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Cornwall Nissan

Nissan Certified, Pre-owned, and Used Vehicles
Program Benefits

Uncompromising  service

Every Nissan CPO vehicle includes a wide array of services designed to give you a helping hand when you need it most. These include but are not limited to:

24-hour Roadside Assistance

You can't predict when you'll require help, but you can rest assured knowingthat Nissan will be there for you when you need it. Our roadside assistance is available 24/7 and provides:

Personalized Trip Planning

Make vacation planning easier with Nissan. Our personalized trip planning will provide you with the following:

Free Oil Change

We want to make sure you get off to a good start with your Certified Pre-Owned Nissan.  That's why your first oil change is completely covered by us.


If you find yourself dissatisfied with your newly acquired Nissan, simply return it to us within 10 days / 1,500 km and exchange it for another Certified Nissan. Your dealer has complete details on this program.

Attractive Financing Solutions

If you've seen the selection of Nissan Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, learned about their comprehensive warranties, and read about the intense certification process each one must pass, it's time to take the next step. Search for the Certified or Pre-owned Nissan of your dreams, then visit your local Nissan dealership to discuss your financing options.

Your local Nissan dealership also offers you a streamlined  purchase process. From its friendly environment and knowledgeable sales  consultants to its straightforward financing and vehicle delivery, your first  step inside is the first step in building a lasting relationship with us.

Nissan makes exceptionally attractive financing terms available for its Certified vehicles — in many cases offering finance rates at 1% or below. Contact your authorized Nissan dealer for more details.


A warranty that delivers

Every Nissan Certified Pre-Owned comes standard with a 12-month/20,000 km 1 Basic Powertrain warranty to safeguard your vehicle, and your peace of mind. That means any covered repair will be completed at no cost to you for the duration of your warranty. 2



ENGINE Cylinder block, and head(s) including all internal lubricated parts, valve cover(s), timing gears, tensioner(s), timing chain or timing belt other than maintenance, harmonic balancer, crankshaft pulley, intake and exhaust manifolds and collector(s), oil pump, drive plate, flywheel ring gear and engine mounts, supercharger/turbocharger housing and internal parts, supercharger/turbocharger valves, water pump, and seals and gaskets for listed components.

TRANSMISSION Transmission case(s) and all internal parts including the torque converter, transmission mounts, clutch master cylinder, gaskets and seals for listed components.

FRONT WHEEL DRIVE Constant velocity joints except boots, axle shafts, final drive housing & internal parts, front wheel bearings, gaskets and seals for listed components.

REAR WHEEL DRIVE AND FOUR WHEEL DRIVE Differential case and all internal parts, drive shafts, propeller shaft(s), universal joints (journal assemblies), axle shafts, axle bearings and retainers, free running hubs, constant velocity joints except boots, transfer case and all internal parts, viscous coupling, gaskets and seals for listed components.

HIGH TECH COMPONENTS A/T control unit, A/T fluid temperature sensor and revolution sensor.


Want even more protection? Sign up today for a Nissan Added Security Plan (ASP). Each ASP plan gives you additional component coverage and extends the length of the warranty with an unprecedented range of features and benefits.

Comprehensive Plan Coverage: For an even greater boost of confidence, this plan provides coverage for a vast range of parts. On top of all the items covered in the Basic Powertrain plan, items such as the engine radiator, fuel pump and master cylinder are just a small portion of the additional components covered.

Platinum: For the ultimate in convenience and security, this is the plan you want - the closest thing to a new car warranty. With an almost complete mechanical component coverage, including all items covered in the previous plans, this plan affords piece of mind like no other.

1 Whichever comes first.
2 See your Nissan Dealer or read the back of the application form.



Every Certified Pre-Owned vehicle goes through a rigorous 155-point inspection to thoroughly check that all major components meet our high standards. From the floor mats and fuel cap to the chassis and engine, not even the smallest detail is overlooked. To top it off, you get a long list of exceptional services and warranties that we completely stand behind, giving you confidence in your vehicle purchase for years to come.


Every Nissan must be in prime condition and pass a 155-point inspection before it qualifies for the Certified Pre-Owned program. All significant components of the vehicle are scrutinized. The inspection includes:

Click here for  the full 155-point inspection checklist

The vehicle receives a Certificate of Inspection when all 155 points meet or exceed our standards. Only then can it to be admitted into the Certified Pre-Owned program.


CarFax is a Canadian vehicle history reporting service that provides Canadian used vehicle data to consumers, dealers, manufacturers and automotive associations.

Every CPO model includes a CarFax vehicle history report that provides you with Canadian insurance claims history and cross-Canada registration status. In fact, if a CarFax™ report indicates that a vehicle has been categorized as Salvage, Rebuilt, Non-repairable, Stolen, Fire/Flood-damaged or has incurred a significant insurance claim, it will never be chosen for the CPO program.

Visit for more details.