman. He answered all my question with accuracy and very friendly

Sylvain Mainville | ON | 2015-04-10

Great dealer, great cars. I have been dealing with Gaby and the team since 2004, I have no reasons to look elsewhere, keep up the good work! Currently 5 Nissans in this family;)

Mark Wooden | QC | 2015-03-30

We just made our 2nd purchase from Cornwall Nissan.So easy to deal with. Nice honest service. no sales tricks. They know the products they sale inside and out. Big thank you to Spencer, Steve, Cory and Jill. I'd also like to thank Stephen Holtzman for bringing Cornwall Nissan to my attention. Loving my new Juke. Thank you.

Lis Hambraeus Beauchemin | ON | 2015-03-29

I absolutely love my 2015 Nissan Versa Note SR. Thank you so much for everything you guys have done for me. I couldn't be happier, and a few weeks ago I didn't think things would turn out this great. You guys really made a very stressful situation so much better. You guys are superfantabulous. Thank you to each and ever one of you, you're an amazing team.

Lis Hambraeus Beauchemin | ON | 2015-03-23

What a wonderful car dealer. I couldn't be happier with the service. It's wonderful to walk into a dealership and be treated with warmth and respect, and an important person and not just a customer. I highly recommend Cornwall Nissan, and I will definitely keep dealing with you. I bought a 2007 Chevy Cobalt SS in August and that was the first time I had ever set foot there, and Kim and Jill were amazing. Sadly, I was rear ended two weeks ago, and Steve and Jill truly stepped up to make my bad situation better. I am now the proud owner of a 2015 Versa Note SR, as of Wednesday. Thank you so much for everything you've done. You guys ROCK!

Carol Milojkovich | ON | 2015-03-12

If I could rate the overall responsiveness of Cornwall NISSAN higher I would. They were pro-actively responsive. They answered questions and solved problems before I even asked. The Sales Consultant was very pleasant and kind and considerate. During the negotiation and financing I felt as if I was sitting and chatting with a friend rather than doing a business transaction. The most wonderful part of the demonstration was constantly being told - "don't worry, if you forget, we are still here, just come back". During the vehicle delivery I realized that these people are simply doing their job, but I really felt that they cared about doing things right and making sure the client (me) knew everything necessary. I sat in a few of the cars in the showroom and decided to test drive three. When I got back with one car, the other was waiting for me, ready to go. Finally I really did have excellent service. Friendly, but not overly personal, nice smiles, seemed happy to see me. It was a very good experience.

Catherine Howard-Lighstone | ON | 2015-02-23

I have been stranded in Montreal twice this year after dark with a serious flat. Spinelli NISSAN was contacted by Cornwall NISSAN and they treated me as if I was their regular customer. Even gave me a courtesy car to drive home as they had to repair my tire over night. The service has been fantastic especially from Cornwall NISSAN but also from Spinelli NISSAN in Montreal. Now if only NISSAN would bring out a diesel version, all wheel drive ROGUE or JUKE... I would be in heaven!

Blaine Levey | ON | 2015-02-03

I give a big thanks to Mr. Gabriel & his service staff for resolving a hard to find heater problem. My 2014 Nissan Juke was in their shop for over a week while they put every effort into fixing the issue. After replacing four sensors & finally the Climate Control unit which was the actual culprit my car is now back on the road. As I leave for Florida on Friday I am very happy to have this resolved. I highly recommend this dealership for it's commitment to customer satisfaction. Thanks especially to Andre, the service manager, for his efforts.

I will be back.

Tammy Collette-Mckee | ON | 2015-01-26

Our Sales Representative was friendly, honest and very patient. He answered all of my questions and went through all the cars I was interested in

Jeffrey Castle | ON | 2015-01-26

Our sales rep was fabulous to deal with. He has only been with Cornwall Nissan but I was truly impresses with his professionalism and courtesy. I went to buy a battey and came out with a new Pathfinder...Good Job!!!

Kim Daze | ON | 2015-01-26

Always happy to serve me. Made me feel important every time I went in. If he didn't know the answer, he went to find someone who did. This is my third Nissan from here. Love the service

Guylaine Champoux Landreth | ON | 2015-01-26

Our Salesperson was extrememely efficient and knowledgable about the car. She bent over backwards to answer our questions. She followed up two days later to see if we had any concerns and was able to answer my questions on a technical matter.

Samantha Tesselaar | ON | 2015-01-26

She was very straight-forward, funny and down to earth. She didn't act so much like a sales consultant but more like a new friend; because of this I felt very comfortable with her and I trusted her.

Shawn Mcbain | ON | 2015-01-26

Helpful, knowledgeable, honest and welcoming!

Christopher Toltesi | ON | 2015-01-26

I was very pleased with the sales consultant.

John Peters | ON | 2015-01-26

Wonderful, fabulous, etc.

Seaway Express Inc | ON | 2015-01-26

Our two salesperson's provided an excellent customer experience/ My husband and I are very satisfied with out vehicle and service we received.

Clara Murphy - Jeffrey Von Hollen | QC | 2015-01-26

As we were pulling into the dealership our Salesperson was waiting for us (outside) From that moment on we had a great client experience.

Kate Kirkby | QC | 2015-01-26

Our Salesman went way above and beyond. He was so flexible and understood what I wanted and that I didn't have much time to deal with him so he problem solved by giving my mom the car to bring to me. They were quick and efficient dealing with the Quebec licensing fees and taxes which I know not every dealership is. Beyond impressed. This is my first car I'm pretty damn happy!

Sharon & Paul Gaudet | ON | 2015-01-26

Our Salesperson was knowledgeable and understood our needs and provided us with a proper solution to our needs.

