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Nissan India launches more advanced and intelligent NissanConnect

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With 18 additional features, NissanConnect takes forward Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility vision, offering a safer, more convenient and intelligent drive and car ownership experience

DELHI, India – Nissan India recently introduced a more advanced and intelligent version of NissanConnect, an integrated information and communication platform. NissanConnect, which embodies the Nissan Intelligent Mobilityvision, now comes with additional 18 features based on key pillars of control, convenience, safety and security, and social sharing.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility is the company's vision for changing how vehicles are powered, driven and integrated into society. The more advanced and intelligent NissanConnect comes at zero subscription charges for three years and is available across the Nissan range of cars: Micra, Sunny and Terrano.

The exciting 50+ features of NissanConnect promises to address the rising concerns regarding the safety & security of car users along with the control and well-being of the vehicle. Key features such as SoS, Track & Trace, Tow-Away Alert, Vehicle Low Battery Alert, Automated Impact Alert including Harsh Acceleration Alert, Sudden Turn Alert and Sudden Brake Alert Curfew Alert and Geo fencing with multiple entry/exit provide robust safety & security solution to the vehicle. Idling Run Time, Smart Drive Score, Quick Reference Videos and Intelligent Route Guidance give a superior fuel-efficient driving experience with a close check on the health of the vehicle. In addition, the "Way to My Car" feature is convenient and helps save time on searching for one's car at the parking lot.

"The future of mobility lies in bringing innovative technologies," said Peter Clissold, vice president, Marketing, Nissan Motor India Private Limited.  "At Nissan, our vision is not just about bringing in better technologies but also enabling our customers to have a safe and stress-free car ownership experience. The more advanced and intelligent NissanConnect, will enable our customers to be more confident and in control of their vehicles even when they are not in it. NissanConnect enables 24x7 vigilance and keeps you updated on your car's whereabouts so you can relax and go on with your life."




Read the complete release here.


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Date Posted: June 13, 2018