E, Roger Viau | ON | 2015-01-26

Very good

Christine Tremblay | ON | 2015-01-26

Our Salesman is always a pleasure to deal with!

Daniel Donati | ON | 2015-01-26

Even though I was a walk in, he made me feel as we had done business for years. And again I repeat he cared about my needs rather than pushing a vehicle that perhaps would have given him a higher commision. As well he made sure they got me the color I wanted (white) rather than pushing one they had in stock.

Veronica Robertson | ON | 2015-01-26

EXCELLENT... I purchased a used Altima almost 10 years ago from Cornwall NISSAN with great experience. It was now time to trade in the ol' gal (my car) at 325,000 km!! So returned to Cornwall even though I moved over 2 hrs away several years ago but I returned to Cornwall NISSAN to purchase my NEW I knew who I was dealing with and the overall good impressions I was left with previously!!

Carolyn Goulet‎ | ON | 2014-07-06

Cornwall NISSAN is hands down the best car company we have ever dealt with! Just great staff all around!

Randy Ravary | ON | 2014-05-17

We purchased a new Nissan Altima ( just purchased a Nissan Versa a year ago as well) and I have to say once again Spencer and Jill have outdone themselves once again, friendly, professional and excellent service!! Big thumbs up to the Nissan folks.

Chad Besner | ON | 2014-04-14

I would like to thank the employees at Cornwall Nissan for making things right after a minor miscommunication error. Mistakes may have been made, but in the end it's seems they truly do care about their customers, and will go out of their way to make sure everyone is satisfied.

Paul Galna | ON | 2014-04-14

"I stopped into your Dearlership today as I had an issue with the wiper blade on MY 2012 Frontier I purchased from You. I went in with the intentions to purchase a new wiper and the parts person insisted at looking at the one on MY truck. He ran out and repaired it on the spot and would take nothing for His time, to Me this was true service. This has fortified My thoughts of anyone I know to recommend Your dealership thinking of a New or used car purchase. Sorry I did not catch his name but it was much appreciated. Thanks"

Lee | ON | 2014-04-14

Nissan Customer Voice Response: "Thank you for taking the time to get back to me. This, to me, demonstrates a strog desire Cornwall Nissan has to meet and exceed the customer's Nissan experience."

Sandra Brannan | ON | 2014-04-12

Love my new Nissan Altima!! Gary MacNeil is an A1 Sales Consultant. Highly recommend Cornwall Nissan. Friendly & knowledgeable staff (not at all pushy) from Show Room to Service Department. This is my second purchase at Cornwall Nissan.

Danielle MacNeil | ON | 2014-03-31

Great service from Cornwall Nissan! :) My husband got a 2014 Sentra last week, and we are just waiting for the Micra to come in mid-April and we'll be a 2-Nissan family! My husband said the service was great, and that Spencer was awesome to deal with! Thanks guys from the MacNeil Family!

L.K. | ON | 2014-01-10

I would like to send a huge "Thank You" to Cornwall NISSAN - Andre and Jacques who helped me when my car broke down and I was stuck on the 417 near Casselman. They made sure I made it to Cornwall and arranged a vehicle until mine was repaired. I'm so grateful.

Reprinted from Letter to the Cornwall Seaway News

Victoria Lys Hunter | ON | 2013-11-26

Popped in to get a part for my 98 Nissan Quest which was purchased in Quebec (I'm a new resident to the area). They were very friendly and helpful, and even sorted out my keychain thingee at no charge. Thanks guys!

Kirti Patel | QC | 2013-11-02

Today I purchased my new 2013 Altima at Cornwall NISSAN, I can say that: This Altima was sold to a very nice and happy customer! Their service is pretty awesome, Spencer and Steve really ensure that they met my expectations! I certainly understand why Spencer is part of the Club Excellence! Thank you to both of you and to your team! Looking forward to car servicing in Cornwall! We ended up at Cornwall Nissan last Saturday , they stayed extra hours for us. We heard about Cornwall Nissan from Stephen C. Holtzman Facebook post . (Maryse)

Harold Caldwell | ON | 2013-11-02

Enjoyed each visit that I make to Nissan, staff at Cornwall Nissan are extremely friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.

Luis de Melo | ON | 2013-11-02

Purchased Nissan 2011 Juke, then 2012 Nissan Titan. Great guys, easy to deal with..


Shawn Palin | ON | 2013-11-02

We purchased a used 2009 Murano two years ago and the buying experience and after sales service has been nothing but exceptional... They go above and beyond every time we take it in for service....

You can thank Rosco for the amazing customer service! He always goes above and beyond for us...


Shawn Hardy | ON | 2013-11-02

Hey Jill,

Just wanted to say thanks again for the loaner car last week, you guys really helped me out!

However, I want to apologize to Jacques because I realize I hadn't checked me messages all day Friday, and he had left me a couple voice mails requesting if I could return the vehicle asap. So when I showed up on Fri to pick up my car, I had no clue about the Altima. So Sorry for that!

Thanks again to you and the team, you're an A+ in book!


Megan Miller | ON | 2013-11-02

Want to say thanks to Cornwall Nissan for the baby gift....

Megan and Matt

Diane Lapierre | QC | 2013-11-02

Several years ago when we lived in Pointe-Claire, Quebec we were looking for a certain model of the Nissan Quest. We could not find it anywhere. My husband and I did a search on the Internet and found it at Cornwall Nissan. We dealt with Kim and had nothing but exceptional service and still love the Quest today! When it is time to purchase another vehicle, you can be sure it will be from Cornwall Nissan and their team again.

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